The girls in the rice circle are too efficient and transparent for public welfare

 The girls in the rice circle are too efficient and transparent for public welfare

Its nothing new that one side has difficulties and all sides support.

But this time, its unexpected that one of the efficient and transparent aid forces is the girl in the rice circle who people despise.

Click on the topic of micro blog u0dcf the proud girls in the circle of rice u0dcf you will find that no matter the top stars, or the less famous three, four, five and six line artists, no matter the so-called over gas or the artists on the momentum, no matter the singers, actors, or ADU, their fans are trying to do public welfare assistance for the epidemic.

In fact, this kind of assistance for the rice circle is just too easy to come by.

Do public welfare, the daily life of girls in rice circle

In the outbreak of the new pneumonia in Wuhan, the fans of the stars from their hometown in Hubei were the first to realize what to do.

On January 21, Zhu Yilongs public welfare assistance station published a micro blog, saying that it would cooperate with Hubei Charity Federation, provincial hope project and other units to provide assistance to Wuhan and other places, providing masks, disposable disinfectant cotton tablets and hand sanitizer, and attached a donation link.

More than 20 minutes later, 10508 fans raised 178286.26 yuan.

Zhu Yilong is from Wuhan, Hubei Province.

In the national statistics of the big donation issued by the public welfare times, the Zhu Yilong public service assistance station, which first issued donation information, was particularly prominent in a famous company.

On January 25, Hua Chenyus global fans Association announced on its microblog that it had decided to raise 100000 yuan to provide targeted support to the designated hospital in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Hua Chenyus hometown.

Just six minutes after the donation channel was opened, the planned funds were fully raised. A total of 169368 yuan was raised during the ten minutes from the channel online to the channel closed.

The short opening time of donation channel caused many people to miss the donation, and fans left messages on Weibo one after another:

Can you give advance notice next time? Even the chance to donate money depends on robbing.

Later, more and more fan war reports appeared in front of us.

Li Xians fans donated more than 1.4 million yuan of funds and materials, yisuqianxis fans donated more than 1.1 million yuan, and Xiao Zhans fans donated 2.67 million yuan of donations and materials

Many people were surprised at the participation of girls in the circle. But in fact, its not new for star fans to organize public welfare.

On March 19, 2016, Jay Chou participated in the public service spokesperson in Taipei. Stars themselves will actively participate in various public welfare activities

Every star has micro blog entries or super topics related to public welfare, such as Wang Junkais get up with Wang Junkai, Yan Xujias get up with others and go to Jiaji together, and Yang Zis Yangzi public welfare purple.

Among the daily tasks released by the fans data group every day, public welfare is one of the most important.

Doing public welfare is also a task that fans must do every day / Weibo @ KSL Cai Xukun data group

In the public welfare forest of ant forest, there is also a special public welfare forest for stars. Fans go to water the public welfare forest for stars every day.

When it comes to the stars birthday, in addition to the birthday aid billboard at the subway station, the electronic large screen in the central business district, and participating in public welfare activities, it is also an important link for fans to celebrate the stars birthday.

We will work together to establish a public library, adopt first-class key protected animals, donate guide dogs to help blind people, help stray animals, and care for veterans of the Anti Japanese war

If you are not in the rice circle, you may not know there are so many public welfare projects to do.

How strong is the combat power of rice circle

The first impression given by the girls in the rice circle in this support to Hubei Province should be that they are quick and efficient.

It can raise more than 100000 yuan in one or two minutes, connect with suppliers and hospitals in need within 24 hours, and materials can arrive smoothly within a few days. The speed of completion is amazing.

But in my opinion, this is just a routine operation of rice circle.

As a little fan who entered the pit in Creation Camp 2019 last year and participated in the whole process of casting, I have experienced the strong cohesion and orderly and efficient organization and action power of the rice circle for a long time.

On June 8, 2019, the final night of Creation Camp 2019. During the live broadcast of the finals, fans still need to seize the last time to vote for Adu / Weibo @ Tencent Video Creation Camp 2019

We dont mean to vote by simply following the rules and using your account to vote for your picks Adu. Instead, you will get tens of hundreds of trumpets and vote for tens of hundreds of votes by yourself.

If you want to join the data casting group, you should first enter an audit group, provide the administrator with your own microblog information, super voice level, casting records, etc., to prove that you are the only fan and true love fan of Adu.

After the audit is passed, you can enter into the casting group, and the administrator will give you a number. According to the number, divide into groups, each group will have a leader.

After voting every day, you need to punch in the card, how many accounts you have taken and how many votes you have voted for. Every day, each group and the whole voting group will publicize the number of votes each person has voted. In order to motivate everyone, they will also give some benefits to the top few, and sometimes there are battles between groups.

Its in this kind of mobilization that we can vote without sleep or food, from April to June, until we send out our picks love beans.

In the draft competition, it is definitely the most cohesive and organizational time for the rice circle.

On May 5, 2018, ninepercent fans meeting in Shanghai. Theyre the first 101 series draft team in China

Of course, even after the game is over, the whole rice circle is still running orderly under the leadership of the backup committee and the division of labor of various organizations.

Under the support Committee, it also subdivides data station, anti black station, control and evaluation station, hypertext management group, financial department, assistance group, art engineering group, video group, copywriting group, outreach department and other groups. Each part has a clear division of labor and performs its own duties.

