Vice president of the Academy of Engineering: there is no basis for judging the epidemic peak and inflection point

 Vice president of the Academy of Engineering: there is no basis for judging the epidemic peak and inflection point

Use the shelter hospital to cut off the source of infection

Reporter: is there a precedent for such a large-scale shelter hospital?

Wang Chen: This is the key move of the country in the current critical period. This kind of large-scale shelter hospital is different from the field mobile hospital used in wartime or earthquake relief. It has not been used in the past, which is a major measure of public health prevention and control and medical treatment in China.

Driven by the guidance group from the central government to Hubei Province, Wuhan quickly coordinated and concentrated the large-scale medical facilities for the treatment of patients with mild illness from February 3, transforming the Convention and Exhibition Center, stadium, etc. into a shelter hospital.

At present, the three fangcang hospitals (Hongshan, Jianghan and Dongxihu fangcang hospitals) have been transformed into 4300 new beds, which are used for centralized treatment of patients with confirmed mild diseases. As required, some large warehouses and other public places can continue to be opened.

Some experts and I arrived in Wuhan on February 1. After investigation, we found that the most urgent task at present is to solve the problem of social transmission and spread of virus. At present, the situation of familial clustering is very serious. If a large number of patients with mild illness travel in the community, it will become the main source of epidemic spread, and in the case of hospital bed shortage, these patients will be in trouble or even life-threatening if they are not effectively admitted. This is a poor control of infectious sources, a manifestation of insufficient social and professional intervention, and a strong and even more extreme professional measures should be taken. If we do not intervene, the consequences will be more serious.

Reporter: how will the hospital accept and treat patients? What is the medical process like?

Shelter hospital is a medical place, which has the effect of centralized treatment and isolation, and patients can get basic medical care. In case of aggravation, there will be medical staff for identification and timely referral to a regular hospital for intensive medical treatment.

Reporter: will a large number of patients in the shelter hospital cause cross infection?

Wang Chen: because it is a confirmed patient with the same pathogen, cross infection is not a prominent problem. Before admission, in addition to the positive detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid, influenza antigen screening will be carried out to avoid possible biosafety risks as much as possible. Due to the large-scale centralized treatment, we should pay close attention to the relevant supporting management and guarantee work.

Reporter: how do medical workers work? How efficient?

Wang Chen: compared with the isolated small ward space, in addition to the large number of patients, the ward of the shelter hospital is open, the nursing efficiency can be greatly improved, and doctors and nurses can take care of more patients. Generally speaking, patients can take care of themselves and give necessary medical care, such as oral medicine, intramuscular injection, etc. if the mutual assistance between patients is stronger, community mutual assistance mode can also be referred. Of course, there is still a lot of concrete work to be done to achieve this goal. At present, these hospitals are working closely with some medical teams in the local and Beijing fields to complete the tasks.

Professional protective clothing and medical masks are still in urgent need

Reporter: what are the suggestions for the current epidemic prevention and control? What measures need to be taken immediately?

Wang Chen: if nucleic acid test to diagnose patients and use shelter hospital are the key measures in the top two places, the third measure should be to strengthen the supply of protective clothing and medical masks, which are still tense.

Reporter: in Wuhan, you are still wearing ordinary medical masks. Why not N95 or other professional masks?

Wang Chen: after I came to Wuhan, I didnt give up to throw away my mask easily. Its well protected and reusable. Its not a critical place such as a ward or a hospital. Its OK to use ordinary medical masks in general outdoor environment. These short supplies should give priority to the front-line medical workers. After the rapid aid from all over the country, the materials have been alleviated, but it is urgent to donate masks and protective clothing that can reach the professional level and biological safety protection level.

Unite to look forward and overcome difficulties

Reporter: in the face of the shortage of medical resources in Wuhan, what are the emergency measures?

Wang Chen: no matter in Wuhan, or in the whole country, or even in the world, medical support is needed at present. At present, there is still a lack of epidemic prevention materials in Wuhan, and many medical staff are in a shortage of people, so we must support the whole country. After the opening of fangcang hospital, we should make full use of and reasonably allocate the local medical resources of Hubei and Wuhan. For the treatment of febrile patients and light patients, we should make full use of the community medical staff and reasonably reduce the pressure of large hospitals.

Reporter: at present, Hubei and Wuhan are still the top priority of epidemic prevention and control. How to treat the current epidemic situation? Is there a turning point?

Wang Chen: at present, the epidemic situation in the community is serious and unclear, so we should never underestimate it. There is no basis for judging the peak and inflection point of the epidemic. The most effective way during the great epidemic period is to control the source of infection and to treat the patients. At present, the state has taken measures such as generally extending holidays, which is decisive and wise. With the solid promotion of effective measures, the effect will be reflected. We need to work together to look forward and overcome all difficulties.

Reporter: what is the most important thing to do now? Wang Chen: pay attention to implementation. (Zhang Xudong, Zhao Wenjun, Fang Yadong) source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541

Reporter: what is the most important thing to do now?

Wang Chen: pay attention to implementation.

(Zhang Xudong, Zhao Wenjun, Fang Yadong)