Pneumonia concept stock trend strong A-share anti virus concept leader born (list)

 Pneumonia concept stock trend strong A-share anti virus concept leader born (list)

Ridcivir, the experimental drug of Gilead, an American company known as the apple of the pharmaceutical industry, is considered as the new crown drug. On January 30, a paper in the top medical journal, the New England Journal of medicine, said the drug caused a significant remission in a patient with 2019 ncov infection one day after treatment. On the afternoon of February 4, ridcivir, a free experimental drug provided by Gilead, was delivered to China. Under the cooperation of China Japan Friendship Hospital, researchers are carrying out three phase clinical experiments on the drug as soon as possible, in order to crack the new type of coronavirus pneumonia.

The latest progress shows that Wuhan virus Institute has applied for a national patent for anti new Guanshen medicine earlier.

Wuhan virus Institute applied for national patent for anti new Guanshen medicine

On February 4, the official website of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences published an article, Chinese scholars have made important progress in the screening of anti-2019 new coronavirus drugs.

It is mentioned that the Institute and the National Center of emergency prevention and control drug engineering and technology of the Academy of military medicine of the Academy of military sciences have carried out joint research and found that remdesivir and chloroquine phosphate can effectively inhibit the infection of 2019 ncov at the cellular level, and their effect on human body remains to be clinically verified.

According to the joint statement of the above cooperation parties, for ridacivir, a drug that has not yet been listed in China and has intellectual property barriers, we applied for a Chinese invention patent (anti-2019 new coronavirus use) on January 21 in accordance with international practice and from the perspective of protecting national interests.

The concept of anti new pneumonia drugs was born

Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is suspected of rushing to register patents, which has aroused widespread doubts. Some experts believe that this declaration is unlikely to succeed. However, on the other hand, it can be seen that the effectiveness of radcivir is worth looking forward to, and the progress may be far beyond the market expectation.

In this case, the concept of anti new pneumonia drugs subdivided in the concept of A-share pneumonia is expected to give birth to a new general leader. According to data treasure statistics, at present, there are 8 concepts of anti new pneumonia drugs, namely, Jiangsu Wuzhong, Boteng, Yongtai technology, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical, xinnuowei, Haizheng pharmaceutical, minoua and Dongyin, all of which are up and down today.

From the perspective of the relevance degree of the concept of tonghuashun, Wuzhong, Jiangsu Province has the highest relevance degree of 100%. It is found that some of them belong to Gilead concept and some belong to abidor concept. Among them, Dongyin company announced that it has relevant patents of abidor, but no relevant production has been carried out yet. Yongtai technology provides some important intermediates for Gilead company. Boten announced that it has recently received a formal business inquiry from Geely about antiviral intermediates. At present, the company is actively negotiating with Geely.

In terms of the proportion of sealed orders, Wuzhong, Jiangsu Province, with one word limit, accounts for more than 16% of the sealed orders, with the highest proportion in the list, and boten shares accounts for the second, more than 7%. In terms of turnover, boten shares is the lowest, only 0.24%.

Pneumonia concept stock trend strong

The concept of pneumonia has become the best index after the festival, with a cumulative increase of more than 17%, and the subdivisions are more bull stocks. Data treasure statistics show that nearly 20 concept stocks rose more than 30% after the festival.

Southwest Securities believes that in the short term, the impact of the epidemic on the performance of masks (Ogilvy medical, Zhende medical, etc.), infusion (Chenxin pharmaceutical, Kelun pharmaceutical, etc.), interferon (Anke biology, Tebao biology, etc.), forehead temperature gun and disinfection products (Yuyue medical, etc.) is quite obvious. The performance in the first quarter is likely to exceed expectations, and other partial concepts are mostly.

In the long run, high-quality medicine has become a more determinate growth asset in the macroeconomic environment. After 17 years, medicine is likely to become the investment direction of the market again. According to the experience of SARS, the medium and long-term impact on the pharmaceutical industry is relatively limited; in January 2020, the second batch of drugs with volume purchase landed, and the industry is expected to achieve negative results. In addition, performance forecasts of Changchun hi tech, Zhifei biology and CXO in 2019 have been published, continuing the high growth trend. February is the window period of annual report and quarterly report, and it is suggested to actively grasp the best window period of pharmaceutical configuration before the quarterly report u3002

Ping An Securities believes that the epidemic will promote all parties to re-examine the strategic value of the biomedical industry. The development of the epidemic has promoted the demand in the field of related virus prevention and control, which is expected to have a positive impact on the performance of related companies in the first quarter. At the same time, the strategic value of biomedical industry has been re recognized by all parties, and the long-term development of the industry is expected to improve. Specific areas of benefit include:

2) Antiviral chemicals: for example, letonavir, the first generic drug under research of Geli pharmaceutical, asc09 / letonavir compound innovative drug, u03b1 - interferon production enterprises such as Anke biology, unnamed biology, Tebo biology, etc., abidor production enterprises such as Jiangsu Wuzhong, Shiyao group, etc.

3) Chinese patent medicines with antiviral and anti infective effects: such as Yiling Pharmaceutical (Lianhuaqingwen), Xiangxue Pharmaceutical (antiviral oral liquid), HongRi Pharmaceutical (Xuebijing), China Resources Sanjiu (Shenfu Injection), Zhendong Pharmaceutical (Compound Kushen injection), etc.

4) Life monitoring and supporting medical devices: such as Mindray medical (monitor, ventilator), Yuyue medical (ventilator, oxygen generator, forehead thermometer), Sanxin medical (cardiopulmonary instrument).

5) Protective equipment such as masks and gloves: there are many enterprises, such as Zhende medical, Ogilvy medical, Nanwei Co., Ltd., TEDA Co., Ltd., Yingke medical, lanfan medical, Shangrong medical, etc.

6) Drugs to enhance immunity: for example, jingc of blood products, related enterprises such as Hualan biology, Boya biology, Shuanglin biology, Tiantan biology, etc., and also immune regulators such as thymus method new (Shuangcheng medicine industry), thymopentin (Hanyu medicine industry, Shuanglu medicine industry).

7) Vaccine: Although 2019-ncov vaccine has not been developed yet, the epidemic can still stimulate the enthusiasm of the people to vaccinate. Related enterprises such as Zhifei biology, Hualan biology, Kangtai biology, etc.

8) Pharmacy and medicine circulation, Yifeng pharmacy, common people, dashanlin, Yixintang, Jiuzhoutong, etc.

Statement: all information content of data treasure does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky and investment should be cautious. Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368

Statement: all information content of data treasure does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.