Focus! Prevention and control of the epidemic, Xi Jinping asked to do so.

 Focus! Prevention and control of the epidemic, Xi Jinping asked to do so.

He stressed two must and firm obedience:

All regions and departments must enhance the overall situation awareness and overall concept, and resolutely obey the command of the central leading group for epidemic response and the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council.

1. All departments in all regions should consider not only the needs of prevention and control in this area, but also the impact on key regions and the whole country.

2. Epidemic prevention and control is not only a medical and health problem, but also a comprehensive work. All work should provide support for winning the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control.

3. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is constantly changing, and all works are constantly facing new situations and problems. We should closely follow up, timely analyze and act quickly, and do all works firmly, powerfully and without any slack.

4. In the work of epidemic prevention and control, we should resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and let grassroots cadres devote more energy to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

5. For those who fail to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, who do not obey the unified command and dispatching, who are serious in departmentalism, who dare not take on the responsibilities, whose style is floating, who shirk the responsibility, in addition to investigating the responsibility of the person directly responsible, the party and government leaders should also be held accountable if the circumstances are serious.

6. Those who neglect their duties and dereliction of duty shall be punished in accordance with discipline and law.

Six major plans were made at the meeting to prevent and control the epidemic

1. Focus on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in key areas

Only if we concentrate our efforts to control the epidemic situation in key areas can we fundamentally reverse the spread of the national epidemic situation as soon as possible. We should focus on the regional coordination of prevention and control forces, resolutely concentrate the treatment and protection resources on the front line of the epidemic, and give priority to meeting the needs of front-line medical staff and patients. Hubei Province, especially Wuhan, is still the top priority of national epidemic prevention and control. We should further improve and strengthen prevention and control, strictly implement early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment measures, strengthen epidemic monitoring, focus on treating patients, take home-based medical observation on all close contacts, and improve and strengthen measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

2. We should do our best to treat patients and ensure the supply of medical protection materials

We should do our best to treat patients, ensure the supply of medical protection materials, and strive to improve the treatment rate and cure rate, and reduce the infection rate and mortality rate. This is the outstanding task of current prevention and control work.

The centralized hospital should be built and put into use as soon as possible, continue to dispatch medical personnel from all over the country to help Wuhan as needed, and protect the physical and mental health of medical personnel at the same time. We should make overall arrangements for the deployment of personnel, try our best to focus on the strength of our forces and the treatment of severe patients.

3. To increase the efforts of scientific research

It is necessary to scientifically demonstrate the source of the virus, find out the source and route of transmission as soon as possible, closely track the variation of the virus, and study the prevention and control strategies and measures in time.

It is necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other aspects, organize and mobilize the national scientific research workers to participate in the scientific research of epidemic prevention and control, promote the open sharing of relevant data and case data, accelerate the research on virus traceability, transmission capacity, transmission mechanism, etc., and timely complete the prevention and control strategies and measures.

We should strengthen the research and development of effective drugs and vaccines, and pay attention to the combination of scientific research, clinical research and prevention and control practice.

4. To maintain the normal economic and social order

We need to ensure the supply of vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, grain and other necessities for peoples daily life, implement the mayors responsibility system of vegetable basket, actively organize the production of vegetables and other non-staple foods, and strengthen material allocation and market supply.

All localities should strengthen overall planning and coordination to ensure the normal passage of personnel and vehicles.

Guarantee the supply of coal, electricity, oil and gas.

In accordance with the law, we will severely crack down on such illegal and criminal acts as using the epidemic situation to drive up prices, hoarding and looting to disrupt social order, and on such illegal and criminal acts as manufacturing and selling fake and inferior drugs, medical devices, medical and health materials.

5. Do a good job in propaganda, education and public opinion guidance

We should do a good job in publicity, education and public opinion guidance, make overall plans for online and offline, domestic and international affairs, major and minor matters, and better strengthen confidence, warm peoples hearts and gather peoples hearts.

Fully report the effectiveness of joint prevention and control measures of various departments in various regions, and vividly describe the touching deeds of the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

We will increase publicity and education of the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and guide the whole society to act in accordance with the law.

Face up to the existing problems, timely release authoritative information, respond to the concerns of the masses, enhance timeliness, pertinence and professionalism, and guide the masses to enhance confidence and firm confidence.

Strengthen the publicity and education of health concept and infectious disease prevention and control knowledge, and guide the masses to improve the quality of civilization and self-protection ability.

6. Party committees and governments at all levels should continue to work hard to achieve this years economic and social development goals and tasks

Areas with serious epidemic situation should focus on the prevention and control of epidemic situation, while other areas should do a good job in prevention and control, make overall efforts in reform, development and stability, especially in key tasks involving decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and decisive fight against poverty.