The national regular meeting will deploy epidemic prevention and control policies to ensure that the loan interest rate of enterprises is less than 1.6percent

 The national regular meeting will deploy epidemic prevention and control policies to ensure that the loan interest rate of enterprises is less than 1.6percent

To ensure the supply of key medical prevention and control materials and necessities, the meeting pointed out that first, priority should be given to ensuring the demand of key medical prevention and control materials and medical personnel in Hubei Province and Wuhan city with the help of the whole country. At the same time of returning the existing enterprises to work, we should urge the relevant state-owned enterprises to change production and expand capacity as soon as possible, mobilize the enthusiasm of private enterprises and other social forces, help solve the difficulties of capital, qualification, equipment purchase and raw material purchase, promote the coordination and linkage of the whole industrial chain, and increase the production of medical control materials in short supply on the basis of quality assurance. For the key medical prevention and control materials produced by enterprises, all of them are collected and stored by the government.

Second, we need to strengthen local primary responsibility and make every effort to ensure the supply of vegetable basket and other necessities of life. Actively organize the production of vegetables, livestock and poultry, promote the relevant feed, slaughtering and processing enterprises to speed up the resumption of production, put in corn stocks, ensure the production needs of the breeding industry, and increase the supply of meat, eggs and milk.

Third, we need to strengthen transportation security and stop traffic violations. We will focus on ensuring the transportation of materials and necessities for prevention and control in key areas, and strictly implement the principle of no parking, no inspection, no charge and priority for convenient transportation.

At present, the operation of the national economy has also suffered a certain impact. Catering, tourism and other service industries have been cold, and many enterprises have been delayed to return to work. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on February 3, stressing that it is necessary to closely monitor the economic operation, focus on the impact and impact of the epidemic on the economic operation, focus on the six stability work, and prepare for various complex and difficult situations.

On February 1, the central bank, the Ministry of Finance and other five departments jointly issued the notice on further strengthening financial support to prevent and control the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia, and launched 30 specific measures. The national regular meeting decided to launch a number of fiscal, tax and financial policies to support the supply guarantee on the basis of measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Specifically, from January 1, the following measures will be taken temporarily: pre tax one-time deduction will be allowed for the purchase of equipment for expanding production capacity of key material production enterprises for prevention and control, and the incremental VAT allowance during this period will be refunded in full; VAT will be exempted for the transportation of key materials for prevention and control and the provision of public transportation, life services, and postal delivery income; registration fees will be exempted for related anti epidemic drugs and medical devices, We will increase support for research and development of drugs and vaccines, and exempt civil aviation development funds paid by civil aviation enterprises.

At the same time, the meeting also determined to make good use of the special re loan policy, support the bank to provide preferential interest rate loans to key enterprises, including small and micro enterprises, that produce, transport and sell key medical prevention and control materials and daily necessities, and the finance will give another half of the discount interest to ensure that the enterprise loan interest rate is less than 1.6%. The meeting stressed that the macro policy support should be precise and in place, the financial and audit departments should strengthen supervision, and strictly punish the illegal acts of taking advantage of the opportunity to defraud and get financial and credit funds.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Business Daily: Chen Hequn ufe63 nb12679