Go to the front line without telling my family! Female military doctor tears when she sees her husbands wechat

 Go to the front line without telling my family! Female military doctor tears when she sees her husbands wechat

The story of a female military doctor is in hot search

She and her comrades rushed to the battlefield for fear of their families

She told her family she was still on duty in the hospital

Because the hospital where I work also has the Department of infectious diseases, I dont want my family to worry about it in the new years Eve, so they think Im still on duty in the hospital.

Peng Yu goes to war without telling his family

Until the husband saw the photos sent by others

Only to know that she has set out

They had a big fight on the phone

Why didnt Peng Yu tell her husband to complain

Every task

Maybe two or three days to prepare

I dont even have a chance to see you this time

After the quarrel

Peng Yu starts to work in tandem again

Husband calm down

Send this message to Peng Yu

Youre my wife and a comrade in arms

Mission first, hope to win as soon as possible!

A few lines

Write the understanding and support of the husband who is a soldier

The moment Peng Yu saw wechat

I cant hide my feelings anymore

burst into tears

Before, my husband thought that the children in my family were still young, and I didnt think about my safety too much. Later I thought that he was worried about me, not blame me. After he calmed down, he sent me a very warm message. I know that our hearts are interlinked. We are all soldiers.

Transfer from communication and coordination of patients

From helping the comrades out of the red zone to disinfecting, to supervising the medical staff to wear and take off protective clothing, Peng Yu has to work like this every day

More than 14 hours

Watch the video u2193 learn the story of Peng Yu

This video also saw many netizens crying


The lie of love

I hope my family can understand and understand

Lets live in a small family

Before epidemic situation

We are all family

Yang panyue, director of linjiaolao police station of Junshan branch of Yueyang Public Security Bureau, Hunan Province, stood downstairs waiting for his wife to throw down her clothes. His 1-year-old daughter, lying on the windowsill and shouting Dad, made netizens tear.