Trumps impeachment is over? Democrats: the investigation will continue

 Trumps impeachment is over? Democrats: the investigation will continue

This also means that the whole process of Trumps impeachment is over. So far, trump has become the third president impeached but not finally convicted in American history. He is also the first president in American history to seek re-election after impeachment.

The only Republican defector

Compared with the previous voting procedure, impeachment case is slightly different in the Senate voting procedure. Before voting, every senator has to stand up and say guilty or innocent instead of yes or nay in the past.

In the two rounds of voting that day, all Democratic senators voted in favor of two impeachment provisions, that is, to find trump guilty. In the impeachment clause impeding the congressional investigation, all the Republican senators voted against it, but in the clause of abuse of power, a defector appeared in the Republican Party, Republican Senator Romney of Utah voted in favor of Trumps abuse of power.

In his concluding remarks before the vote, Romney said that the president tried to freeze military assistance to Ukraine in order to meet his own political interests, which was blatant and appalling, and also greatly damaged public trust and the right to vote, national security and the fundamental values of the United States.

I think its a serious attack on the constitution to try to sabotage elections in order to preserve power. Romney said so.

Although Trumps impeachment case has been closed in the Senate, Democratic members of Congress who initiated the impeachment case still said that the investigation on Trumps pressure on President ZELINSKY of Ukraine to investigate Bidens father and son will continue, and it is likely that Bolton, former national security adviser of the White House, will be called to testify in Congress.

Bolton had previously said he would go to Congress to testify if called.

I think if you have a president who doesnt comply with the law, you need to find out and get the truth out. Said Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

US Senate vetoed two impeachment clauses trump was acquitted

The U.S. Senate voted Friday to veto two impeachment provisions, accusing President trump of abusing his power and impeding Congress. Trump has not been convicted, which means he will not be removed.