The first document of the Central Committee of the peoples Republic of China issued in 2020

 The first document of the Central Committee of the peoples Republic of China issued in 2020

(January 2, 2020)

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee has made a series of major plans and issued a series of policies and measures to win the battle against poverty and implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization. The practice of agricultural and rural reform and development has proved that the principles and policies formulated by the CPC Central Committee are completely correct and should be implemented in the future.

2020 is the year to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and the year to end the battle of winning poverty alleviation in an all-round way. According to the Party Central Committee, in order to achieve the above two goals and tasks, the final bastion of poverty alleviation must be conquered, and the outstanding shortcomings in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in an all-round well-off society must be supplemented. The key to a well-off society lies in the villagers. To a large extent, the quality of poverty alleviation and the prosperity of the well-off society depend on the achievements of the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The whole Party must have a deep understanding of the special importance of doing a good job in the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in 2020, make unremitting efforts, and resolutely win the overall victory of the first Centennial goal.

The general requirement for the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in 2020 is to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, third and fourth plenary session of the party and implement the spirit of the central economic work conference. We will continue to focus on stable agricultural production and supply and increase farmers income, promote high-quality development of agriculture, maintain harmony and stability in rural society, enhance farmers sense of gain, happiness and security, ensure the successful completion of poverty alleviation, and ensure that rural areas are built into a well-off society in an all-round way.

1u3001 Resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation

uff081uff09 We will complete the task of poverty alleviation in an all-round way. Decisive achievements have been made in poverty alleviation, and the vast majority of the poor have been lifted out of poverty. Now it is the stage of attacking cities and pulling out strongholds, and bringing an all-round end to the government. We should adhere to targeted poverty alleviation, take more effective measures and work more carefully, comprehensively solve the problems of Three Guarantees and drinking water safety on the basis of universal realization of two no worries, and ensure that the remaining poor get out of poverty on schedule. We will further focus on three regions and three prefectures and other deep poverty-stricken areas, focus on outstanding problems and weak links, and focus on policy implementation. For counties and administrative villages with a large number of poor people, a high incidence of poverty, and a great difficulty in getting rid of poverty in deep poverty areas, we should organize elite forces to strongly help and supervise the war. For the special poverty-stricken groups, we should implement comprehensive social security policies such as minimum living allowance, medical insurance, endowment insurance, assistance and support for the extremely poor, temporary assistance and so on, so as to achieve the goal of full coverage. All levels of finance should continue to increase special poverty alleviation funds, and the new part of the central finance is mainly used in three districts and three prefectures and other deep poverty-stricken areas. We will optimize policies to support the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, as well as poverty alleviation and micro credit. We will deepen efforts to strengthen party building and tackle poverty.

uff082uff09 Consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and prevent the return to poverty. All localities should carry out a comprehensive investigation of the people who have been lifted out of poverty, carefully look for loopholes and missing items, rectify and clear them one by one, and check and cancel the account number one by one. Summarize and popularize the experience and practice of all regions, improve the monitoring and early warning mechanism, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of unstable poverty alleviation and marginal households, timely include the returned poor and new poverty population into the support, and provide system guarantee for consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation. We will strengthen poverty alleviation through industry and employment, deepen poverty alleviation through consumption, and increase follow-up support for relocation. We will expand the scale of returning farmland to forests and grasslands in poor areas. We will deepen efforts to support the will and wisdom of the poor, and stimulate the endogenous drive of the poor.

uff083uff09 Do a good job in examination, acceptance and publicity. We will strictly implement the poverty exit standard and procedures, and resolutely put an end to digital poverty alleviation and false poverty alleviation, so as to ensure that the achievements of poverty alleviation can stand the test of history. Strengthen normalized supervision, find out problems in time and urge rectification. We will carry out a census of poverty alleviation. We will do a solid job in the publicity of poverty alleviation, comprehensively demonstrate the magnificent practice of poverty alleviation in the new era, comprehensively publicize the historical achievements of poverty alleviation, profoundly reveal the institutional advantages behind the great achievements of poverty alleviation, and tell the world a vivid story of poverty alleviation in China.

