Hubei provincial Party committee secretary inspects and supervises epidemic prevention work in Wuhan: say less and do more

 Hubei provincial Party committee secretary inspects and supervises epidemic prevention work in Wuhan: say less and do more

1u3001 Do everything possible to cut off the source of infection. Comprehensively check and register the close contacts, do a good job in epidemiological investigation, consultation and help, home-based diagnosis and treatment of home-based medical observers, to prevent family and community transmission; community health service center and fever clinic of each hospital should timely send the fever personnel to the centralized isolation point for separation.

2u3001 Isolate and treat suspected and confirmed patients in time. Detect suspected patients quickly, do a good job of centralized isolation and treatment management in strict accordance with the procedures; make full efforts to treat the confirmed patients, continuously optimize the treatment plan, prevent the light and medium-sized cases from turning into severe ones, and promote the early recovery and discharge of the patients.

3u3001 We will do a good job in the isolation and treatment of hotels, shelter hospitals and other centralized isolation points, prepare work plans as early as possible, strengthen environmental killing, allocate medical staff and materials, and recruit medical workers and professional volunteers as supplementary forces.

4u3001 We will strengthen material allocation and market supply, ensure the supply of vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, grain and oil and other necessities of life; strengthen social control, properly handle all kinds of contradictions and problems in epidemic prevention and control; do a good job in publicity, education and public opinion guidance, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and guide the masses to enhance confidence and firm confidence.

5u3001 Do a good job in the construction and handover preparation of leishenshan hospital, ensure that the medical facilities, garbage and sewage treatment of the new hospital meet the standards, put into use smoothly, and protect the health and safety of medical staff.

6u3001 We will implement the district by district mechanism of municipal leaders to further consolidate the responsibility of prevention and control; we will talk less and do more, fulfill our commitments, and strive for the early arrival of the inflection point of the epidemic.

Sun Chunlan led the central guidance group to urge and guide Wuhan and other places to further improve and strengthen prevention and control measures, according to the news broadcast on February 4.

Zheng Zhijun noted that in the public reports, this should be the first time that the headquarters mentioned deep reflection and serious learning.