Among them, the data, anti blackout and control group directly organizes and mobilizes fans every day.

Data group is responsible for data work. It is the backbone to lead fans to vote in the draft competition. At the end of the competition, it also needs to organize fans to complete the daily data tasks of the major lists.

Super talk list, music list, and all kinds of artists, big and small, are regarded as the embodiment of the strength and popularity of artists, and are the tasks that fans need to punch in every day.

On August 11, 2017, tfboys group held its fourth anniversary concert in Nanjing. The concerts light card battle is a competition of offline popularity

The anti black station is the fanquan police patrolling every day. It is responsible for handling the negative information related to Adu on the Internet and maintaining the image of Adu.

At the same time, we should cooperate with purification to brush up the positive terms related to Adu, so as to ensure that when someone searches for Adus name on Weibo, the following related terms are all positive.

The term is considered as the first way for passers-by who do not know Adu to know Adu.

I think weve all seen it.

When Adus negative news gets hot, the control and evaluation team will quickly sort out the links of popular microblogs, and fans rush to the scene of the incident along the links. The high-weight ones will immediately unify the text clarification in the comment area, and the low-weight ones will be responsible for praising them and making the clarified comments the hottest.

When boring marketing numbers compare their own love beans with other people, or an official Blue V mentions several people at the same time, fans also need to rush to the comment area, unify the copy of Amways own love beans, praise their own comments, and make their own comments in front of others.

This is a popular battle.

He Jiongs microblog comments on his birthday are also regarded as the popularity of entertainment stars battle / microblog @ he Jiong

Many people regard girls in the circle of rice as crazy brain powder, making empty data every day. As soon as there is any micro blog mentioning those stars, the comment area is the disgusting all-round fans comments.

But it is the power of love, the unity and the efficiency that enable the girls in the rice circle to complete the assistance quickly and efficiently in the face of urgent public events.

Supervise the back-up. The dinner circle is serious

Fan circle organizations such as star support can do a good job of being open, transparent and effective.

In the circle of rice, there is a saying that rice goes with beans, and flour goes with the host. Every move of fans affects the image of the star himself. In such a major public event, fans are not allowed to make a mistake.

In the micro blog where huachenyu fans will gather their fans to raise money, in addition to thanks, many comments are reminding the support group to be careful and do well:

Are you sure of the channel? Can you deliver it to your hand? Does the material meet the requirements? In the future, the name of the aid committee cant be wrong.

Now that we have done so, we must strictly supervise whether the materials are qualified and can reach everyones hands. We must not neglect one link.

We must purchase medical supplies within the range of reasonable price increase and control the qualification of medical supplies.


Two days after the fundraising, brilliance global fans Association updated the material donation schedule in guanbo, publicized the list of materials purchased by the fans, from the expenditure amount of various items to the specific model, color, specification and size of the materials.

At this time, fans are relieved.

Huachenyu fans will publicize the details of material purchase list on Weibo / Weibo @ official blog of huachenyu global fans Conference

Its not just fans, but fans from other families are also watching every move of the support club. Once something goes wrong, it may be grasped by other fans. The star and his fans will become the target of sarcasm.

And the girl in the circle of rice wont allow anyone or any organization to do anything harmful to the star she likes.

If we cant do an open, transparent and efficient backup meeting, we will be ousted. This is the most powerful supervision inside the rice circle.

My rice circle has experienced two Crusades against the support Committee.

For the second time, because the financial affairs of the back-up association were not transparent at that time, they used power for personal gain, and the back-up Association digested various welfare projects internally, and their ability to handle affairs was low, so they were forced to replace fans.

Some even listed 22 pages of word documents, detailed several major crimes of the backup Association, and posted screenshots as evidence.

If you want to run for the president and vice president of the backup Association, you need to go through strict screening. Fans should submit their resume as they do when they are looking for a job, listing their work experience, meal circle experience, personal advantages, opinions and suggestions on the support Committee, etc.

Resumes that pass the primary election will be publicized, and candidates will also accept questions and queries from many fans.

After the publicity of the resume of the vice president candidate, fans put forward questions / micro BLOG @ yanxujia global backup Association in the comment area

Under the supervision pressure of fans from inside and outside, after the painful lessons of many times of being attacked, the fan circle organization like the support association has long understood that we should be cautious in words and conduct, open and transparent.

In addition to the back-up club, even the artists agents, studios, and even the brokerage companies where they work, are still subject to the supervision and questioning of fans.

Last September, Yang Mis fans launched a fierce online and offline crusade against Jiaxing media just because Yang Mi was always arranged to shoot the self-made drama of Jiaxing media.

The TV series negotiator, starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao, is regarded by fans as Jiaxings homemade drama / Douban with extremely poor quality

In fact, most of us have clear minds and independent thoughts, and have the ability to make our own rice circle work in a healthy and orderly way.

I admit that there are still many things that are not worth advocating in the rice circle, but in front of the big right and big wrong, the girl in the rice circle has always made a decisive decision and become a force that cannot be underestimated.

As a noble passer-by, I once sneered at the rice circle, but I really understood it when I went deep into it.

We dont need to get much praise. We just hope that we cant call brain powder when we have nothing to do, and become a proud girl in the rice circle when we have something to do.

From the beginning to the end, this is just a group of simple girls who are united for love.