Focus interview: cure and discharge! Listen to the story behind them

 Focus interview: cure and discharge! Listen to the story behind them

These days, a doctor infected with the new coronavirus at work caused pneumonia released a video to introduce the process of his treatment after admission. It has attracted a lot of attention.

Yu Changping wrote in his message that he wanted more people to have a scientific and clear understanding of the disease, so as to know how to prevent it and not panic.

As of 24:00 on February 3, a total of 20438 confirmed cases have been reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps. Some patients find symptoms earlier, and they have been admitted to the hospital before other patients see a doctor. Their treatment is also a step-by-step process for doctors to understand the new disease.

As early as the end of December last year, 23-year-old Xiao Wu began to feel unwell, and then began to have a fever. On December 30 last year, he went to the hospital for the first time.

I didnt think I would have a big problem with my young immunity. I didnt expect that within a few days, the situation of lung infection turned sharply. After the new coronavirus was tested positive by nucleic acid, Xiao Wu was transferred to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital. Although the number of early diagnosis of symptoms is still small, Jinyintan hospital, as a designated hospital for medical treatment of public health emergencies in Wuhan, has successively admitted many patients transferred from other hospitals.

In the pneumonia patients infected with the new coronavirus, many of them have no obvious symptoms at the initial stage of infection, just some of them have chest tightness and shortness of breath, but because the virus attacks the lung tissue, the lung function is affected, and some patients may have respiratory failure in a short time, which is not only dangerous for some elderly people with basic diseases, but also for young Xiao Wu u3002

Despite the fact that the medicine had been properly prescribed, on the ninth day after Xiao Wu entered Jinyintan hospital, CT reports showed that the lung infection had further expanded.

Ni Zhengyi, director of the third ward of the comprehensive building of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital: because Xiaowus lungs have been damaged, he cant support his breathing by oxygen inhalation, and finally he chose to use a non-invasive ventilator. The use of non-invasive ventilator means that Xiao Wus own lung can no longer supply oxygen to the body normally, and he needs the help of ventilator. At this time, he also felt that the situation seemed to be getting worse.

At that time, the patients, including Xiao Wu, were even less aware that Jinyintan hospital, the first group of severe pneumonia patients receiving the new coronavirus infection, had been operating at full capacity for nearly a month.

It is at this time that medical staff from all over the country have gathered to rush to Wuhan. Since January 27, doctors from the Army Medical University and the Shanghai medical team have been staying in Jinyintan hospital. The Shanghai medical team took over Xiaowus ward.

When the doctors on both sides handed over the work, Xiao Wus situation was still not optimistic. The doctors of Jinyintan hospital explained his situation to the Shanghai medical team.

At this time, Xiao Wu has been in hospital for 18 days. In order to judge the damage of the virus to the lungs, doctors have done CT examination for him again. This examination, let doctors see that the previous treatment for virus infection has had effect, and the main purpose of the next treatment is to restore Xiao Wus lung function.

On February 1, with the joint efforts of Wuhan doctors and Shanghai doctors, Xiao Wu, who had been hospitalized for 20 days, finally recovered and left the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, Xiao Wu was most concerned about whether the illness would leave a sequela. The doctor also gave him a reassuring answer.

Xu Lei, doctor of Shanghai medical aid team of Hubei Province: the fibrotic focus cannot be completely absorbed, but it does not affect his life. Because we have five lobed lung, our lung function has been properly recovered and exercised, just like normal people, and there is no problem in sports.

According to experts from the national health and Health Commission, more than 10% of the patients with severe or critical pneumonia were diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The success rate of treatment was far higher than that of influenza A and avian influenza, which was also confirmed by doctors in Jinyintan hospital.

Zhou Xin, doctor of Shanghai medical aid team for Hubei: in terms of the whole pneumonia, most of the patients are mild, 80% of them are mild. If you take some medicine, maybe after a week or two, the virus will be gone and the body will produce antibodies. So many people with mild illness will be basically cured in one to two weeks.

Ni Zhengyi also appealed to everyone, hoping that the general public would not panic, scientific prevention and treatment should be carried out. While treating the disease, doctors are also accumulating experience and tackling scientific research problems, so that further work can be done to completely tackle the disease in the future.

For nearly half a month, in the chatting records of Ms. yuan and his wife Mr. Lu, we often see the information that Mr. Lu praised his craftsmanship. Mr. Lu was admitted to the isolation ward in early January because he was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. His daily order meal and comment are the barometer of his illness.

On the morning of January 11, Mr. Lu told Ms. yuan at more than five oclock that they would not be used to deliver food today. This was the worst news he sent to his wife after he was admitted to the hospital.

Mr. Lu was 78 years old. At that time, he and his family thought that high fever was the biggest problem, but for doctors, Mr. Lus age and his own physical condition were the most difficult problems.

When the medicine didnt work well, doctors used a ventilator to assist the elderly.

Zhao Jianping, director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of science and technology: because Mr. Lu didnt cooperate very well at that time, nor did he improve the situation of hypoxia. That night was very dangerous, and he spent a night tossing. At that time, he even considered whether to use the invasive ventilator for tracheal intubation. Ms. yuan, who is outside the quarantine area, doesnt know the specific treatment measures, only that her wifes appetite is getting worse.

Behind the anxious waiting is the doctors full treatment. A few days later, Ms. yuans mobile phone finally received the message that Mr. Lu ordered. With Mr. Lus appetite getting better and better, good news finally came. On January 29, after passing all the examinations, Mr. Lu was finally able to leave the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Mr. Lu said: if you have the same patient, you should trust the government, believe that our medical staff will try their best to treat you, and you will be better.

The patients who were hospitalized for treatment of early infection with the virus were cured and discharged from the hospital, blessing them. Their health can not get better without the treatment and care of medical staff, the efforts and confidence of patients to overcome the disease. Their healing process provides valuable experience for follow-up treatment and research. Under the situation of full mobilization, full deployment and comprehensive strengthening of epidemic prevention and control, through scientific prevention and treatment, there is no doubt that more and more patients will be cured and discharged. Your relatives are waiting for you to go home.