ESPN snobs look down on Deyue: low status in Australian Open Deyue swipes data by winning Feiner

 ESPN snobs look down on Deyue: low status in Australian Open Deyue swipes data by winning Feiner

Despite the fact that the djourt is pressing Fenner to increase the number of Grand Slam champions to 17 in Melbourne, it is still unable to change the original intention of the well-known host kolniser. After Deyo won the Australian Open Championship, colnise and Michael Wilson discussed the best topic in the history of mens tennis in an ESPN program. Wilpon asked colnise whether the continuous success of Deyo forced you to rethink who will become the greatest player in history.

However, colnisses answer was enough to surprise most people, and he said: no, the result of DJO didnt impress me. DJO has 17 Grand Slam titles, Federer 20, Nadal 19, and for a tennis player, you know that Wimbledon and the US Open are the most prestigious, French Grand Slam third, Australian Open last.

DJO won eight titles at the Australian Open, eight at Wimbledon and the US Open, and Federer won 13 Grand Slams at the US Open and the US Open. If colnisses comments make many people not agree with him, his other argument that DJO cant do it is not surprising. DJO depends on defeating the old future like Nadal and Federer to improve his record, because the younger generation is not outstanding now, so DJO cant move me.

If we say who is the best player in the history of mens tennis, the answer is that different people have different opinions, then there is no doubt that colnisers point of view is more controversial. Australian media commented: two famous American hosts launched the most absurd debate, colnisers statement has too many places to stand scrutiny. First of all, its ridiculous to think that Federers Wimbledon and US Open titles are more meaningful than the DJO titles to some extent. Of course, some people will think that Wimbledon, as the oldest Grand Slam event in the world, is more famous than other events, but no grand slam is more valuable than other Grand Slams. When all is over, the number of career Grand Slam champions is the most decisive.

If you think the US Open is more important than the French Open and the Australian Open, its a pro american arrogance that no one in the world believes. For colnisse, who thinks that the DJO is to brush the data by defeating Federer and Nadal, the Australian media replied: DJO proves himself by defeating a group of old players? Its such a ridiculous and wrong idea that colnisse should be ashamed of himself. Dont forget that he is only one year younger than Nadal and five years younger than Federer, but the number of Grand Slams is only two and three