Wenzhou huoshenshan hospital has reduced the period of three months to seven days

 Wenzhou huoshenshan hospital has reduced the period of three months to seven days

Oujiangkou hospital area, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and Yuying childrens Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University), is about 25 kilometers away from Xueyuan Road Hospital area. Here, it is known as Wenzhou version of huoshenshan hospital.

In just 7 days, how to achieve normal operation from empty shell? What happened here? Today, Wenzhou huoshenshan hospital officially accepts patients. Lets understand the details behind Wenzhou speed.

Military order is hung on the wall, and the construction period of 3 months is reduced to 7 days

Oujiangkou new area is located in the east of Wenzhou City. Oujiangkou hospital area, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenyi University, covers an area of 123 Mu and a total construction area of 170000 square meters.

The entrance and exit of Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou Expressway double track, urban light rail S1 and S2 are only about 1km away from the hospital. There are city and county expressways connecting the north and the South passing through here, which are connected with the airport traffic hub across the river With beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, according to the original plan, the new hospital area, which mainly focuses on orthopedics and rehabilitation, will be put into operation in April this year.

The epidemic changed the original rhythm.

On January 28, Wenzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government made arrangements to open oujiangkou hospital area, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, within 10 days, as another designated hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Wenzhou.

The ward is still an empty shell. In one week, from scratch, complete the process setting, staffing, ward setting, and put in rescue equipment The hospital immediately set up four groups: administrative group, medical group, logistics group and material support group, and divided more than 200 task lists. On the walls of the temporary headquarters, military orders and countdowns were hung.

After discharging the promotion plan, the hospital increased pressure again, reducing the time of putting into use from 10 days to one week.

100 beds will be opened in the first batch, and up to 800 will be opened at the end of February

From empty shell to having the ability to receive a doctor, what kind of answer has oujiangkou hospital district handed over this week?

It is understood that the third and fourth floors of Building 1 in the hospital area are the first stage isolation wards, which can accommodate 100 patients. In strict accordance with the requirements of the protection specifications, pollution area, buffer area and clean area are set up in the two disease areas.

Yesterday afternoon, local media reporters from Wenzhou visited:

In order to avoid the cross infection between medical staff and patients, the outpatient hall has posted different personnel channel sheets.

Medical staff enter from the front door of the outpatient hall, while patients enter the isolation area from the west side of the hospital.

In the laboratory, two medical staff are operating the equipment. In addition to clinicians, inspection and quarantine workers have become the closest people to the virus.

The isolation ward of the hospital has many more isolation gates than the ordinary ward, and the nursing station and the doctors working area are separated by pink partition board.

Polluted area, semi polluted area, buffer area, clean area The medical staff working in the polluted area must go through four doors to finish their work. Each door needs hand disinfection, disinfectant spray door, hand disinfection, door opening and other procedures. One of the doors also needs to open ultraviolet light to kill.

The infectious disease care process is different from the previous process. The nursing staff are drawn from different posts. In order to make them fully familiar with the infectious care work, they will all eat and live in oujiangkou, and implement each work before accepting the patients.

In fact, as early as February 4, all the relevant medical staff of the hospital came to the post for the first drill to simulate the process of patient admission and examination. Multidisciplinary experts and principals carefully check the details and find out the deficiencies in each link to ensure the accuracy of the whole process.

Green light for special affairs and special work, and special work method

The 3-month construction period was shortened to 7 days. Behind the impossible tasks, Wenzhou started the special work method.

One week, its the Spring Festival, and the traffic is limited. Its difficult to purchase equipment.

Wenzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government and relevant departments turn on the green light and start the emergency direct procurement mode to solve the problem of equipment procurement; the land reserve center and the city investment group temporarily open the parking lot of the old Party school for the medical staff to and from oujiangkou hospital district and Xueyuan Road hospital district; the city investment group specially opens three vehicles to and from oujiangkou hospital district and college every day Road Hospital area, used to transport medical personnel and supplies.

In addition to purchasing materials, there are many procedures for approval.

For example, CT, which is an important standard for the diagnosis of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, but oujiangkou hospital has not yet handled the radiation diagnosis and treatment license. As a rule, the legal processing time is 20 working days.

Wenzhou speed, shorten the processing time to 2 days.

On the morning of February 2, Wenzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission government affairs service window collected the materials through online communication. After that, special personnel sorted out and guided the supplementary materials according to the catalog. On that night, the materials were sent to experts for technical review. On the morning of February 3, the window staff came to the scene with computers, printers and shooting equipment for investigation. In the afternoon of that day, they issued an electronic radiation diagnosis and treatment license.

In addition to the radiation diagnosis and treatment license, there are many certificates related to the application of oujiangkou hospital. The government service windows of Wenzhou health and health commission are all handled online and completed in a short time. During the period of fighting against the epidemic, the window also opened a 24-hour no closing health and health government platform, allowing medical staff to complete relevant approval matters anytime and anywhere.

Scientific research personnel as porters and cleaners

First line nurses cut off their long hair

Materials, equipment and procedures are in place and need to be implemented by people.

On February 2, it is 2 days before the trial operation of oujiangkou district.

The leader of the logistics support group should be loyal to a dozen young men who had done the same administrative work. They had been waiting in the hospital for five consecutive days. What they had done was to carry materials that the logistics support group had never done in normal times.

Most of the nurses in the isolation ward are in their twenties and thirties, but they cant care about their image in front of the epidemic. On the morning of February 5, the third floor of Building 1 was isolated from the sick area. Guo Junyi, the deputy chief nurse, together with the nurses working in the front line of fighting against the new coronavirus pneumonia, collectively cut off their beloved long hair, and shaved off the hair on the temples and forehead, revealing the most beautiful hairline to prepare for the expedition.

The orthopaedic professors, directors and researchers in the laboratory of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenyi University have all temporarily put down their work and come to the construction site to work as cleaners and porters.

In the preparation of Wenban huoshenshan hospital, it has been widely supported by all walks of life.

After receiving the order, China Telecom Wenzhou Branch, State Grid Wenzhou power supply company and other units formed a surprise team to carry out operations day and night, and complete all projects on time.

Wang Zhentao, chairman of Aokang Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and founder of Wang Zhentao charity foundation, learned of the shortage of materials for epidemic prevention and control in oujiangkou hospital, donated 10 million yuan to oujiangkou hospital for the purchase of 200 negative pressure suction devices, 200 monitors, more than 20 non-invasive ventilators and other medical materials.

Due to the need of manpower, from February 2 to 3, more than 100 employees of the hotel were present to assist in the logistics work, such as cleaning and preparing working meals for the staff.

Everyone and every equipment are closely linked together to drive the large machine of the hospital to operate normally.

Here, it will be a new battlefield for Wenzhou to defeat the epidemic.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province under the strictest control of national anti epidemic

Heres your pass. Send one person every two days. Take care of it. The first batch of passes made by Yangyi street, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province have been issued to villagers in succession in the past two days. Until 24:00 on February 8, this pass will be a certificate for local villagers to enter and leave.