A-share real estate stocks gradually rebound property class against the trend

 A-share real estate stocks gradually rebound property class against the trend

In addition, property stocks break through, many property companies share prices are flying red, or will usher in new opportunities. In addition, affected by the epidemic, the real estate development enterprises delayed the start-up period, and the negative impact of the epidemic on the real estate enterprises gradually emerged. In January, nearly 70% of the real estate enterprises had a negative growth in sales performance, and the real estate enterprises faced the pressure in 2020. However, experts in the industry believe that the negative impact is short-term, and the demand for house purchase will only be delayed due to the epidemic and will not disappear, and they are still optimistic about the future real estate market.

Property stocks gradually return

On February 3, the stock market opened on trading day. Affected by the new pneumonia, after opening, the three stocks continued to decline. In terms of real estate stocks, multiple property stocks in the Shanghai stock index fell to a halt, with only a few dozen stocks down less than 9%. As of the closing of a shares, hundreds of real estate stocks still fell across the board.

Among the A-share real estate enterprises, including China Merchants Shekou, Shimao, Greenland holdings, Jindi group, Huaxia happiness and other real estate enterprises fell and stopped at the opening, only a few of them performed well. Compared with the sharp decline of a shares, the performance of H shares is moderate. SOHO China, Dafa real estate, Midea real estate, sunshine 100 China, Hongyang real estate and other shares fell between 4% and 6%. In addition, rongchuang China, China Jinmao and Shimao real estate have seen a small increase in their share prices, with an increase of about 2%.

Drop stops and other situations basically meet the market expectations, and also reflect the characteristics of the stock market in digesting the risk of pneumonia events. Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, told China times. In addition, another industry insider told the China times that the epidemic did have some impact on the real estate industry. At present, due to various restrictions such as commencement, real estate enterprises are slow to collect funds, but the negative impact is short-term, and the rigid demand for real estate will not disappear.

After two days of negative digestion, the performance of real estate stocks gradually stabilized, and A-share real estate stocks rebounded. By the end of February 5, Poly Real estate, Longhu group, Shimao stock and CCCC real estate had all increased in varying degrees. Although the share price level of a large number of real estate stocks is still far from the level before the outbreak, experts still believe that there is room for rebound in the follow-up of real estate stocks.

In addition, according to the trend of real estate stocks in the future, Yan Yuejin told China Times: first, we should pay attention to the public opinion guidance of the day before the Lantern Festival. If there is an opportunity for improvement, then the market data will be better after the Lantern Festival, which is an important opportunity to intervene in real estate stocks. Second, we should pay attention to the market performance in March, because the sales data in February will be relatively poor, but whether there is a positive release of demand after March is worthy of the attention of real estate stock investors. Third, we should pay attention to the subsequent business performance of the enterprise. If the business data is good, there is room for rebound.

Property stocks rise suddenly

In the case of large-scale decline of real estate stocks, some stocks are still emerging, and are often regarded as good. The reporter of China Times found that on February 3, the share prices of country garden service, Yongsheng life service and green city service rose by 4% - 6%. In this regard, Yan Yuejin believes that the pneumonia incident further illustrates the importance of community management, which plays a positive role in ensuring the physical and mental health of residents and promoting the daily work.

In 2019, many real estate enterprises launched relevant property projects, and a large number of property companies were listed. With the continuous exploration of humans better life style by real estate enterprises, real estate companies play an increasingly important role. This new type of pneumonia highlights the importance of property services, equipped with complete medical facilities, the implementation of effective management mechanism in this crisis is the advantage. The industry generally believes that after the outbreak, all parties will pay more attention to the property management field, and the property management industry will take this opportunity to usher in a new round of development opportunities.

It is expected that the follow-up property companies will face greater benefits, especially the property companies with internet concept and more resources in medical and community areas, which will become the key support content of the government and a new opportunity point for property service enterprises in 2020. Yan Yuejin told China times.

Expert: still optimistic about the market

It cannot be denied that the real estate industry is in a difficult situation due to the impact of the epidemic. In addition to the 16.1% and 0.12% growth of Vanke and country garden, the sales of Evergrande, CNOOC and rongchuang in January decreased by 5.7%, 20% and 22.6% year-on-year respectively, according to the list of top 100 sales of Chinese real estate enterprises in January 2020 released by Kerui Real Estate Research Institute. In addition, nearly 70% of the top 100 real estate enterprises reported a year-on-year decline in their monthly sales performance.

Its hard to know how long the crisis will last, but this sudden new type of pneumonia does bring a lot of pressure to the real estate enterprises. In order to prevent the continuous spread of the epidemic, the sales activities of the sales offices were stopped and the real estate agencies were also closed. In addition, in order to effectively control the flow of population, Beijing and other places have also introduced measures to limit the start-up of real estate development enterprises.

On January 29, Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection at the construction site. It is specified in the document that the construction of relevant real estate projects should be postponed, and the resumption or new construction should not be earlier than 24:00 on February 9, and it is required to implement closed centralized management on the construction site and living quarters.

In response, Yan Yuejin told the China Times: such measures will have an impact on the development investment data in February or the first quarter, and the short-term cooling of the follow-up market also belongs to the regulation under special circumstances. Subsequently, real estate companies are still optimistic about the development space of Chinas real estate, and the pace of relevant development investment will be accelerated in the second quarter, which will help to pull up the data of relevant development investment and other supply side.

In this epidemic, real estate companies are also actively self-help, trying to use online house watching and other measures to boost sales performance. In addition, in this crisis, the real estate enterprises did not shrink back and actively donated money, which is also a powerful force in this campaign. Yan Yuejin believes that with the development of follow-up vaccines and the control of the epidemic situation, as well as the lifting of the suspension order, it is expected that data such as sales and investment of real estate enterprises will usher in a turning point again.