LV Japans largest flagship store opens a restaurant on the top floor like a sail on the outer wall

 LV Japans largest flagship store opens a restaurant on the top floor like a sail on the outer wall

The most distinctive feature of the building is the facade. Its inspiration comes from the Huichuan of Huiyuan. It is a kind of cargo ship that regularly flows between Edo and Daban. These translucent materials, like sails full of wind, give the impression of sailing. During the day, its pure white, simple and generous. At night, the wall is lighted, with bright lights, very beautiful, fashionable and design sense.

The interior is designed by Peter Marino, a New York designer. From the first floor to the fourth floor is the sales floor, including various products. The fifth floor is the leisure area, and the sixth floor is the office. Interior furniture selection is very particular, including a sense of design. Its like the small wooden table in the middle of the picture. Its quite natural and round. It has a Japanese style Zen.

And the interior also follows the inspiration of aomuchun, using a large number of wood for decorative surface. There are many wooden columns in the room, and the columns on the glass guardrail are also wooden, which makes people think of the mast. And the metal ceiling, is to let people think of the cabin, inside and outside the design of a very strong sense of integration.

The restaurant is on the top floor, which is the first LV brand restaurant in Japan. The bar is divided into two areas, indoor and outdoor. On the outdoor terrace, the translucent facade design is behind it. It has a feeling of being on the deck, enjoying the vast scenery while drinking.

The interior bar design is also eye-catching, with various colors of decoration hanging on the top, very gorgeous. The bar is full of metal color design, and there is a circle of hidden light belt underneath, which is very advanced. Next to the row of chairs, are also metal design, elegant and advanced.

The interior of the restaurant is mainly made of dark colors. With the light rendering, it looks elegant and mysterious. The black and white grey tiles on the ground also have a sense of hierarchy. The restaurant is expected to open on February 15, but it is estimated that, like Lvs bags, it is not affordable for poor people such as Juner. For more interior views, please poke the atlas below