After returning to work, the epidemic prevention and convenience of the people will make concerted efforts to ensure the safe travel of the working people

 After returning to work, the epidemic prevention and convenience of the people will make concerted efforts to ensure the safe travel of the working people

The Ministry of transport and other seven departments jointly issued a notice on March 3, requiring that for other areas outside Hubei Province, under the premise of insisting on the prevention and control of epidemic situation, the traffic and transportation services that have been suspended shall be restored gradually and orderly in combination with the time arrangement for the resumption of work and school; the traffic and transportation means in other areas shall not be prohibited. During the suspension period of urban and intercity public transportation, necessary travel guarantee shall be provided for doctors, public service personnel, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the young and other key personnel.

It is pointed out in the notice that local transportation departments should strictly implement the measures for disinfection, ventilation and personnel protection of passenger station facilities, strictly regulate and strengthen the work of passenger temperature measurement, strictly control the passenger rate of means of transportation, carefully register the passenger information, and strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situation on the way and after the event. The notice also specifies the health protection guidelines for passenger stations and means of transport.

[private car

Minibus toll free extended to Lantern Festival

The main means of epidemic prevention and control is to avoid crowd gathering. In this context, private car travel is better than public transport to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The Ministry of transport announced on February 2 that, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting of the leading group of the central government in dealing with the epidemic situation of new coronavirus infected pneumonia and do a solid job in the work of peak staggering return journey and epidemic prevention and control, with the consent of the state Council, the deadline for toll free of small passenger vehicles on toll roads during the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 was extended to 24:00 on February 8, 2020 (January 15).

15 city suspension of motor vehicle tail number restriction

In order to facilitate residents self driving travel, reduce personnel gathering and block the spread of the epidemic, 15 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, xiongan new area, Xingtai, Qinhuangdao, Handan, Baoding, Jiaozuo, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xuchang, Jincheng, Chengdu and Lanzhou, have issued measures to suspend the restriction of motor vehicle tail number.

[Taxi & online car Hailing

Beijing: drivers must wear masks and disinfect vehicles twice a day

Beijing Transport Commission is also studying relevant policies to encourage drivers to drive more cars and ensure citizens to travel.

On February 3, Hainan Provincial Department of transportation issued the notice on ensuring the transportation service of taxi industry during the period of epidemic prevention and control, which requires all taxi enterprises to provide masks for every driver, spray pots, disinfectants (medical alcohol, chlorine containing disinfectant, peroxide type disinfectant) and other protective articles for every vehicle, and disinfect every vehicle at least twice a day And keep the ventilation in the vehicle during the operation process; implement one time for carrying passengers, one time for disinfection and spray, and focus on the disinfection of the handle of the internal and external doors of the vehicle; the driver shall wear a mask to take the post, do a good job in temperature detection before taking the post, take the initiative to report the temperature abnormality to the affiliated enterprise, and stop the work; advocate the passengers to wear masks, and ride in the back of the vehicle, for the passengers who do not wear masks Customers may not provide services.

Tianjin road transport administration proposed that since 0:00 on January 28, Tianjin taxi (including online car Hailing) can only operate in the city area in principle. If there is special need, the contact information of passengers should be kept for future reference. All drivers and passengers of taxis (including online car Hailing) must wear masks; drivers can refuse to take passengers without masks.

On April 4, Chongqing road transport Affairs Center released the notice on resuming the operation of network taxi reservation, resuming the operation of network taxi reservation. According to the notice, the network platform company shall supervise the daily disinfection of the network operating vehicles, the drivers shall wear masks to work, and the windows shall be opened properly to keep the ventilation in the vehicle. Passengers shall wear masks to take the bus, otherwise, the driver of the network car Hailing has the right to refuse to take the bus.

Shanghai: taxi drivers can pay 80-120 yuan less per day

In order to share risks, relieve drivers pressure and ensure taxi capacity, five major taxi companies in Shanghai have introduced a phased subsidy scheme: 80 yuan less per day for single shift and 120 yuan less per day for double shift. The first round of subsidies is from January 24 to January 31; the second round is from February 1 to February 29.

[Metro & bus

Bus lines across Beijing and Hebei will gradually resume operation from February 3

In accordance with the guidance plan on the restoration and operation of cross Beijing Hebei public transport lines jointly formulated by Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and Hebei Provincial Department of transportation, in order to ensure the service of intercity passenger transport between the two cities, Beijing and Hebei will gradually resume the operation of cross Beijing Hebei public transport lines on the basis of carefully organizing and implementing the prevention and control measures of public transport epidemic situation from February 3.

Beijing: subway, bus control load factor

After returning to work, Beijing subway bus load control rate. The subway department takes measures to limit the current outside the station and strengthen the dredging. In the normalized current limiting station, the number of personnel shall be increased, 5 to 10 for each station, and the arrival speed shall be controlled to guide the passengers to disperse. At the same time, management and control are also carried out at the station hall level and platform level. Control the full load rate of vehicle volume. The vehicle also maintains the minimum running interval, and issues additional vehicles to ensure that the compartment is moderately loose. The public transport department also controls the passenger flow at the platform and takes measures such as inter district bus and large station express to ensure that the number of passengers in the car is moderate.

At present, the public areas of Beijing metro station are fully disinfected 5 times a day, the subway trains are fully disinfected 2 times a day, the subway maintains ventilation according to the maximum ventilation volume every day, the public space maintains ventilation for 22 hours a day, the cleaning and disinfection frequency of the fare collection machine is more intensive, the public vehicles in the city will be disinfected before departure every day, and the terminal stations will be disinfected 3 times a day.

Tianjin Metro: strengthening epidemic prevention measures

More than 370 temperature measurement points are set up in 143 stations of Tianjin Metro online network, and temperature test prompt signs are posted, and isolation areas are set up far away from the passenger passage. Tianjin Metro upgraded the isolation area and set up isolation screens in the isolation area to ensure the isolation effectiveness and the privacy of hot passengers to the greatest extent. At the same time, in order to effectively prevent the secondary transmission caused by waste masks, Tianjin Metro has successively set up special garbage cans for waste masks in each station, selected closed garbage cans, and posted significant signs, which are set at the entrance and exit of the station, for the collection of passenger waste masks, to prevent the spread of bacteria to the greatest extent.

[bike sharing

Comprehensive disinfection regardless of brand

Bike sharing is the first choice for short distance travel and reduction of clustering. With the arrival of the return to work tide, Beijing, Chengdu, Tangshan and other places have carried out comprehensive disinfection of shared bicycles regardless of brand.