The biggest drop in oil price in seven months plus a box of oil is 16.5 yuan less

 The biggest drop in oil price in seven months plus a box of oil is 16.5 yuan less

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that this oil price adjustment is the biggest drop in nearly seven months. At 24:00 on February 4, Chinas price adjustment window for gasoline and diesel opened. 420 yuan per ton of gasoline and 405 yuan per ton of diesel, equivalent to 0.33 yuan per liter of 92 u00d7 gasoline and 0.35 yuan per liter of 95 u00d7 gasoline. This round of price adjustment is the first decline in 2020, and the decline also hit a new high since 24:00 on June 11, 2019 (the decline of 465 / ton for gasoline and 445 yuan / ton for diesel).

Beiqing news reporter learned that the international oil price has fallen for the fourth consecutive week. In addition, due to the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, the price adjustment window of domestic refined oil, which was supposed to be opened at 24:00 on February 1, was extended to 24:00 on February 4.

According to the adjusted oil price, consumers with 50L oil tank capacity can spend 16.5 yuan less to top up a box of 92 u00d7 gasoline. In terms of fuel consumption, according to the example of a private car that runs 2000 kilometers a month and consumes 8L per 100 kilometers, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 26 yuan before the next price adjustment (February 28). In terms of logistics and transportation, the fuel consumption of a single vehicle can be reduced by 656 yuan in the next half month, taking the stele heavy truck which runs 10000 kilometers per month and consumes 38L fuel per hundred kilometers as an example.