FIFA: no restrictions on Chinese players handshake and other etiquette

 FIFA: no restrictions on Chinese players handshake and other etiquette

We have learned that many countries in the world have imposed entry restrictions on Chinese and foreign citizens who have been to China in the past 14 days, and some airlines have also suspended flights to and from China.

These situations have brought some challenges for the world badminton federation to hold various tournaments, which means that the players and coaches of the Chinese badminton team may not be able to easily participate in some competitions.

However, we hereby make it clear that Chinese players and officials, or any other players or officials, will not be restricted from participating in international competitions and badminton competitions for the disabled. Chinese athletes are free to participate in the event. We believe that the organizers of the event will provide full help and treat all members of the association equally.

We have asked all badminton associations and hosts to contact their national health authorities to let them know that foreign players will arrive in their countries and to seek advice on prevention and necessary course of action in the event of an accident.

We also recognize that the National Health Department of each member association has its own regulatory policies and procedures.

Due to the rapid changes in the situation, the World Badminton Federation will work with the China Badminton Association, all member associations, event organizers, the International Olympic Committee Paralympics and other organizations to ensure the smooth implementation of the above measures, while making the athletes feel safe in the competition.

At the same time, all normal game practices and etiquette still apply to badminton events, such as coin tossing, handshaking and award ceremonies.

The world badminton federation is considering all relevant health, safety and logistics risks and will continue to inform the entire badminton community of the latest developments related to the new coronavirus.