Wuhan shelter hospital and time race thousands of beds in place

 Wuhan shelter hospital and time race thousands of beds in place

In the transformation of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, many beds are placed on the first floor. This article is full of pictures

In order to prevent and control the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia, to race against time, to ensure the centralized treatment of diagnosed patients, to make full use of receivables, to form the mechanism of severe and light disease diversion, the construction of shelter hospital is an effective way.

The surging news continues to record the progress of three shelter hospitals since the early morning of February 4.

Among them, there are workers from the construction site of Huo (LEI) Shenshan hospital, medical teams from other hospitals who rush to Wuhan at one command, and volunteers who work all night.

According to Xinhua news agency, by the evening of April 4, the capacity of fangcang hospital was expanded to 11, and the number of reception beds was increased to more than 10000. 11 fangcang hospitals are: Hongshan gymnasium, Wuhan living room, Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Optical Valley Technology Convention and Exhibition Center, Wuhan International Expo Center, Tazihu Sports Center, Wuhan Gymnasium, Wuhan shipailing senior vocational middle school, Dahua mountain outdoor sports center, Huangpi No.1 middle school gymnasium and Wuhan sports center.

To build the shelter hospital, an anti epidemic and interdiction war against time began.

Multi color interweaving makes a big change in Wuzhan

Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, from the evening of February 3, constructors wearing orange, green, blue and other different colors of work clothes began to work all night.

In the transformation of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, many beds are placed on the first floor.

The more ruthless the epidemic is and the urgent the notice is, the more solidarity the city will show. Materials such as wood board, shelf bed parts, bedding, electric blanket, etc. are urgently allocated from all places and continuously delivered by buses and trucks.

At about 1:00 a.m. on April 4, more than 70 urban management and law enforcement personnel in Qiaokou District complied with the requirements of the notice. Carry shelf bed parts, bedding and other items in the exhibition center. You nail, I screw; you press the board, I fix the handle, a shelf bed can be quickly assembled. After moving the materials, 15 staff members gathered spontaneously and shouted come on, Wuhan.

In Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, workers are moving materials to the second floor

Outside the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, workers are cleaning the mobile toilets to be put into use

At the front gate of the Convention and Exhibition Center, the head of Jianghan District frowned tight and the phone rang incessantly. He needs to coordinate with all parties, from the allocation and handling of materials to the design of the internal division of the venue, how to place the beds? How to partition the ward? A lot of problems need to be handled by him.

As soon as Wuhan Metro group received the notice at more than 8:00 in the morning, it quickly organized 580 construction personnel from the construction party and the construction unit to come to support, including more than 200 members of the party members commando who were responsible for ward partition installation, wire layout, socket installation, etc.

A worker from the Third Construction Bureau of China, who was transferred from huoshenshan hospital after three days of continuous support, said that he received a notice at 6:00 in the morning, arrived at the scene with his colleagues two hours later, and quickly put into the busy and tense work.

In Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, workers are measuring the distance between two beds with a tape measure, which is required to be 1 meter

In the center of the venue, at the junction of the East and West halls, Xu Shifu, a carpenter from Henan Province, is cutting the wood into 12 cm long and 20 cm wide blocks to connect the walls made of two wooden boards according to the partition requirements.

Mr. Xu didnt go home for the new year. He used to work on Metro Line 8, and later worked on the construction site of huoshenshan hospital for 10 days. He came to the Convention and Exhibition Center to work as soon as he got married there.

I dont want to go home for the new year, do you want to? Asked the reporter.

How can I not? Mr. Xu seemed embarrassed and wanted to report peace to his family. Im very safe, dont worry.

Master Xu is cutting wood in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The bedding has been laid, the partition has been done, the socket has been installed, the line has been laid, and the mobile toilet has been cleaned... Good news has come gradually, and the prototype of a shelter hospital has been revealed.

