Xi Jinping meets with Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea

 Xi Jinping meets with Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea

Xi Jinping stressed that the Chinese party and government adopted the most thorough and strict measures to prevent and control in line with the highly responsible attitude towards the Chinese people and the international community. At present, the prevention and control work is making positive results. The Chinese nation has come through difficulties. China is confident, capable and confident to win the prevention and control of the epidemic. We will continue to strengthen cooperation with Cambodia and other countries in an open and transparent manner to jointly and effectively respond to the epidemic and maintain global and regional public health security. We will take good care of Cambodian citizens in China, including overseas students, as well as their own citizens, to ensure their lives and health.

Xi Jinping stressed that in the new year, China is willing to maintain close high-level contacts with the Cambodian side, implement the Sino - Cambodian fate community action plan and push Sino Cambodian relations to a new level.

Hun Sen said that my temporary decision to come to China at this special time is to demonstrate the strong support of the Cambodian government and people to the Chinese government and people in fighting the epidemic. When China is in difficulties, the Cambodian people and the Chinese people stand firmly together, share weal and woe, overcome difficulties together, and are true iron friends. I wish to thank the Chinese side for the care and guarantee for the life and health of the citizens of Kampuchea in China, and I hope to enhance their confidence through this visit. In the face of the epidemic, some countries have taken some extreme restrictive measures, which is not desirable. What is more terrible than the epidemic is the panic itself. Cambodia will continue to carry out normal cooperation and exchanges with China and is committed to building a community of shared future with China.

Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi and he Lifeng attended the meeting.