uff084uff09 We will maintain overall stability in our poverty alleviation policies. Adhere to the principle of no responsibility, no policy, no help, no supervision in poor counties. We will strengthen the implementation of poverty alleviation responsibilities, continue to implement major support policies for poverty-stricken counties, further increase cooperation between the East and the West in poverty alleviation, counterpart support, targeted poverty alleviation and social poverty alleviation, stabilize poverty alleviation teams, and strengthen grassroots support. We will continue to carry out special measures to combat corruption and work style in poverty alleviation. For counties that have achieved stable poverty alleviation, each province (autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government) may, according to the actual situation, make overall arrangements for special poverty alleviation funds to support the poverty alleviation of non poor counties and villages.

uff085uff09 We will continue to work on poverty reduction. After the completion of the task of poverty alleviation, Chinas poverty situation will change significantly. The focus of poverty alleviation work will turn to solving the relative poverty, and the way of poverty alleviation work will be adjusted from centralized combat to normal promotion. We need to study and establish a long-term mechanism to solve relative poverty and promote the smooth transformation of poverty reduction strategies and work systems. We will strengthen the top-level design for solving the problem of relative poverty and incorporate it into the overall arrangement for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. We should pay close attention to the study and formulation of opinions on the organic link between poverty alleviation and the implementation of the strategy of Rural Revitalization.

2u3001 Building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and accelerating the construction of rural infrastructure and public services

uff086uff09 We will strengthen the construction of rural public infrastructure. We will promote the demonstration of four good rural roads to improve their quality and expand their scope, and start the demonstration in provincial and municipal areas. On the basis of completing the tasks of building villages to connect hardened roads and buses, the construction of natural villages (groups) with large population scale to connect hardened roads will be promoted orderly. Support the construction and reconstruction of roads in the village. We will increase support for rural road maintenance from the transfer payment of refined oil tax reform. Speed up the legislation process of rural road regulations. Strengthen the traffic safety management of rural roads. We will complete the three districts and three prefectures and the key plan for upgrading and upgrading the power grid in Dingbian village. Basically realize the general coverage of the administrative village optical fiber network and the fourth generation mobile communication network. To implement the responsibility of rural public infrastructure management and protection, the management and protection costs that should be borne by the government should be included in the government budget. Do a good job in village planning.

uff087uff09 Improve the level of rural water supply security. We will comprehensively complete the task of consolidating and improving the safety of drinking water in rural areas. We will make overall arrangements for the construction of rural drinking water infrastructure and promote the construction of large-scale water supply projects in areas with relatively concentrated population. If conditions permit, the urban pipe network will be extended to the countryside to promote the integration of urban and rural water supply. The central government increased support and subsidized the maintenance of rural drinking water safety projects in the central and western regions and the former Central Soviet areas. We will strengthen the protection of rural drinking water sources and do a good job in monitoring water quality.

uff088uff09 We will do a solid job in improving the living environment in rural areas. We will promote the rural toilet revolution in a classified way, and basically complete the innocuous transformation of rural household toilets in the eastern region, the suburban areas of central and western cities and other regions where there are foundation and conditions. We will seek truth from facts in other regions and determine the target tasks. All localities should select appropriate technologies and modes of toilet reform, conduct pilot projects first, and then push them forward after they are proved feasible. We will comprehensively promote the treatment of rural domestic waste, and carry out pilot projects for local classification and source reduction. Promote rural domestic sewage treatment step by step, and give priority to solve the domestic sewage problems in the township location and central village. Carry out the treatment of black and smelly water in rural areas. We will support farmers in their efforts to clean and Green villages and promote the construction of beautiful homes.. We will encourage places where conditions permit to subsidize the maintenance of public facilities for rural human settlements.

