Emergency gathering of online education resources: preparing for cloud Courses in primary and middle schools

 Emergency gathering of online education resources: preparing for cloud Courses in primary and middle schools

Online teaching resource aggregation

Under the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, all regions have postponed the opening of schools and launched the network teaching and other countermeasures.

According to Wuhan Municipal Bureau of education, from February 10, all primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools) in the city will carry out online course teaching. Among them, from February 1, we organized the third grade senior high school students in Wuhan to carry out online teaching; from February 10, we organized other grades in Wuhan to carry out online teaching.

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission said on February 5 that all kinds of schools at all levels will not open before the end of February, and speed up the implementation of the preparation of online education and teaching activities using information technology before the start of school.

At present, most cities, counties and districts in the province are preparing plans for online teaching and developing courses for online teaching. At the beginning of school, more than 10000 schools can guarantee education, learning and students guidance through information-based teaching methods, Jing Lihu, director of the Department of education of Guangdong Province, said on February 4

So, can the current educational information facilities support such a large-scale online learning?

Zhang Fujun, a teacher of Huzhou middle school, uses the after-school network as the live broadcast system. It has been used in Huzhou middle school for five or six years. Teacher videos, lesson preparation Notes and assignment contents can be sent to students in real time, and teachers can answer questions point-to-point.

After the outbreak, all kinds of online learning software platforms showed their own magic power. A high school principal in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province told the 21st century economic report, the school has been using market-oriented educational information products such as love school, learning Park and good scores. After the outbreak, the Education Bureau recommended using micro courses and learning resources on the official Pengcheng classroom platform, and using QQ homework to arrange homework online. In addition, we are also considering using nail software to try live lessons.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of education, it is planned to open the national online cloud classroom on February 17, the first day of normal school in most regions. Based on the textbooks compiled by the Ministry and the versions of textbooks widely used in various regions, it covers all grades from the first grade of primary school to the third grade of general high school. With the teaching week as the unit, a unified curriculum in line with the teaching schedule is established to provide online on-demand courses.

Considering that some rural areas and remote and poverty-stricken areas have no network or slow network speed, the Ministry of education will arrange China education television to broadcast relevant courses and resources through TV channels to solve the problem of students studying at home in these areas.

As for whether large-scale students online at the same time will lead to system collapse, an online education organization product director told reporters, this problem can be solved by building a local area network or relying on cloud technology. For example, some cloud technology service providers have been able to realize millions of people online at the same time, and ensure that live broadcast does not jam and has low latency..

Compared with primary and secondary schools, online education in Colleges and universities is not highly market-oriented. However, the Ministry of Education recently issued the guiding opinions on the organization and management of online teaching in Colleges and universities during the epidemic prevention and control period (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), which open all high-quality online courses and virtual simulation experiment teaching resources free of charge to colleges and universities across the country. As of February 2, the Ministry of education has organized 22 online course platforms to open more than 24000 online courses free of charge, covering 12 disciplines of undergraduate courses and 18 professional categories of higher vocational colleges.

For example, the love course (MOOC) platform sponsored by higher education press and Netease Youdao includes more than 8000 high-quality online course resources, covering 12 disciplines, all disciplines and 18 specialties.

What is the effect of cloud classroom teaching?

Despite the rapid development of online education in recent years, the market penetration is increasing, but it is not the main way of learning for students, so will online learning at home affect the learning effect?

I think it will have an impact on students with poor learning autonomy, an English teacher from a middle school in Anhui Province told the 21st century economic report, but online learning must be adopted before the epidemic, and teachers in our school have prepared an online learning program for at least one month.

Wenzhou Longwan middle school has developed a set of air classroom program, and senior three will carry out live teaching on February 9. Longwan middle school has developed a temporary curriculum from 7:00 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. with 40 minutes for each class, including three courses (self-study course) of early reading, English language and seven choices, and late self-study.

This set of programs includes some special disciplines of online learning, such as not being able to study in bed or on the sofa; learning time needs to wear formal clothes, be serious, and not wearing pajamas; it is forbidden to eat breakfast or snacks during the learning period, and not do things unrelated to learning. Chinese and English subjects arrange early reading activities. Video is required. Students should read aloud according to the task.

In fact, in addition to senior three, junior three and other grades facing entrance examination, experts believe that other grades of online learning can be more flexible. The class hours of online teaching should be short, and 20 minutes is appropriate. Teachers can also guide students to exercise at home every day through online means. Said the head of online education products.

On the positive side, the epidemic has given schools an opportunity to try teaching reform online. He said.

But there are also shortcomings in online education. According to Chu Chaohui, a researcher of China Academy of Education Sciences, online mode is mainly used for knowledge learning, which is limited by the lack of teaching equipment in the family environment. Some skills and operational teaching activities are difficult to be carried out online. Different students have different learning situations. In the network environment, there may be new problems in synchronous teaching.

According to Chu Chaohui, the traditional teaching is mainly in the classroom environment. The network teaching can no longer be carried out according to the traditional teaching standards, but should provide the content that can adapt to the network environment and guide students independent learning ability. Online teaching is not necessarily the content required by the course, because it will be learned after the beginning of the course.

Early provision of online courses for the new semester may also increase students academic burden. Therefore, on February 4, the Ministry of education reminded the administrative departments of education at all levels, primary and secondary schools and off campus training institutions not to start the online teaching of new semester courses in advance before the official school opening day originally planned by each region, but to arrange some online learning contents of epidemic prevention knowledge, mental health guidance, education and entertainment, so as to ensure that students have a happy holiday.

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Zhang Meiyu nf2100