64 year old son diagnosed new pneumonia 90 year old mother touched netizens all over the country

 64 year old son diagnosed new pneumonia 90 year old mother touched netizens all over the country

90 year old mother staying in the observation ward of fever clinic

Five days with him,

Finally waiting to isolate the bed in the ward.

After his son was admitted to the isolation ward,

Before the 90 year old mother came home from the hospital,

Get a nurse for a pen and paper,

Write a message of encouragement to your son:

To stand up, to be strong,

Fight the disease!


The story shared by Dr. Lin Ming, West Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital,

Moved tens of thousands of netizens across the country.

Im 90 years old, fearless

On February 3, Dr. Lin tweeted about the experience.

At 2 a.m. on March 3, an old woman went to see Dr. Lin alone. When she saw that the old man was not accompanied by his family, Dr. Lin asked her mother-in-law.

The mother-in-law said that her son had been diagnosed and was admitted to the isolation ward. Others were afraid of infection. She was 90 years old and fearless.

Later, the mother-in-law found the nurse to borrow the paper and pen, left a message for her son, and asked the nurse to hand over 500 yuan to her son to ask him to buy daily necessities.

The reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily saw that on the picture distributed on Mr. Lins microblog, his mother-in-law was writing a message with white hair and a mask.

The message said: son, to stand up, to be strong, to overcome the disease, to cooperate with the doctors treatment, respirator uncomfortable, to bear a cough

Before going home, she left a message encouraging her son to be strong

In recent days, Ms. Gu met her mother-in-law many times in the hospital. MS Gus mother was diagnosed and lived in the isolation ward with her mother-in-laws son.

Gu told reporters that during the five days of fever clinic, her mother-in-law always sat in front of the bed in the observation ward, tightly holding the patients hand, and the patient was on the ventilator.

Two days ago, my mother-in-law lined up in front of Ms. Gu to find a doctor to prescribe medicine and cry about her experience with the doctor.

Ms. Gu comforted her mother-in-law, asked her to insist and cheer her on.

Later, after careful questioning, we know that her 64 year old son, daughter-in-law and grandsons family are all abroad. The daughter who married to another place went back to Wuhan for the festival and was trapped at home. She was afraid of her daughters infection and her own age.

In order to take care of her son, these days, my mother-in-law is in the hospital. When she is hungry, she eats instant noodles. When she is sleepy, she squints in front of the hospital bed for a while.

In front of his sons hospital bed, there were spittoons, boxes of instant noodles, eggs in bulk, cups, bowls and spoons.

As a mother, she is just. The 90 year old mother has been working hard for her son, which has moved Ms. Gu. The doctor and nurse also sympathized with her mother-in-law and promised to transfer her son in once she had a hospital bed.

On the evening of the 2nd, good news finally came that the son of the mother-in-law and the mother of Ms. Gu were living in the isolation ward together. Ms. Gu and her mother-in-law lined up to do CT respectively, and waited until the examination results came out in the early morning, and they were sure there was no infection.

But after checking, my mother-in-law immediately went to the door of the isolation ward. Although she couldnt get in and see her son, she kept it. From time to time, she asked the nurse to pass on a message to her son to make him strong.

In the meantime, she wrote this touching message to her son.

Gu said that at noon on the 3rd, at the request of the old man, she sent her mother-in-law safely to Hanyangs home. Before getting off, my mother-in-law just gave her 100 yuan, and she would not ask for it.

The news spread,

Netizens were deeply moved:

Not in their 90s, fearless

Great maternal love!

Netizens commentary

@Zoe: I cried. I cant imagine the 90 year old going to the hospital at two in the morning.

@Jiang RuRu: I cant see, I cant think, and I cant imagine what the people of Wuhan are going through now. I hope everything will go quickly.

@Wind sleep flower heavy Hibiscus: only parents treat you as a child forever.

@When the wind blows, you come: tears come to your eyes. Grandma and her son must be healthy.

@Li Li Li and Li Li: it would be nice if you didnt understand what your parents said about health and safety. Now you know how precious it is.

@Giant salamander 8076: look at the crying, pity the worlds parents!

@Baa Baa DD small cute quack: not 90 years old fearless, is the great maternal love.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) ()); in this epidemic, the story of deep infection occurs every day. Lets wish them all the best and her son will recover soon! Source: responsible editor of Chutian Metropolis Daily: Han Jiapeng, Gu nn9841

In this outbreak,

The story of deep infection happens every day.

Lets bless them together,

I hope everything is OK with my mother-in-law,

Her son will recover soon!