At about 15:00 on the 4th, the reporter noticed that in the area of the first floor of the venue, the beds were all covered with brand-new winter thickened quilts, pure wool quilts and comfortable latex pillows; the beds on the second floor were composed of many military products, including marching beds, quilts, land and air pillows, etc. Electric blanket has become a necessary accessory for each hospital bed.

It is worth noting that the workers will nail the bed at the head of the bed to avoid moving, so as to ensure the distance between each bed. For details, the master will check whether there are nails protruding on the partition made of wooden boards at the head of the bed one by one, and if so, smash it in time to avoid hurting people.

After nearly a day of intensive transformation, at about 16:00 on the 4th, the transformation of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center fangcang hospital was completed, and the treatment of patients with mild epidemic will be put into operation. According to Chutian traffic radio, the venue has basically completed the construction of 9 areas with 1800 beds and 70 mobile public toilets, and the medical team is expected to enter the site on the 5th.

In the afternoon of February 4, the hospital beds were placed neatly in Hongshan gymnasium.

A 34 year old gymnasium renovation

Compared with Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center across the river, Hongshan gymnasium, which is about 20 minutes drive away, is also one of the recreational and sports facilities that participated in the transformation into fangcang hospital.

According to the public information, the Hongshan gymnasium, which was built and opened in 1986, covers an area of 42000 square meters, including a building area of 20000 square meters. It is the main place for Hubei Province and Wuhan city to hold various major sports events, large-scale cultural performances, exhibitions and sales and other business activities.

In the early morning of the 4th, the lights in Hongshan gymnasium were bright, which was different from the usual one, but it was not because of the event training. Like Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongshan gymnasium received the notice of transformation very suddenly.

In an interview with surging news, Yu Song, the commander of Wuchang District, said that the district received an order from the municipal headquarters on the evening of March 3 that Hongshan gymnasium should be expropriated as a shelter hospital. The original plan was to arrange more than 1000 beds, and it is expected that 800 beds will be placed after trial.

At the scene, the students desks and chairs collected were transported as supporting facilities of the hospital bed. More than 100 employees of Wuchang municipal company in bright green vest were responsible for carrying and arranging these desks and chairs in order. According to the person in charge of the companys surname Li, they received the task notice at 7:00 and 8:00 on the 3rd, so they mobilized urgently. The whole work is expected to be completed before 5:00 a.m. on the 4th, but the actual situation should be judged according to the progress of material transportation.

Li Taos eyes are bloodshot in Hongshan gymnasium.

On the other hand, several design drawings of the Gymnasium during construction were spread out on the ground. A team of 15 people from Central South Architectural Design Institute is communicating with the construction party on the details of the gymnasium reconstruction, because the time is too tight, adjust while designing and constructing. One of the teams designers named Tian.

The party members commando team composed of 27 key employees from the First Metallurgical Corporation of China also entered the Hongshan gymnasium in the early morning of April 4 to carry out field survey on the main hall, living area and basement, draw up the material demand plan and carry out the construction of the shelter hospital.

Before that, the special experts of Wuhan University Central South Hospital have arrived at the scene to guide the transformation requirements and precautions. The reconstruction requires the construction of three areas and two channels that meet the requirements, namely, clean area, semi polluted area and polluted area. The polluted area is the ward, clean area is the working place of medical staff, and the two channels refer to the medical staff channel and patient channel.

Its moving that after learning that Hongshan gymnasium will be transformed into a shelter hospital, dozens of caring volunteers rushed to the gymnasium overnight to set up a handle to unload and install. Some people worked all night.

Time passed quickly in the tense construction operation. During the day, more people came to support.

150 workers of China First Metallurgical Corporation are divided into water, electricity, partition and installation workers. The flags of youth commandos and party members commandos flying in the stadium are particularly noticeable. According to the person in charge of the publicity department Ding, the work of isolation channel and buffer zone must be completed before 24:00 on the 4th, and all water and electricity will be delivered to the hospital before 8:00 on the 5th.

