Respondents on the road of poverty alleviation

 Respondents on the road of poverty alleviation

Cao Qingyuan, who has been shut down for many times, is still reluctant to give up. When he knows that his grandson needs to open a certificate and find a hospital because of his illness, he helps to contact the hospital and write materials to solve the problem of the family. Since congguis grandson was well-off, Cao Qingyuan was busy introducing congguis two sons to the villages engineering team. With the increase of family income and the governments subsidy for dilapidated houses in place, the reconstruction of dilapidated houses of ziconggui family was finally completed after five months. The family lived in a new house and also had a shop on the street. Our familys attitude was really bad before, but I didnt expect you to help us think about it. Thank you.

The case of Zicongs family is only one in the renovation of dilapidated houses. In the past year, 634 dilapidated houses have been rebuilt in Hongxing Village, and the living environment has been greatly improved. All of this can not be separated from Cao Qingyuan and the members of the poverty alleviation team who are fighting on the battlefield of poverty alleviation.

Midu County is the county with the largest population density in dam area except Dali City, and the contradiction between supply and demand of construction land is more prominent. Since 2018, Midu County has implemented the national one household, one house policy, carried out in-depth remediation of rural hollow houses, activated the idle construction land in rural areas, which is used to solve the rigid demand of villagers homestead, construction of public facilities in the village, land reclamation, etc. The work of other towns is progressing smoothly, only Hongxing Village is progressing slowly.

There are many migrant workers in Hongxing Village, and a large number of old houses are idle. Even if no longer living, the old house still carries the memory of the rural people, and the demolition work is more difficult. Cao Qingyuan said. In the face of the publics resistance, Cao Qingyuan and the poverty alleviation team should be fair and open. A mass meeting should be held 10 days in advance to discuss the area of each household and the number of households that need to be demolished. After being recognized by the masses, a notice should be issued for publicity, and the demolition should be carried out 10 days later.

Its easy to tear down a house, but where to start? It starts with the two party committees of the village, the party members keep up with them, and then spreads out in the whole village. Liu Meihong, Secretary of the general Party branch of Hongxing Village, responded positively, but her parents quit and the relationship between the family became tense. Cao Qingyuan came to visit Liu Meihongs father, mother and lover again and again, and told them the policy of the hollow house and that they should support Liu Meihongs work. A few days later, Lius parents agreed to demolish the old house. The demolition of the hollow house of the villagers group in kongjiaying village was successfully completed within 15 days.

From the day when he arrived at Hongxing Village, Cao Qingyuan never had a rest. He announced the call to the whole village and helped solve all the problems, big and small. Cao Qingyuan fell ill because of the fatigue of continuous operations. Under the urging of the poverty alleviation team, Cao Qingyuan finally went to the hospital to have a heart operation. He returned to work immediately after the operation. We are worried about Cao Lao and feel more motivated, said Zhou Xiaolong, a member of the Red Star poverty alleviation team Up to now, 337 hollow houses have been demolished successfully in Hongxing Village, and the appearance of the village has been greatly improved.

In Midu, there are many cadres like Cao Qingyuan. They work hard and concentrate on poverty alleviation. Where the masses have needs, they are there. Since the war of poverty alleviation, Midu County has been focusing on the goal of two no worries and Three Guarantees to achieve the complete elimination of dangerous houses in the county and the smooth development of the renovation of hollow houses. Nowadays, the more prosperous the people in the small cities on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau are, the louder the happy folk songs are.