Zhong Nanshans team gave a prescription for pneumonia prevention herbal tea, and the first-line medical staff responded well

 Zhong Nanshans team gave a prescription for pneumonia prevention herbal tea, and the first-line medical staff responded well

The new crown prevention and treatment group of traditional Chinese medicine is discussing the formulation of epidemic prevention prescription

Prescription of herbal tea for prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia:

Chaihu 10g Astragalus 10g jobs tears 15g

Atractylodes 10g Ophiopogon 15g holothurian 15g

Raw liquorice 10g honeysuckle 15g stiff silkworm 10g

Cicadas 5g rhubarb 5g turmeric 10g

10 pairs of the above drugs, 15L of water, 10L of decoct, 200ml for each person, 2-3 times a week.

If it is used at home, 1 pair of the above drugs, 1.5L of water, 1L of decoction, 3-4 people take it separately, 2-3 times a week.

It is worth noting that the preventive herbal tea prescription, after taken by the first-line medical staff, has a good response to the same physical condition, and has been favored by many medical staff. The expert group believes that there are internal and external causes for this epidemic disease. External pathogens invade the human body through fur or oral and nasal routes, which is external cause; the lack of healthy qi of human body makes it difficult to resist pathogens, which is internal cause. The so-called good Qi exists inside, evil cannot be done. Therefore, the main purpose of the anti epidemic prescription is to regulate the spleen and stomach and eliminate pathogenic factors and eliminate filth, both of which can be treated.

Anti epidemic herbal tea for hospital staff

The general office of the National Health Commission and the office of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued a new diagnosis and treatment plan for pneumonia with coronavirus infection on January 27, which also gave clear suggestions on the prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on this, the new crown prevention and treatment group of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of the first hospital of Guangzhou Medical College summarized the experience of treating influenza in the past years, combined with the characteristics of Lingnan climate, water and soil, diet, culture and so on, and according to the four diagnosis data of this epidemic disease, formulated the agreement prescription of Chinese medicine for exogenous fever (note that this prescription is suitable for the exogenous fever population, not recommended for the healthy population), for the reference of the general public:

Fang Fang 1

Pueraria 20g Shichangpu 10g LULUTONG 5g

Gypsum 15g rhubarb 5g dangshen 10g

Danshen 15g Zhishi 10g shenglicorice 10g

Take 1000ml water, 600ml decoct and take it three times. One dose every other day, or three days in a row.

For fever, fatigue and other symptoms, the injection of traditional Chinese medicine, antipyretic and analgesic drugs have played an important role. At the same time, he stressed that the key to treatment is to avoid serious patients becoming critical.