Mask production increased by 3.1percent month on month, surplus production capacity received by the government

 Mask production increased by 3.1percent month on month, surplus production capacity received by the government

At the same time, he pointed out that we should use it scientifically and reasonably. As you know, there are many kinds of masks, which should be used on demand and according to functions to avoid overuse. The medical N95 mask focuses on ensuring the front line and the needs of medical personnel. For general protection, please try not to occupy precious medical resources.

For the key materials such as N95 masks and protective clothing received by charities, the relevant parties coordinate to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the transportation of domestic aviation, railway, road and other aspects in the process of material donation. After the key materials are transferred to Hubei, they will be timely docked and distributed according to the wishes of the donors.

Hao Fuqing said that when the national development and Reform Commission coordinated the supply and demand docking of mask information, it took this into consideration as a whole, and actively provided assistance in transportation and other aspects to ensure that key materials can play a role in a timely manner.

In addition, the reporter also learned that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the General Administration of Customs has implemented rapid customs clearance and accelerated the supply of medical materials. Jin Hai, director of the General Department of the General Administration of customs, said that according to the data statistics of the declaration by the General Administration of customs, since January 24, 2020, the national customs has inspected and released 171000 batches of epidemic prevention and control materials, 377 million pieces, worth 1.216 billion yuan.

From the perspective of trade mode, general trade accounts for 60.4%, and donated materials account for 23.5%. The total number of donated materials is 87.764 million, worth 286 million yuan, mainly including 71.799 million masks, 1.533 million protective clothing, and 337000 pairs of goggles. In addition, since January 30 this year, the amount of epidemic protection materials imported every day has basically remained above 150 million yuan, so the volume of imports has remained at this stable level.

Medical masks are the key materials in foreign donation materials, and also an important channel to meet the needs of prevention and control.

In addition, independent import is also a main replenishment channel. According to Cao Xuejun, the data shows that the production of medical protective clothing has expanded from 8700 on January 28 to 31600 on February 4. In addition, some of them are imported to supplement the current shortage.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Business Daily: Chen Hequn ufe63 nb12679