Readcivir starts clinical trials, and these anti influenza stocks are massively concentrated

 Readcivir starts clinical trials, and these anti influenza stocks are massively concentrated

The transmission of asymptomatic infection is weak

With the further development of the disease, asymptomatic infections have appeared in many areas, which may be the most worrying place. At present, asymptomatic infections are more common among family members. They have no obvious clinical manifestations, so patients with the virus may cause transmission.

However, it is gratifying that Li Xingwang, an expert member of the national medical team, said that asymptomatic patients are relatively light, and the amount of virus is related to the severity of the disease, so their transmission ability will be weaker.

The fifth edition of diagnosis and treatment plan

In addition, the diagnostic standard of suspected cases in Hubei Province has removed the imaging characteristics of pneumonia. Interpretation by Li Xingwang: This is to increase the diagnosis ability of primary medical institutions, because primary medical institutions do not have CT equipment, so in many cases, as long as the patient has fever and respiratory symptoms, combined with the epidemiological history, it will be diagnosed as a suspected case, in order to better control the source of infection.

Readcivir is conducting clinical trials

On the evening of February 5, Gilead science responded to the progress of clinical trials of ridcivir, a potentially effective new crown pneumonia drug most concerned by the public.

At present, Gilead has reached an agreement with the Chinese health sector to support two clinical trials for 2019-ncov infected people to determine the safety and effectiveness of ridcivir as a potential treatment for coronavirus.

One study evaluated the efficacy of ridcivir in patients who were hospitalized with 2019 ncov but did not show significant clinical symptoms; the other evaluated the efficacy of ridcivir in patients with more severe clinical symptoms. The two clinical trials, led by Chinese researchers, were conducted in Wuhan. Gilead provides free drugs for the research and supports the design and development of the research.

14 pharmaceutical and anti influenza concept stocks are concentrated

Recently, some anti pneumonia listed companies are not only sought after by investors, but also part of the stock chips are largely concentrated. According to statistics of securities times u00b7 databao, there are 20 pharmaceutical stocks or related to the prevention and treatment of new pneumonia compared with that before the Spring Festival, and the number of the latest shareholders has declined compared with the previous period (January 10). Including a number of yesterdays trading stocks: Yifan pharmaceutical, xinnuowei, Kemp biology and hipre.

Compound Yinhua Jiedu granules, xiaoerqingqiao granules, maqinxiaoke granules and f-652, the exclusive medical insurance products of Yifan medicine, are all related to the epidemic prevention and control. Xinnuowei mainly produces vitamin health food, and vitamin C can improve the resistance in the prevention of new coronavirus. Kemp bio is a leading provider of nucleic acid molecular diagnosis products in China. It has developed two product lines covering infectious disease detection and genetic disease detection.

In terms of chip concentration, the number of shareholders of 14 of the above 20 shares decreased by more than 1%. The latest number of shareholders of the company is 1.59, with a decrease of 8.24%; the second is Shuangcheng pharmaceutical, with a decrease of nearly 7%; the number of shareholders of Poinsettia reduced by nearly 6.5%; the company donated 3.04 million love funds and materials to fight against pneumonia, including the antiviral drug qinxiangqingjie oral liquid; the number of health shareholders of medical disinfection stock decreased The degree is more than 6%. However, the number of the latest shareholders of four shares, such as XinHeCheng and Kaipu biology, all fell by more than 4% compared with the previous period.

These stocks are most favored by the tracking funds of longhubang

From the perspective of Pankou capital flow, there are 9 stocks purchased by longhubang, among which GuoXuan high tech, Yanan Bikang, Duolun technology and other stocks have the largest net inflow. The largest net inflows were Duolun technology, Yanan Bikang and Dunhuang seed industry. The net inflows were 22.39%, 7.39% and 4.89% respectively.

30 shares such as Baosteel have been increased recently

As of the latest, 30 listed companies have been increased in recent ten trading days, with a total of 155 million shares increased and a market value of 800 million yuan (the change of shares increased shall be subject to the change deadline in the announcement). Baosteel has the largest number of shares increased to 71.7114 million, accounting for 0.32% of the circulating a shares, with a market value of 364 million yuan. Laimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a higher proportion of shares increased to 1.49%.

Combined with the annual performance (performance forecast), the net profit of new good, Wanli shares, St East Ocean and other companies increased significantly year on year, with an increase of 113.25%, 104.8% and 104.44% respectively.

18 shares rose more than five days in a row and Yonghui supermarkets capital flowed in

According to the data, 109 stocks in the two cities rose for more than three trading days in a row, and 18 stocks rose for more than five trading days in a row. The top three stocks with the largest number of days in a row were Lianhuan Pharmaceutical (9 days), Sihuan biological (8 days) and Gaolan shares (8 days). During the period of continuous rise of individual stocks, the top three companies were Lianhuan Pharmaceutical (114.48%), Sihuan biological (106.22%) and Lukang Pharmaceutical (105.7%).

It is worth noting that of the 109 stocks that have been rising in a row, the accumulated net inflow of main funds in 9 stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. Among them, Yonghui supermarket has the most accumulated capital inflow, with main capital inflow of 393 million yuan.

15 shares such as Letong Co., Ltd. have the form of Yang swallowing Yin

It is worth noting that the net inflow of main capital of Antu biology, Nanjing medicine, Tonghua Jinma and other stocks is the largest, reaching 28.4286 million yuan, 18.0985 million yuan and 12.5883 million yuan respectively.

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year. Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year.