What kind of medicine is redceway? A share companies soared because of it

 What kind of medicine is redceway? A share companies soared because of it

At present, a number of listed companies of a share have cooperative relations with Geely. On February 5, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical, boten and other stocks rose and stopped.

Gileads note: safety and effectiveness of radcivir have not been confirmed

Previously, according to foreign media reports, the first patient diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the United States received an injection of the experimental drug remdesivir as part of their treatment at a Washington state hospital. The patient began to improve a day after taking the medicine. Four days later, his fever disappeared.

So, what kind of medicine is ridcivir?

According to a statement issued on January 31 by Gilead, the manufacturer of rydsevir, previously in vitro and in animal models, rydsevir confirmed that it has activity against the viral pathogens of SARS and mers, they are also coronaviruses, and they are very similar to 2019 ncov in structure. There are also limited clinical data on the urgent use of readcivir in the treatment of Ebola infected patients.

According to gillid, remdesivir has not been approved for listing in any country and its safety and effectiveness have not been confirmed. Remdesivir is a drug under development and has no data for 2019 ncov. In the absence of any approved treatment plan, the treatment doctors weigh the risks and benefits and propose medication request. With the support of local regulatory agencies, Gilead provided the experimental drug remdesivir for emergency treatment of a few 2019 ncov infected people.

At the same time, Gilead also announced that it is cooperating with Chinas health sector to carry out a randomized, controlled trial to determine whether it is safe and effective to use radcivir to treat 2019 ncov infected people, we are also promoting the use of 2019 ncov virus samples to carry out appropriate laboratory tests on radcivir.

Many companies cooperate with Gilead

Jiuzhou pharmaceutical industry suggests investment risks

At present, among the A-share listed companies, there have been several companies that have issued relevant announcements on cooperation with Geely.

Recently, the company has received the formal business inquiry of geelide science on related antiviral drug intermediates. At present, the company is actively negotiating with geelide science, and has made all-round guarantee and preparation to complete the corresponding delivery as soon as possible after receiving the formal order.

In addition, boten said that the latest announcement of the State Drug Administration showed that ridcivir for injection (acceptance No. cxhl2000038) had obtained the clinical trial license on February 3, 2020.

Up to now, according to the business information held by the company, the above matters will not have a significant impact on the companys performance in 2020. Please pay attention to the investment risk of investors.

On February 5, a reporter from Beijing News called boten Co., Ltd. to learn about the situation, but the phone couldnt be connected. According to the data, botens shares rose and stopped on February 5, with the latest share price at 20.98 yuan / share.

In addition to boten, Yongtai technology, a listed company, also announced cooperation with Geely.

Yongtai technology announced on February 4 that in its main business, pharmaceutical products involve the production of anti infective, anti viral drugs and intermediates, and its downstream customers include Gilead, Bayer, Merck, Hengrui and other international and domestic well-known enterprises. Our company has cooperated with Gilead company for many years in product R & D and supply, including the intermediates of the anti HCV drug suofebuvir.

Yongtai science and technology said that recently, the company learned that the drug remdesivir (ridcivir) under research of Gilead company can be used to treat the new type of coronavirus pneumonia. The company is actively engaged with Gilead company and other downstream customers to seek possible cooperation opportunities. However, there is uncertainty about whether the cooperation can be achieved this time. There is uncertainty about the clinical trials of the drug under research and the approval of the drug by downstream customers Please pay attention to the investment risk.

According to the data, Yongtai technology also rose after opening in the morning of February 5, with the highest share price at 15.39 yuan / share, corresponding to an increase of 10.01%.

In addition, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical and Medici also indicate relevant risks. Jiuzhou pharmaceutical industry issued a notice to remind investors that the company and Geely began to cooperate in 2011. The company has provided a variety of pharmaceutical intermediates cdmo services for Geely. In the past two years, the sales revenue of Geelys products accounted for no more than 2% of the companys business revenue. As of the date of this announcement, the two sides have not carried out substantive research on the new coronavirus pneumonia drug remdesivir Cooperation.

Medesi also said that the company and Geely began to cooperate in 2009, and the sales revenue of Geely science company in 2019 was 3.2289 million yuan.

Medesi stressed that the company is a professional comprehensive pre clinical research and development service cro for biomedicine, which provides Gilead science company with drug discovery of some compounds, and does not directly participate in the research and development of anti pneumonia drugs such as Gilead science company remdesivir. The research and development results of Gilead science company on remdesivirs anti pneumonia drugs will not affect the companys industry Business and income impact.

On February 5, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical stock was up and down, with the highest share price of 20.46 yuan / share, corresponding to a 10% increase; Midea opened high in the morning, with the highest transaction price of 83.6 yuan / share as of 11:00, an increase of over 11%.

Li yunqi, reporter of Beijing News

Recently, the Wuhan Institute of virology / biosafety research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Center of emergency prevention and control drug engineering and technology of Military Medical Research Institute of Chinese Academy of military sciences have carried out joint research, making important progress in inhibiting drug screening of 2019 new coronavirus (2019 ncov).

On February 3, scholars from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan childrens Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, together with the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University, Beijing Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and huaweiyun scientific research team announced that five antiviral drugs that may be effective for 2019 new coronavirus (2019 ncov) were screened.