Sun Yang gives 24 cases of milk instant noodles and porridge to Hangzhou epidemic prevention station police

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According to media reports, on the evening of February 4, Sun Yang, the Olympic champion, ordered takeout for the police at Xiaoshan import and export anti epidemic inspection station of Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and sent eight boxes of milk, eight boxes of instant noodles and eight boxes of porridge to thank the police for their hard work.

Around 9:00 p.m. on February 4, a white car suddenly turned around and stopped at the anti epidemic checkpoint of Xiaoshan import and export of Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway. As the window rolled down, a man said to the team members, Hello, Im Sun Yang. I ordered a takeout for you. Its hard. With that, the car left. Subsequently, take out brother has sent 8 boxes of milk, 8 boxes of instant noodles and 8 boxes of porridge.

Chen Gang, deputy director of ningwei police station in Xiaoshan District, said in an interview: at that time, the team members were on duty at the checkpoint. Sun Yang was driving a white car, driving from Xiaoshan to Hangzhou at high speed. When driving by, he rolled down the window and said to our team members, you have been working hard recently. Im Sun Yang. Milk and bread will be delivered later. After a while, I saw a take out boy with eight boxes of instant noodles to the duty card point, indicating that he would give them to the police on duty, while another take out boy sent eight boxes of milk and eight boxes of porridge, saying that they were sent by Sun Yang, the Olympic champion, to the police. Youve worked hard.

Through the video, we can see that the policemen who are still struggling in the front line at night are wearing masks, and have moved a box of food from Sun Yang to the duty room. Netizens also praised the poplars practice by forwarding and commenting on it, showing their identity can not only encourage the front-line personnel, but also make them eat at ease. The big white poplar is so warm, the police are working hard!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie