Be careful! Please dont step on these mistakes

 Be careful! Please dont step on these mistakes

Positive solution: smoking will not only reduce the bodys resistance and increase the probability of infection, but also in case of infection, the risk of serious disease will be greater.

Myth 3: alcohol can inactivate the virus, drinking high alcohol can inactivate the new coronavirus

Positive solution: drinking white wine cant resist the new coronavirus. 75% medical alcohol can effectively kill the virus. In general, the alcohol concentration of high liquor is between 50% and 60%, which has no killing effect on the new coronavirus. The new type of coronavirus infection is transmitted through respiratory tract, while drinking alcohol enters through digestive tract, so it is impossible to have antiviral effect.

There is no evidence that antiviral drugs can prevent pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.

Myth 5: antibiotics can prevent pneumonia caused by new coronavirus

No! The pathogen of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus is virus, while antibiotics are aimed at bacteria. For the purpose of prevention, the misuse of antibiotics will enhance the resistance of pathogens.

Myth 6: Vitamin C can prevent pneumonia caused by new coronavirus

No! Vitamin C cant enhance immunity. Taking vitamin C is usually only an auxiliary treatment.

Myth 7: wearing multiple masks can better prevent pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus

Correct solution: its OK to wear a mask. Wearing three or four masks will make people breathless, because the air cant enter the nasal cavity from the front, it can only enter from the side, but cant play a protective effect. In addition, it is not necessary to wear N95 mask. Ordinary disposable medical mask can also prevent the spread of droplets.

Myth 8: influenza vaccination is not easy to be infected by the new coronavirus, or even if it is infected, the situation is not so serious

Myth 9: wearing goggles when going out can prevent new coronavirus infection

Correct solution: wearing goggles is a protection suggestion for doctors who contact with patients directly. Ordinary people dont need to wear goggles when they go out.

Myth 10: salt water mouthwash to prevent virus

Positive solution: salt water mouthwash is good for cleaning the mouth and throat, and is helpful for throat inflammation. But the new coronavirus invaded the respiratory tract, and there was no way to clean the respiratory tract. At present, there are no results suggesting that salt water can kill the new coronavirus.