Securities Daily: focusing on the prevention and control of epidemic situation from three aspects

 Securities Daily: focusing on the prevention and control of epidemic situation from three aspects

At present, an extremely important overall plan is to unify the prevention and control work with the task of achieving the economic and social development goals this year. Prevention and control of the epidemic is ultimately for the better development of the economy and society. We should do a good job in prevention and control, and at the same time, we should do a good job in reform, development and stability.

The third is to deal with all kinds of contradictions and problems in epidemic prevention and control, and timely transmit balanced information. Every time there is a major public event, it is likely to take the opportunity to make profits, unfair competition, rumors, illegal and other situations. According to the historical experience of China and foreign countries, we should adhere to the openness and transparency of information, so that active and effective prevention and control work and criminal activities are presented in the sunshine. The daily report of the epidemic situation has formed a relatively mature model, which is also a heavy work and plays a role in stabilizing peoples minds. It has also played a positive role in building consensus and reducing social shock by strengthening the publicity of first-line treatment and protection knowledge and promptly refuting rumors. For the social security problems in epidemic prevention and control, all kinds of illegal and criminal behaviors that disturb the social order, timely handling and releasing information are not only an organic part of epidemic prevention and control work, but also the performance of social governance normalization.

Each public opinion platform has the responsibility to timely transmit balanced information to provide support for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The mainstream media should respond in time to some untrue information hyped by the self media and suppress it.

We see that many basic industries and systems that meet the needs of peoples daily life, including major engineering construction and other areas related to the national economy and peoples livelihood, have not stopped, nor can they stop. It is also a basic feature of the modern economic system to ensure the normal operation of the economic system at the time of crisis. We have done that. We should further focus on the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, strive to win the battle of prevention and control as soon as possible, and return the production and life of the whole society to normal as soon as possible.