The longest single baggage manifest (unite to control the epidemic)

 The longest single baggage manifest (unite to control the epidemic)

With the help of the Chinese Consulate General in Milan and air Milan, we have a new plan: to take back the human flesh by means of consignment.

But who will check it?

Less than half an hour after the post was sent, Zhao Jianbins mobile phone rang. A strange call: Hello, I can go back. On the other end of the phone, he said, my name is Fu Yongke, my hometown is Yongjia, Wenzhou. I was going to return to China in February to purchase goods. Lets go ahead of time!

People have it! Zhao Jianbin is not happy. He immediately pulls Fu Yong into a wechat working group called express mask. After reading the introduction, Fu Yongke was surprised. The boxes to be checked are not only two or three, but hundreds!

The flight is scheduled for noon on January 31st. On the evening of January 30, Fu Yongke left Bolzano for Milan. In the middle of the car, a piece of news on his mobile phone suddenly sank his heart: two cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Italy. Prime Minister konte announced that Italy has entered a state of emergency. China Italy direct flights will be fully grounded.

Fu, can you go tomorrow? Its ok if you cant go, dont be embarrassed! In the wechat working group of express mask, Zhao Jianbin and other overseas Chinese left one message after another.

Go and fight for your hometown. Fu Yongke replies. The car went on.

9 a.m. on January 31, Milan malbensa International Airport. Zhao Jianbin and six other overseas Chinese watched over 10 carts and waited early. The cart was stacked with cartons with the red note love hometown.

The night before yesterday, the sudden tense situation made all of us have no intention to close our eyes. After the emergency meeting, seven people decided: if Xiao Fu decides not to leave tomorrow, we will draw lots. Whoever wins, we will unconditionally put down our work and bring materials back to China. So, each of them has their own passports in their pockets.

At 9:15, Fu Yongke arrived with his backpack on his back. Looking at the walking figure, the hearts of overseas Chinese are relaxed and their eyes are moist.

Two hours later, all 103 boxes were consigned. Fu Yongke shook hands with everyone and said goodbye. At 12:30 noon, ca0950, the last direct flight between China and Italy, soared to the sky.

13 hours later, at 10:30 a.m. on February 1, Beijing time, Fu Yongke stopped in Beijing and landed in Wenzhou. At the airport, he put up a white paper full of luggage checklists and handed it to Hu lishai, chairman of Wencheng County Overseas Chinese Federation of Wenzhou City, who came to pick up the plane.

103 pieces all arrived! Thank you

Mission complete!

Before long, two messages sent by Hu lishai and Fu Yongke appeared in the express mask group, followed by three photos of the truck filled with cartons.

Seven time zones away, before dawn in Milan, Zhao Jianbin took a long breath, uploaded the photos of the consignment note taken when delivering the plane in the wechat circle of friends, and wrote the words with emotion: this must be the longest single luggage consignment note in history!