The third group of medical team members of Hebei aid Hubei anti epidemic medical team were mainly nurses

 The third group of medical team members of Hebei aid Hubei anti epidemic medical team were mainly nurses

On behalf of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Zhao Yide expressed cordial sympathy and high respect to all comrades of the medical team. He pointed out that comrades took the initiative to join the war and join the front line of fighting against the epidemic in Hubei. This is the actual action of implementing general secretary Xi Jinpings epidemic situation is command, prevention and control is responsibility. It embodies the highly conscious overall situation and the spirit of dedication without complaining. It is the pride and pride of the 7500 thousand Yan Zhao sons and daughters.

Zhao Yide stressed the importance of adhering to political standing and resolutely implementing general secretary Xi Jinpings important instructions on the prevention and control of epidemic diseases and the decision making and deployment of the Central Committee of the party, putting the safety and health of the people in the first place, and devoted himself to fight against the epidemic situation, thus contributing to Hebeis efforts to win the epidemic prevention and control. We should be brave to take on the responsibility, abide by the diagnosis and treatment procedures, optimize the diagnosis and treatment plan, implement the treatment scientifically, and accomplish the rescue and treatment tasks excellently. We should do a good job in self-protection, carry forward the style of continuous operation and pay attention to the combination of work and rest, standardize the rescue and strengthen self-protection, so as to ensure zero infection of medical team members. Party committees, governments and health systems at all levels should make every effort to provide good service, provide all-round guarantee in terms of equipment, drugs, equipment, etc., care and care for every medical team member and his family, and effectively relieve the worries of medical team members.

At the expedition ceremony, Xu Weihua, the leader of the medical team and the second level investigator of the provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, made a speech on behalf of all the comrades of the medical team, saying that we should thoroughly study and implement the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, carry forward the spirit of Bethune in the new era, quickly enter the post, state and fight, actively cooperate with the local medical staff, and do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control and patient treatment Work.

It is understood that the third batch of medical teams in Hubei Province has 103 people, mainly nurses.