uff089uff09 Improve the quality of rural education. We should strengthen the construction of boarding schools in villages and towns, coordinate the layout of small-scale schools in villages, improve the conditions for running schools, and improve the quality of teaching. Strengthen the construction of rural teachers team, fully implement the county management and school recruitment of teachers in the compulsory education stage, and arrange school teachers in the county town to support teachers in rural areas in a planned way. Implement the policy that the average salary level of primary and secondary school teachers is not lower than or higher than the average salary level of local civil servants, the evaluation and employment of teachers titles incline to rural school teachers, and qualified rural school teachers are included in the housing security system of local government. We will continue to promote the special action to control the dropout of compulsory education in rural areas and consolidate the achievements in the popularization of compulsory education. We will increase the supply of academic degrees and effectively solve the problem of migrant workers children moving to school. We should attach importance to rural preschool education and increase the supply of inclusive preschool education resources through multiple channels. We will strengthen special education in rural areas. We will energetically improve the ability of rural teachers in the central and western regions to speak and write in a common language, and strengthen Mandarin education for preschool children in poor areas. We will expand the enrollment of vocational schools in rural areas and improve the quality of vocational education.

uff0810uff09 We will strengthen basic medical and health services in rural areas. Run county-level hospitals well, promote the construction of standardized township hospitals, transform and upgrade village clinics, and eliminate medical service gaps. Steadily promote the construction of close county medical and health community. We should strengthen the construction of rural doctors and simplify the recruitment procedures for medical graduates with bachelors degree or above or general practitioners who have received standardized training from residents. For the medical graduates who are employed to work in the rural areas of the central and western regions and in the hard and remote areas, they shall be compensated with tuition fees and state student loans during the university period. All sites are allowed to make full use of the existing staffing resources of primary health institutions. Township health centers can give priority to the employment of qualified village doctors. We will strengthen the construction of disease prevention and control teams at the grassroots level, and prevent and control major and infectious diseases. Cervical cancer and breast cancer examination of rural women of appropriate age will be included in the scope of basic public health services.

uff0811uff09 Strengthen rural social security. We will appropriately raise the financial subsidies and individual payment standards for basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents. We will improve the service level of basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical assistance for urban and rural residents, and achieve one-stop service, one window processing and one single system settlement within prefecture level and city areas. We will strengthen the dynamic and accurate management of rural minimum living security objects and improve the level of social assistance such as minimum living security. We will improve the care and service system for rural left behind children, women and the elderly. We will develop mutual support for the elderly in rural areas, build day care centers in various forms, and improve care services for disabled elderly and severely disabled people.

uff0812uff09 Improve rural public cultural services. We will promote the extension of basic public cultural services to the countryside and expand the coverage of rural cultural projects for the benefit of the people. Urban literary and art organizations and workers are encouraged to send culture to the countryside on a regular basis. We will carry out the project of training rural cultural talents, support the development of local literary and art groups, support the inheritors of rural intangible cultural heritage and folk artists to receive apprentices and pass on their skills, and develop excellent opera and folk art, ethnic minority culture and folk culture. Protect historical and cultural towns (villages), traditional villages, ethnic villages, traditional buildings, agricultural cultural heritage, ancient trees and famous trees. With the theme of celebrating a good harvest and welcoming a well-off society, we will hold a good harvest festival for Chinese farmers.

uff0813uff09 There are outstanding problems in the management of rural ecological environment. We will vigorously promote the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, and basically complete the construction of large-scale farm manure treatment facilities. We will further reduce the amount of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, strengthen the treatment of agricultural film pollution, and promote the comprehensive utilization of straw. We will ban fishing in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin for many years, and do a good job in removing fishermen. We will promote the effective management model of black land protection, promote the management of erosion ditches, and launch an action plan for the conservation tillage of black land in the northeast. We will steadily promote the management and control of soil pollution on agricultural land and its rehabilitation and utilization. We will continue to implement comprehensive treatment of groundwater overexploitation in North China. We will launch a pilot project to comprehensively improve rural water systems.

