Im not a Shopaholic ends tomorrow night

 Im not a Shopaholic ends tomorrow night

At the end of the day, the plot rhythm of Im not a Shopaholic enters the last wave of high-energy mode. Under the covert design of Yan Yanran, Vice President Jiang and Ma Jiajia, Yanlis e-commerce platform, e-commerce platform, first appeared technical failure in the seckill, which led to the double line loss of its credibility among customers and major suppliers, the stores performance suffered Waterloo, and the large warehouse room also suffered just a burst of water pipe at this time, resulting in heavy loss of goods flooded. However, in the upcoming plot, the company will also be exposed to larger and more negative events, falling into a crash crisis in an all-round way. While Gao Yang, who was absorbed in learning the process of seed beating embroidery in Suzhous old embroidery shop, came back with his latest design work complicated and simple. How will the two lovers untie their hearts and fight together?

The whole staffs anti epidemic warm heart and voice, the sweet play will end tomorrow night

After more than a months warm heart, Im not a Shopaholic will have a wonderful ending in the Youth Theater of Hunan Satellite TV at 22:00 this Thursday, tomorrow evening. Will Yan Li accept Yan Yanrans help in the face of e-shopping, which urgently needs capital injection to survive the crisis? How will the new fashion designer Gao Yangs Fanjian dress make a stunning appearance? What kind of scene will the group put on when they get back to the beautiful eye nourishing CP and Xiaoming CP, which is finally the fruit of mutual love? More highlights, please lock in Hunan Satellite TV, the network platform mango TV synchronous hot broadcast.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322