Medical staff are on standby all day to build shelter hospital quickly

 Medical staff are on standby all day to build shelter hospital quickly

On February 4, the reporter visited an isolation observation point in Wuchang District of Wuhan City, where 20 close contacts received centralized isolation observation. More than 10 people, including two doctors and two nurses, divided their work for various services.

Zhou Wenjun, director of the headquarters of the isolation observation point, told the Economic Daily that the isolation observation point is strictly isolated, and once close contacts enter the isolation area, they can no longer come out. Due to the current shortage of medical human resources in Wuhan, four medical staff need to be on standby 24 hours in this isolation observation point.

It is reported that at present, in the isolation observation point for isolation observation of 20 people have not appeared suspected infection symptoms. Once symptoms appear, medical staff will make timely diagnosis and treatment, and judge whether it is necessary to transfer to the hospital for treatment according to the development of the disease.

The main docking unit of the isolated observation point is the community. If there are necessary personnel in the community for isolation observation, contact and dock with the isolated observation point. Those who meet the conditions will enter the isolated observation point for isolation. At present, Wuchang District has established 14 close contact isolation observation points in each street.

In another isolated observation point transformed from a hotel, staff told reporters that 70 close contacts could be placed in the isolated observation point. The isolation observation points are set up with four areas: isolation area, semi pollution area, buffer area and clean area. The procedure of receiving close contacts shall strictly implement one introduction, one elimination and one isolation, that is, after the street community sends the close contacts to the designated area of the warning line of the isolation observation point, the staff shall first guide the parties to the underground garage, take the designated special elevator to the isolation area, and at the same time, one killing person shall be killed synchronously along the way, and the close contacts will be arranged into a single after arriving at the isolation area Separate rooms. The staff will carry out one measurement, one registration and one explanation, that is, to monitor the body temperature of the parties, register the basic information, and explain the precautions during the isolation period.

Each isolation room is transformed from a separate standard room of the hotel. The room has an independent toilet, TV, telephone, table, chair and stool. It provides TV signal, WiFi network, external telephone lines, etc. close contacts only need to carry necessary clothes to move in.

In order to further improve the effectiveness of the centralized treatment of confirmed patients, on the evening of February 3, the headquarters for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan said that Wuhan planned to build fangcang hospital in Jianghan District, Wuchang District and Dongxihu District for the treatment of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. The three shelter hospitals are located in Hongshan gymnasium, Wuhan living room and Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, which will provide 3400 beds in total.

Shelter hospital is a mobile medical place, which is usually composed of a series of shelters with different medical or technical support functions. It has many functions such as emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical examination, etc. Because of the advantages of good mobility, rapid deployment and strong environmental adaptability, it can adapt to the emergency medical rescue task.

On the afternoon of February 4, the reporter visited Hongshan gymnasium. A large number of workers are carrying out construction in a hot way. Hundreds of simple sickbeds have been arranged in order. Tables and chairs are placed beside the sickbed to facilitate the placement of medicines and other materials. At the gate of the stadium, several trucks are loaded with materials and waiting to drive into the stadium. It is reported that Hongshan gymnasium will set up three large-scale sick areas, which are all transformed from indoor basketball courts and other venues.

Construction Party China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. told reporters that they are mainly responsible for the isolation construction of detention ward, buffer zone and isolation zone channel construction. In the first half of February 3, after the headquarters announced the decision to build the shelter hospital, at about 0:30 a.m. on February 4, employees of China First Metallurgical Corporation began to enter Hongshan gymnasium, put on protective equipment, and held a work deployment meeting. Around 1:30 a.m., the field survey of the main stadium, living area and basement began.

Field staff told reporters that in the evening of February 3, volunteers and sanitation workers began to enter the venue to clean up, and many local residents volunteers cleaned up all night.

It is reported that the medical staff of fangcang hospital will be transferred from Wuhan, and the patients to be treated will mainly be those with mild illness, i.e. those who are tested positive but have no symptoms or have no obvious symptoms. Once the patients symptoms become serious, they will be transferred to Jinyintan hospital in time for further treatment.