3u3001 Guarantee the effective supply of important agricultural products and promote the continuous increase of farmers income

uff0814uff09 Stabilize grain production. Ensuring food security has always been the top priority of governance. Grain production should be at the top of the list, with policies, areas and output stable. We will strengthen the assessment of the responsibility system of provincial governors for food security, and ensure that the grain sown area and output of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) will remain basically stable in 2020. We will further improve agricultural subsidies. We will adjust and improve the minimum purchase price policy for rice and wheat, and stabilize the basic income of farmers. We will promote trials of complete cost insurance and income insurance for rice, wheat and corn. We will increase support for the promotion of High-yield Soybean Varieties, corn and soybean intercropping. We will do a good job in the prevention and control of major diseases and insect pests, such as the meadow moth, and promote service models such as unified control and rule, alternative cultivation and land trusteeship. We will increase incentives for major grain producing counties and give priority to the allocation of land indicators for processing agricultural products. Support grain producing counties to carry out high standard farmland construction and increase farmland indicators for inter provincial adjustment and use, and the adjustment income shall be used for construction of high standard farmland according to regulations. We will deepen the implementation of high-quality grain projects. In order to expand the scale of grain to feed and popularize the mode of combination of planting and raising, the northern farming pastoral ecotone was taken as the focus. Improve Xinjiang cotton target price policy. We will expand diversified import channels and increase imports of agricultural products to meet domestic demand. Expand the export of advantageous agricultural products. We will carry out in-depth special actions to combat smuggling of agricultural products.

uff0815uff09 Speed up the recovery of pig production. Stable production and supply of live pigs is a major issue in the current economic work. Comprehensive measures should be taken to ensure that the production capacity of live pigs will basically return to the level close to the normal year by the end of 2020. We will implement the provincial overall responsibility, consolidate the vegetable basket Mayor responsibility system, strengthen county-level responsibility, and ensure the supply of pork. We should adhere to the combination of raising more livestock and preventing and controlling epidemic diseases, promote standardized large-scale breeding of pigs, strengthen epidemic prevention services for small and medium-sized scattered farmers, and ensure feed production. We will strictly implement various policies and measures to support pig production, and work to overcome bottlenecks in environmental assessment, land use and credit. We will correct the problems of randomly expanding the areas that are prohibited from raising pigs and engaging in no pig city and no pig county. We will strictly implement the reporting system and prevention and control measures for swine fever in Africa, and accelerate the research and development of vaccines. Strengthen the construction of animal epidemic prevention system, implement the guarantee of epidemic prevention personnel and funds, and implement the special employment plan for animal epidemic prevention in villages and towns in pig counties. We will guide the transfer of slaughtering and processing of live pigs to centralized breeding areas, gradually reduce the long-distance transportation of live pigs, and promote the transformation from transporting pigs to transporting meat. We will strengthen market monitoring and regulation, do a good job in ensuring the supply and price of pork, crack down on market disruption, and promptly launch a linkage mechanism between social assistance and security standards and price increases. Support the production of dairy, poultry, cattle and sheep, guide and optimize the structure of meat consumption. We will promote green and healthy aquaculture and strengthen the construction and management reform of fishing ports.

uff0816uff09 We will strengthen the construction of modern agricultural facilities. We should plan and implement a number of major projects of modern agricultural investment in advance, support the early implementation of projects, and effectively expand agricultural investment. We will speed up the construction of high-standard farmland with the focus on functional areas for grain production and important agricultural product production protection areas, revise construction plans, reasonably determine investment standards, improve the mechanism of project construction, acceptance, supervision and inspection, and ensure that all projects are built in one piece. We will complete the renewal of large and medium-sized irrigation districts and water-saving renovation on schedule, improve flood control and drought resistance capacity, and increase agricultural water-saving efforts. We will speed up the start-up and commencement of a number of major water conservancy projects and supporting facilities, accelerate the early stage work of the follow-up project of the south to North Water Diversion Project, and timely promote the construction of the project. Start the construction project of cold chain logistics facilities for storage and preservation of agricultural products. Strengthen the overall planning, hierarchical layout and standard setting of cold chain logistics of agricultural products. We will arrange investment within the central budget and support the construction of a number of backbone cold chain logistics bases. The State supports family farms, farmers cooperatives, supply and marketing cooperatives, postal express enterprises, and industrial leading enterprises to construct facilities for sorting and packaging, cold storage and preservation, storage and transportation, and primary processing in their production areas, and to implement the electricity price for agricultural production for the electricity consumption of the fresh storage facilities in rural areas. Rely on existing resources to build agricultural and rural big data center, accelerate the application of Internet of things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, the fifth generation mobile communication network, smart weather and other modern information technologies in the field of agriculture. We will launch a national digital village pilot program.

