Atmosphere! Mourinho hugs Southampton after the game: the best team loses

 Atmosphere! Mourinho hugs Southampton after the game: the best team loses

Mourinho has a reason to boast about his opponents good performance. Although Tottenham are playing at home today, the ball control rate is only 43.5%, and the key attack data such as shooting, shooting, excellent goal opportunity, passing number, passing success rate, 30 meters in the front field are all behind. Fortunately, Tottenham scored in all three shots, including a penalty.

In an interview, Mourinho said: I have to admit that the best team lost. You can take a look at the actual situation. They have the best players in the team, their team is in the best condition, they have another day off. In contrast, we have too many difficulties. Weve just played against Manchester City and are full of fatigue. If you can analyze the game in a simple and practical way, it is the best team that has lost. They play better than us

But I cant ignore everything on the field and my players. Their performance is phenomenal. As the manager, I have to play this game of chess well. I have no bishop, no king, no queen. Its very difficult. There are many injuries and problems in the team. Its too difficult for belwin to play Tottenhams Kane, Sissoko and lamera were all unable to play, and Ali was injured.

According to the British media, Mourinho is very satisfied with the players efforts today. After the game, he said he would give the players another day off as a reward. In the last six games, Tottenham have won 4-2, scored 10 goals and conceded 5 goals. Mourinho is slowly putting Tottenham on the right track. Tottenhams defense is getting better and better. In the last two games, Manchester City and Southampton have scored 34 times in total, while Tottenham only have 9 times, but Tottenham are all laughing at the end.

It sounds good, but it doesnt help us, hassenshtel said of Mourinhos approval

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