Nanchang emergency headquarters: closed management for all villages, communities and units

 Nanchang emergency headquarters: closed management for all villages, communities and units


In order to implement the first-class response requirements for major public health emergencies in the province, further do a good job in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, minimize the flow of personnel, and maximize the protection of peoples life safety and physical health, the relevant issues are announced as follows:

1u3001 Instructions to follow. With a high sense of responsibility, all personnel in Chang should consciously abide by the national, provincial and municipal instructions on epidemic prevention and control, and actively carry out self-control and self rescue work.

2u3001 Management should be closed. All villages, communities (including open communities) and units in the city shall be strictly managed in a civilized and orderly closed manner, and all personnel shall be measured when they enter or leave, and valid certificates shall be issued. All external personnel and vehicles shall be strictly controlled, and the management personnel shall make registration and filing for special circumstances. Abnormal body temperature must be further diagnosed in a designated medical institution. Without special needs, it is recommended that each family assign one family member every two days to go out to purchase living materials.

3u3001 Fever to be reported. In case of fever, fatigue, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms of Changs personnel, they must report to the village, community and unit as soon as possible, and the community medical staff shall carry out pre examination and triage, and transfer to the designated medical institutions for treatment as the case may be. In case of any confirmed case, the community, village group and building (unit) shall be isolated in a closed manner as the case may be.

4u3001 Strictly control the outside. Within one hour, the migrant workers should actively report to the village, community or unit where they live about 14 days living history, contact history and health status. In the past 14 days, if there is a history of living in or contact with a key area, it should be isolated at home or in a unit or concentrated isolation for 14 days. In case of fever, fatigue, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms, pre examination and triage shall be carried out in time, and the patients shall be transferred to designated medical institutions for treatment as the case may be. Those who do not take the initiative to declare, go out at will and refuse to accept temperature measurement, medical observation and other prevention and control measures will be investigated for responsibility according to law.

5u3001 Personnel should be dispersed. No door-to-door, no gathering, no dinner, no party, no playing cards (mahjong, poker). The red affairs shall be suspended and the white affairs shall be simplified and reported to the village and community for the record. Try not to go out. You must wear a mask when you go out.

6u3001 Business prevention and control should be coordinated. All public places that are not necessary for residents life shall be closed. Arrange business hours reasonably in farmers market, supermarket, drugstore, etc. Food and beverage implementation pack take away meal. Kill regularly in public places, measure temperature and wear masks. Express delivery and take out shall be delivered without contact.

7u3001 You need to register for medicine. All drugstores selling drugs related to fever and cough treatment must verify the real name registration of ID card. Fever patients should take temperature measurement and ask for medical history, and report to the local towns and streets promptly.

8u3001 Responsibility must be fulfilled. Implement the responsibilities of enterprises, office buildings, shops, rental rooms, hotels (hotels), schools, institutions, government institutions and other management subjects, strengthen the control and timely reporting of employees, merchants, students, renters, etc. if the epidemic situation occurs in the above areas and is not reported in time, the responsibility of the main unit or individual will be investigated according to law.

9u3001 Return to work and start school in order. Strictly implement the relevant regulations on resumption of work and school in the whole province, and shall not resume work and school without approval. 10u3001 We should be civilized in epidemic prevention. We should advocate civilized society and popularize the knowledge of prevention and control. Relevant personnel shall be managed in accordance with the law and in a civilized manner, and all personnel in Chang shall actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work. Party members and cadres, deputies to the National Peoples Congress at all levels and members of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference should play an exemplary role, set an example and take the lead in the fight against the epidemic.

February 5, 2020

Order No.8 of the emergency headquarters for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus in Nanchang

Zhejiang Ruian emergency notice: all external traffic in the area is temporarily closed

We will strictly implement the policy of self fighting in the countryside, self fighting in the village, self fighting in the community and self fighting in the building. Citizens shall stay at home for two weeks from now on, and each family shall not go out to purchase living materials for more than two times a week, and shall not go out without other special circumstances.