uff0817uff09 We will develop rural industries that enrich the people. We will support all regions to build their own characteristic agricultural whole industry chain based on their resource advantages, establish and improve the mechanism for farmers to share the value-added benefits of the industry chain, form competitive industry clusters, and promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas. We will speed up the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks at the national, provincial, municipal, and county levels, support the construction of demonstration parks for the integrated development of rural industries, and run rural mass entrepreneurship and innovation bases. Focus on the cultivation of family farms, farmers cooperatives and other new agricultural business entities, cultivate agricultural industrialization consortiums, and integrate small farmers into the agricultural industry chain through order agriculture, equity dividends, trusteeship services and other ways. We will continue to adjust and optimize the agricultural structure, strengthen the certification and management of green food, organic agricultural products and geographical indication agricultural products, build local famous agricultural product brands, and increase the supply of high-quality green agricultural products. We will effectively develop rural markets, expand the coverage of e-commerce in rural areas, support supply and marketing cooperatives, postal express enterprises and other enterprises to extend rural logistics service networks, strengthen the construction of rural e-commerce service stations, and promote the two-way flow of agricultural products into cities and industrial products to the countryside. Strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products and food safety in the whole process, establish and improve the traceability system, and ensure the safety on the tip of the tongue of the people. We will guide and encourage industrial and commercial capital to go to the countryside and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs. Formulate statistical classification of agriculture and related industries and strengthen statistical accounting to comprehensively and accurately reflect the value of the whole industrial chain of agricultural production, processing, logistics, marketing, service, etc.

uff0818uff09 Stable employment of migrant workers. We will implement support policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction for enterprises involved, increase efforts to help enterprises stabilize their jobs, relax the conditions for applying for the return of unemployment insurance to stabilize their jobs, and raise the subsidy standard for migrant workers to improve their skills. After unemployment, migrant workers can register for unemployment in their permanent residence and enjoy equal public employment services. We will introduce and implement regulations to ensure the payment of migrant workers wages. Focusing on government investment projects and engineering construction, we carried out investigation and rectification of migrant workers wage payment, implemented the blacklist system of arrears of migrant workers wages, and implemented various measures to eradicate arrears of wages. Carry out skills training in domestic service, nursing for the aged, hospital care, catering and cooking, e-commerce, and create regional service brands. Local governments are encouraged to set up public welfare posts such as village cleaners, water plumbers, road protectors and ecological forest protectors. We will launch a pilot program to ensure the occupational injury of employees in new formats. We will deepen the cultivation of rural innovation and entrepreneurship leaders, and bring qualified migrant workers back home to start businesses into the scope of one-off business subsidies.

4u3001 Strengthen rural grass-roots governance

uff0819uff09 Give full play to the leading role of the party organization. Rural grass-roots party organizations are the basis of the partys all work and combat effectiveness in rural areas. We should conscientiously implement the regulations of the Communist Party of China on the work of rural grassroots organizations, organize the masses to develop rural industries, enhance collective economic strength, and lead the masses to become rich together; mobilize the masses to participate in rural governance, enhance their sense of ownership, and maintain rural harmony and stability; educate and guide the masses to get rid of stereotypes, promote public order and good customs, and cultivate civilized rural customs; closely contact the masses and improve Serve the masses ability, unite the masses closely around the party, and build up the ruling foundation of the party in the countryside. We will comprehensively implement the county Party committee filing management system for the Secretary of the village Party organization, establish a normalization mechanism for the county-level joint review of the members of the two committees of the village, continue to rectify the weak and lax village Party organizations, and give full play to the leading role of the party organizations in various rural organizations. Strictly supervise and manage the Secretary of the village Party organization, establish and improve the village affairs supervision mechanism led by the Organization Department of the Party committee, with the participation and guidance of civil affairs, agriculture and rural departments, and comprehensively implement the four discussions and two publicity. We will intensify the work of rural grassroots patrol. Strengthen the communication and cooperation between the grass-roots discipline inspection and supervision organizations and the village affairs supervision committee, and form a joint supervision force. We will increase efforts to develop party members among young farmers. We will continue to send first secretaries to poor villages, weak and lax villages, and villages with weak collective economy. We will strengthen funding support for the operation of village organizations. We will improve the mechanism for encouraging village cadres to start businesses. To select, optimize and strengthen the township leading group, especially the Secretary of the township party committee. In rural areas, listen to the partys words, feel the partys favor, and follow the party propaganda activities.