At the scene, one of the workers, Li Tao, had bloodshot eyes and drooping bags. He told reporters that he and his colleagues had been busy since they arrived at the stadium at more than 1 a.m. and had no rest. Another master surnamed Wu, who had just rushed to leishenshan hospital two days ago and was responsible for laying cables and installing sockets, only had a rest of four or five hours in the evening. When talking about participating in the transformation, he said, the state is mobilizing support. As a local, he should contribute his own modest efforts.

At about 15:00 on the 4th, the beds in the two stadiums in the gymnasium were all put in order and bedclothes were laid, and the electric workers masters were still busy wiring. The special elevators for patients, bathrooms for doctors and nurses, special passages for doctors and nurses, and special passages for patients have been set up in different areas.

At about 16 oclock, the national emergency medical rescue team, including Xu Junmei, vice president of Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, began to debug medical instruments in the stadium. Xu Junmei introduced to the surging news that on February 3, the notice document of the national health and Health Commission on dispatching the national emergency medical rescue team was officially issued. One hour later, the hospital quickly gathered 42 team members from medical care, medicine, technology, drivers and engineering technicians to help Wuhan.

After arriving at the site, they found that the reconstruction of the venue basically met the requirements, and they will assist the hospital doctors and nurses to do a good job after that.

A 34 year old gymnasium has a new mission.

The mobile toilet outside the living room of Wuhan.

Bustle of Wuhan living room

After the closure of the city of Wuhan, like being pressed the pause button. On February 4, Wuhan living room, the cultural landmark of Hankou gold and Silver Lake, suddenly became lively.

On March 3, Wuhan planned to build fangcang hospital in Jianghan District, Wuchang District and Dongxihu District, one of which is in Wuhan living room After one nights emergency gathering, hundreds of staff from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Hubei Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Xingou Town Environmental Sanitation Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan East West Lake District Urban Management Law Enforcement Group Co., Ltd. gathered here and are working hard.

A truck, pickup truck, truck constantly pulled materials into the museum. At 12:59 on the 4th, many workers in orange uniforms had just had lunch in the big square in front of area a of the living room in Wuhan. They said that they had arrived early in the morning after receiving the task and had just had a short rest.

Spray 84 disinfectant on the square.

People in protective clothing, goggles and fog machines can be seen everywhere in the square. They press the button and spray out the disinfectant. They are disinfecting the surrounding environment.

Continue to the museum, Wuhan living room a area shelter hospital has begun to take shape, the site has placed about 900 beds, beds have been paved with bedding, put pillows, bed to bed spacing of less than 30 cm, most of the beds next to a yellow water horse about 1.8 meters high, which is used as isolation ward.

The workers are busy in the museum. The bed has been put in place. At present, it is mainly to install the cloth and power on as soon as possible. The workers skillfully hold small scissors and plum blossom screwdriver, cut them first and then remove them, and install the wires in the patch panel, so that a usable patch panel is completed.

A worker in Hubei Province, wearing a black coat and a normal mask, was sweating when he installed the patch panel. He was recruited temporarily. Before he came here, he just finished supporting huoshenshan.

Is there any difficulty? Asked the reporter.

He looked at the patch panel that was being installed in his hand and said, as long as you can do it yourself, its not difficult.

Among the figures of many young people, there are a group of different people. They are wearing orange work uniforms and the words sanitation of Xingou town are written on the back. After asking, they learned that their average age is 60 years old, and they can work, but they are not defeated by the young people at all.

Workers who apply double-sided tape to trunking

One, two, three shouts the number. Two people move the bed together. The other immediately follows and spreads the bedding. We got a call in the early morning and arrived here from Huangpi District at five oclock, just to think of a way. One aunt surnamed Zhang said that her family was worried, but now they are coming to help! Zhangs aunt and other colleagues said as they walked along, suddenly turned around, thumbed up and firmly said, come on, Wuhan. After that, smile with confidence.

The time passed by minute by minute. At 15 oclock, the green sprinkler entered the museum. It was about to inject water into the horses to fix the ground. The work entered the countdown of the end. The workers also grasped the work in hand and tried to finish it before the sun set.

Lifting of containers as wash rooms.

