Patients with virus infection and self-healing: calm down and actively face 11 days at home to defeat the virus

 Patients with virus infection and self-healing: calm down and actively face 11 days at home to defeat the virus

Looking back on the long 11 days, I think the virus is not so terrible, but its infectivity. I do not go out alone at home, will not pass on to others, cut off the transmission channel. Next is my fight against the virus. First: resistance. The immune system is fighting against the virus. How can we do without enough food. Eat on time and rest regularly. What I eat must be nutritious and healthy. I have survived chicken soup, fish soup, spareribs soup, millet porridge, Babao porridge I am used to drinking a bottle of hot milk in the morning. I can also eat more egg custard depending on my personal preference. In my spare time, I also wash clothes and mop the room to practice yoga. Second: kill the virus in the house. I will wipe the table with 84 diluted mops, spray the quilt and clothes with 75% alcohol. Do it every day. Open windows and ventilate at least twice a day for half an hour. Keep warm and keep cool. If the weather is fine, lets have a sun. Take a hot bath in the evening to kill the virus. Wash your hands frequently (very important). Do you know how to use hand sanitizer? Third: drug treatment. I (confirmed) take oral medicine at home: oseltamivir (adverse reactions: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), baifule (nausea, diarrhea, headache, etc.), abidol (nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, etc.), Lianhua Qingwen capsule. According to the suggestions of netizens, I also ate Xiaochaihu granules (mainly for my symptoms: bitter mouth, dry throat, etc.). For me, some drugs really make me feel a little sick after drinking and even dizzy. Then Ill have hot water and rest. Itll get better in an hour or so. Fourth: mentality. Dont panic blindly, use panic wood, level your mind and face it rationally and actively.

What I want to tell you is that when I suspect that I am a virus carrier and can not be diagnosed, I should pay attention to isolation and protect myself. I want to feel my body changes, think about the reasons to take measures: stomach discomfort is not cold, drink some hot water to try Headache is not tired playing mobile phone for a long time, lying in bed for a long time Maybe its not a new crown. Dont be suspicious. The new crown is not so terrible for most healthy people without basic diseases. Even if unfortunately infected, depending on their own strong immunity may not be a few days. But we cant pass it on to others. We must do a good job of isolation. During my illness, I always accompanied by the symptoms of decreased resistance, cold and fatigue, dry mouth, and other temporary discomfort after taking medicine.

To win this battle, everyone is making their own efforts. For us, we should not spread rumors or believe them, and protect ourselves. Believe in the state and the government. Winter will surely pass and spring will come. At that time, Wuhan was still that Wuhan, but the Chinese were more connected

Some people who are exposed to the virus may have several different reactions. Its a case that I have enough resistance to eliminate the virus.