uff0820uff09 We will improve the system of rural governance. Adhere to the county rural linkage, promote the focus of social governance and services to move down to the grassroots level, sink more resources to towns and villages, and improve the efficiency of rural governance. County level is the front-line headquarters. We should strengthen the overall planning, implement the leadership responsibility, strengthen the work guidance of the grass-roots level, and enhance the ability of the masses. Establish a village system for leading cadres at the county level and principal heads of departments directly under the county level. Township is the service center for agriculture. It is necessary to strengthen management service, integrate the strength of examination and approval, service, law enforcement and other aspects, establish and improve a unified management service platform, and realize one-stop processing. We will strengthen efforts to improve the living environment in rural areas, manage homesteads, manage collective assets, ensure peoples livelihood, and provide social services. Administrative village is the basic unit of governance. We should strengthen self-management, self-service, self-education and self-supervision, improve the democratic system at the grass-roots level, improve the village rules and regulations, and promote the institutionalization, standardization and procedure of villagers autonomy. We will carry out a pilot demonstration of the construction of a rural governance system that combines self-government, rule of law and rule of virtue, and promote innovative typical case experiences in rural governance. We should pay attention to the important role of family tutoring in rural governance.

uff0821uff09 Mediate and resolve rural conflicts and disputes. Adhere to and develop Fengqiao Experience in the new era, further strengthen peoples mediation work, and ensure that small matters do not go out of the village, major matters do not go out of the village, and conflicts do not turn in. We will unblock the channels for farmers to express their appeals, and properly handle their reasonable appeals in a timely manner. We will continue to rectify violations of farmers interests, and properly resolve conflicts in land contracting, land acquisition and demolition, migrant workers wages, and environmental pollution. We will implement a system of regular visits by leading cadres, especially city and county leaders, at the grass-roots level, and actively resolve cases of letters and visits. Organize and carry out various legal services such as one village one legal adviser. Risk assessment should be carried out first for major decision-making matters that are directly related to the vital interests of farmers and prone to social stability risks.

uff0822uff09 We will further promote the construction of safe villages. We will push forward the special campaign to eradicate black areas and evils in depth, crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as illegal encroachment on rural collective assets, poverty alleviation funds for benefiting farmers and violation of the personal rights of rural women and children, advance the fight against corruption and grassroots shooting flies, and establish a long-term mechanism to prevent and punish village tyrants. We should manage religious affairs in rural areas according to law, stop illegal religious activities, prevent the infiltration of heresy into rural areas, and prevent the spread of feudal superstition. We will strengthen public security in rural areas and promote grid management and services. We will carry out actions to control fake and shoddy food in rural areas. We will crack down on illegal practices in the production and sale of fake and inferior agricultural materials. We will strengthen capacity-building for disaster prevention and mitigation in rural areas. Comprehensively investigate and rectify all kinds of potential safety hazards in rural areas.