Continue north along the museum, and a group of workers are dispatching containers, which will serve as washrooms for medical staff. The blue and white container was carefully lifted from the truck by the crane, and then the driver aimed at positioning, landing the container safely, row by row in the north of the museum. On the opposite side of the container, a row of blue mobile toilets have already been placed.

Several workers from the fourth Bureau of China Railway sat on the ground for a rest. They have a backpack around them, which contains some tools to install the circuit.

One of them, Huang Shifu, 50, from Wuchang, is mainly responsible for the installation of water and electricity in the museum. Dozens of them are divided into two groups. One group is responsible for installing the temporary circuit of the bed, while his group is responsible for connecting the water and electricity outside, mainly the pipes and water and electricity installation of the toilet, shower room and washbasin. The first two days, we were still working in Huoshen mountain, because we had to rush to work. At that time, it would take ten hours to work every day, but we were very motivated and full of energy. Mr. Huang said that at present Wuhan is in a special period and they all want to contribute their own strength.

Carrying water horses for isolation.

In addition to area a, Wuhan living room will be transformed into ward, and adjacent areas B and C will also be transformed into ward. Less than two minutes walk to area B, where some volunteers from nearby are helping to move the bed. Looking around, the right side of area B has been laid with beds, while the left side has only a few. Within ten minutes, the left side was immediately laid out by volunteers. Area C is also in full swing.

Out of zone B, a group of people wandered between Zone A and zone B. they first looked at the sewage outfall in Zone A, then rushed to zone B immediately, and then stayed at a sewage outfall. They were still in intense discussions. Jia, director of the water bureau of Dongxihu District, told surging news that there was a problem with the sewage discharge from the water pipes on site, and there was no progress. We are negotiating a solution. Later, he immediately put himself into the team of discussion and discussion.

Ge Qihong, member of the Party committee and director of Wuhan real estate development and Investment Group Co., Ltd., introduced that after receiving the task on the evening of February 3, he organized relevant units to carry out the work, mainly responsible for the reconstruction of the entire site, including the reconstruction of the infrastructure, striving to complete the internal partition, bed, electricity facilities and other infrastructure in place in the afternoon of February 4, so as to ensure the foundation of the patients in it Basic demand.

Sanitation workers are making beds.

In addition, Ge Qihong said that due to the urgency of time and large quantities of work, there will be some difficulties in the implementation of the transformation. For example, the transformation function of the exhibition hall has changed. To ensure medical safety, environmental protection issues such as wastewater and sewage treatment are strictly required. At present, we are trying our best to overcome the difficulties.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});))) (); Luo Ming, assistant general manager of Wuhan Construction Engineering, told surging news that it would take nearly 20 days for such a project to be completed. Now it will take them more than a day to complete it. At this moment, the workers are still working nonstop, racing against the clock. Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said in an interview with the media (Xinhua News Agency) that the large-scale use of the shelter hospital is a major measure of public health prevention and control and medical treatment in China, which is of great significance for the current epidemic prevention and control. He said that if a large number of patients with mild illness at home or suspected patients travel in the community, it will become the main source of the spread of the epidemic, and in the case of hospital beds shortage, these patients will be in trouble or even life-threatening if they are not effectively admitted. It is very important to treat all the patients with mild illness quickly, give them medical care, isolate them from their families and society, and avoid new sources of infection. Source: surging news Author: Zhao Siyi, Liao Yan editor: Wang Hailu, na1702

Luo Ming, assistant general manager of Wuhan Construction Engineering, told surging news that it would take nearly 20 days for such a project to be completed. Now it will take them more than one day to complete it. At this moment, the workers are still working nonstop, racing against the clock.

He said that if a large number of patients with mild illness at home or suspected patients travel in the community, it will become the main source of the spread of the epidemic, and in the case of hospital beds shortage, these patients will be in trouble or even life-threatening if they are not effectively admitted. It is very important to treat all the patients with mild illness quickly, give them medical care, isolate them from their families and society, and avoid new sources of infection.