A kindergarten in Wenzhou failed to dissuade students from returning and was informed not to deal with students

 A kindergarten in Wenzhou failed to dissuade students from returning and was informed not to deal with students

On February 5, the Party committee of Lucheng District Bureau of education of Wenzhou City printed and distributed the handling opinions on the private temperature return of Yaowen kindergarten students in Lucheng District (wenlujiaodang [2020] No. 3, hereinafter referred to as the opinions).

On February 5, the Party committee of Lucheng District Bureau of education of Wenzhou City drafted and issued the handling opinions on private temperature return of a student in Yaowen kindergarten of Lucheng District (wenlujiaodang [2020] No.2).

According to the opinion, on February 3, Lucheng District Education Bureau, after receiving the information that a student from Yaowen Kindergarten (privately run) returned to the kindergarten without permission in violation of the strict epidemic control regulations, set up an investigation team to investigate, verify and interview relevant issues.

According to the investigation of Lucheng Education Bureau, Ke, a Hubei major class student of Yaowen kindergarten, and his mother took the high-speed rail from Wenzhou to Beihai, Guangxi Province on January 20. Wang, the head teacher of the class, asked the student whether he had contact with Hubei personnel by wechat on January 28 according to the requirements of the Education Bureau and the kindergarten, and informed his parents to come back to school. On February 1, Wang once again informed the student to postpone the start of school to March 1, and advised him not to return to temperature early, but his parents drove from Beihai to Nanning Airport on the evening of February 2, and took a flight to return to temperature privately, which was directly arranged to be isolated in a hotel on Tangjiaqiao North Road. Up to now, they are still separated.

Lucheng District Education Bureau believes that Yaowen kindergarten did not take compulsory measures to prevent Ke from returning to the kindergarten without permission in violation of the strict epidemic control regulations, causing adverse effects, and decided to criticize Yaowen kindergarten in the whole district, and to criticize the Changlin kindergarten and the head teacher Wang in the whole district, so as to resolutely prevent such incidents from happening again under the situation of strict epidemic control.

On the evening of February 5, in response to the article Yaowen kindergarten is not allowed to accept this student into the kindergarten in the opinion, the relevant person in charge of Lucheng District Education Bureau responded to the surging news that there was a wenlujiaodang [2020] No. 2 document to be issued before the wenlujiaodang [2020] No. 3 document. After the formation of Document No. 2, the relevant departments listened to and discussed the defense of the objects to be dealt with, and finally decided to only criticize Yaowen kindergarten and relevant responsible persons, and cancel the treatment opinions of student Ke, because this is not appropriate for children. Subsequently, Lucheng District Education Bureau issued document No. 3 according to the final decision.

The person in charge also said that the current epidemic prevention and control in Wenzhou is under great pressure, with nearly 20000 foreign students studying in Lucheng District. Kes case is the first one in Wenzhous education system so far. Yaowen kindergarten did not put the measures in place. The final decision is also to do a good job in prevention and control as much as possible, hoping that parents of students and all sectors of society can understand and support it.

According to the wechat official account Wenzhou education release of Wenzhou Education Bureau on February 4, on the same day, after the video emergency meeting on the prevention and control of education system in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou education system held the video connection meeting of city and county education directors again. The meeting called on all localities to further improve their political positions, shoulder their missions, stand firm in their determination to win, and resolutely win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic.

The meeting stressed that the strict implementation of the prevention and control work of three returns (rework, return to school and return to work) is the key to the current fight against the epidemic prevention and control, and also the top priority. It is necessary to strengthen the work of persuading students to return, urge all schools to keep an eye on the three return targets, and the school leaders to implement the one teacher, one form, and the head teachers to implement the one life, one contact every day; it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control work force of persuading students to return, and form a special work class according to the investigation and dissuasion; it is necessary to further find out the bottom line, implement the positioning of nailing, wechat and other means, through nailing group, telephone and other means every day Check and prevent missing reports; strictly report statistical reports, and the heads of local education bureaus should strictly check.

In addition, according to the latest report from Zhejiang Health Commission, as of 24:00 on February 5, 954 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection have been reported in Zhejiang Province, 66 cases of severe cases (including 15 cases of critical cases) have been reported, and 81 cases have been discharged. Among them, there are 396 confirmed cases in Wenzhou, 24 severe cases in Wenzhou and 28 discharged cases in Wenzhou, ranking first among all cities in Zhejiang Province.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province under the strictest control of national anti epidemic

Heres your pass. Send one person every two days. Take care of it. The first batch of passes made by Yangyi street, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province have been issued to villagers in succession in the past two days. Until 24:00 on February 8, this pass will be a certificate for local villagers to enter and leave.