5u3001 Strengthen the safeguard measures of the rural supplementary board

uff0823uff09 We will give priority to ensuring investment in agriculture, rural areas and farmers. We will increase the investment in agriculture, rural areas, and farmers from the central and local governments, and continue to tilt the investment within the central budget toward agriculture and rural areas, so as to ensure that the financial investment is compatible with making up the outstanding shortcomings in the comprehensive well-off agriculture, rural areas, and farmers field. The local government should arrange a certain scale in the general bond expenditure to support the eligible relocation and rural revitalization projects. All localities should orderly expand the scale of special bond issuance to support rural revitalization. The central and provincial departments should optimize the use structure of agricultural funds according to the needs of the complementary board. In accordance with the requirements of taking the land for agriculture, mainly for agriculture, the opinions on adjusting and improving the use scope of land transfer income to further improve the proportion of agricultural and rural investment were issued. We will adjust and improve the scope of subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase, and give more autonomy to the provincial level. To study the policy after the expiration of the supplementary award policy for grassland ecological protection. We will strengthen positive incentives for monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies for the three rural credit, provide low-cost financial support, improve risk tolerance, and optimize precise incentives and subsidies. For the financial institutions with institutional legal person in the county and business in the county, the credit line for supporting agriculture and supporting small-scale loans should be appropriately expanded. We will deepen the reform of rural credit cooperatives and uphold the status of county legal persons. Strengthen assessment and guidance, and reasonably improve the deposit loan ratio of counties with serious capital outflow. Commercial banks are encouraged to issue special financial bonds such as agriculture, rural areas and farmers and small and micro enterprises. We will implement preferential tax policies for small loans to farmers. Qualified family farms and other new agricultural business entities can enjoy the current tax relief policies for loans related to small and micro enterprises. Reasonably set the term of agricultural loan to match the agricultural production cycle. We will give full play to the role of the national agricultural credit guarantee system and expand the guarantee business for new types of agricultural operators. We will promote the financing of greenhouse greenhouses, breeding houses, large agricultural machinery and land management rights by mortgage in accordance with the law. We will steadily expand the pilot program of inclusive financial reform in rural areas, encourage local governments to carry out credit rating evaluation of County farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate the establishment of an inclusive financial service system that combines online and offline, and shares the risk of bank guarantee, and launch more mortgage free, guarantee free, low interest rate and sustainable inclusive financial products. We will ensure that agricultural insurance premium subsidy policies are implemented and urge insurance institutions to settle claims in full and on time. We will optimize the pilot model of insurance + futures and continue to promote the listing of options on agricultural products futures.

uff0824uff09 Solve the problem of land use for rural development. Stick to the red line of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland protection. We will improve the land use policy system for rural industrial development, define land use types and land supply methods, and implement classified management. The land for auxiliary facilities such as fresh-keeping, cold storage, air drying and storage, agricultural machinery warehouse, sorting and packaging, waste treatment, management and nursing room, which are built for agricultural cultivation and breeding, shall be included in the agricultural land management, and the upper limit of the land for auxiliary facilities shall be reasonably determined according to the actual production. Cultivated land can be used for agricultural facilities. We will strengthen supervision over the use of land for agricultural facilities, and prohibit non-agricultural construction in the name of land for agricultural facilities. We will carry out pilot projects to comprehensively improve rural land, and optimize the spatial distribution of rural production, life and ecology. Under the premise of land space planning, rural collective construction land saved through village renovation, land consolidation and other means shall be preferentially used for the development of rural industrial projects. The newly compiled county and township level land spatial planning should arrange not less than 10% of the construction land index, and focus on the protection of rural industrial development land. When making the annual plan of land use at the provincial level, at least 5% of the newly increased construction land indicators shall be arranged to guarantee the land use of key industries and projects in rural areas. Rural collective construction land can be directly used for the development of rural industry by means of shares, renting, etc. In accordance with the reform requirements of releasing management service, the examination and approval of rural collective construction land is comprehensively sorted out, the examination and approval procedures are simplified, and the examination and approval authority is delegated. We will push forward the reform of multi examination and multi certificate integration in the examination and approval of rural construction. We will promptly issue policies and opinions to support the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

uff0825uff09 We will encourage talented people to go to the countryside. We will cultivate more people who know, love and root in the countryside, and promote the application of more scientific and technological achievements to the fields. We will open channels for all kinds of talents to go to the countryside, and support college students, veterans, entrepreneurs and other rural officials to start businesses. We will integrate and utilize various resources such as agricultural broadcasting schools, agricultural research institutes, agricultural related colleges and universities, and leading agricultural enterprises to accelerate the construction of a high-quality education and training system for farmers. Implement the system of overall training and utilization of talents in the county. To mobilize urban scientific researchers, engineers, planners, architects, teachers and doctors to serve in the countryside. In principle, teachers and doctors in urban primary and secondary schools should have more than one years experience in rural grass-roots work and service before they are promoted to senior professional titles. We will optimize the setting of agricultural related disciplines and explore the implementation of early batch admission for agricultural related disciplines in urgent need. We will press ahead with proposals to promote the revitalization of rural talents.

uff0826uff09 Strengthen the role of scientific and technological support. We will strengthen key core agricultural technologies, deploy a number of major scientific and technological projects, and seize the commanding heights of science and technology. Strengthen the research and development of agricultural biotechnology, vigorously implement the independent innovation project of seed industry, implement the national agricultural germplasm resources protection and utilization project, and promote the construction of South propagation research and breeding base. Accelerate the research and development and application of large and medium-sized, intelligent and compound agricultural machinery, and support the transformation of farmland suitable for mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas. We will deepen the implementation of the system of science and technology special commissioners, and further develop and strengthen the team of science and technology special commissioners. Adopt long-term and stable support mode, strengthen the construction of modern agricultural industrial technology system, expand the coverage of characteristic and advantageous agricultural products, and allocate scientific and technological resources for the whole agricultural industrial chain. Strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation center of agricultural industry. We will strengthen the construction of innovation platform bases such as the national agricultural high and new technology industry demonstration zone and the national agricultural science and technology park. Speed up the construction of modern meteorological service system for agriculture.

uff0827uff09 We will focus on the key tasks of rural reform. We will improve the basic management system in rural areas, carry out a pilot project to extend the contract for another 30 years after the second round of land contract expires, and study and formulate specific measures to extend the contract on the basis of the pilot project. Encourage the development of various forms of moderate scale operation, and improve the agricultural socialized service system for small farmers. Formulate the supporting system for rural collective operating construction land entering the market. Strict rural homestead management, strengthen the supervision of township approval homestead to prevent land occupation out of control. We will firmly promote the registration and issuance of the right to use the homestead. We will further deepen the pilot reform of the rural homestead system with the focus on exploring the separation of ownership, qualification and use rights of homestead. We will comprehensively push forward the pilot reform of the rural collective property rights system, and orderly carry out such work as the confirmation of collective membership, the quantification of collective assets converted into shares, the reform of the joint stock cooperation system, and the registration and coding of collective economic organizations. We will explore ways to expand the development of rural collective economy and strengthen the management of collective assets. We will continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives and improve their ability to serve agriculture. We will accelerate the reform of land reclamation, state-owned forest farms, collective forest ownership, grassland contracted management, and agricultural water prices. We will deepen the reform of comprehensive agricultural administrative law enforcement, improve the law enforcement system, and improve law enforcement capabilities.

To do a good job in the work of agriculture, countryside and farmers, the key lies in the party. Party committees and governments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the important exposition of general secretary Xi Jinpings work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, fully implement the spirit of the party in the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, put the system construction and Governance Capacity Construction in a more prominent position in the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, stabilize the rural basic policies, and improve the framework and policy system of the three rural work system in the new era. We will earnestly implement the regulations of the Communist Party of China on rural work, strengthen the partys overall leadership over the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, strengthen the five-level secretarys responsibility for rural revitalization, implement the county Party Secretarys main focus on the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, strengthen the construction of the Party committees rural work institutions, and vigorously cultivate the work team of agriculture, rural areas and farmers who understand, love and love agriculture And improve the treatment of rural cadres. We should proceed from the reality of the countryside, adapt measures to local conditions, respect the wishes of the farmers, do everything we can, and do what we can. We should solve the urgent issues one by one, guard against formalism and bureaucracy, and prevent the simplification and one size fits all of policy implementation. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the implementation of the three rural policy has been an important part of the central inspection.

Let us unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, strengthen our confidence and forge ahead, work hard and work hard, resolutely win the battle against poverty, accelerate the development of a comprehensive well-off society, highlight the short board in the three rural areas, and make the due contribution to win the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the first hundred years of struggle.