Media: Han Hong foundation on the cusp of the storm

 Media: Han Hong foundation on the cusp of the storm

This video pushes Han Hong to the forefront of public opinion. At the same time, the public, angered by the inefficiency and confusion in Wuhans aid operations, set off a wave of donations to Hanhong foundation.

Over 200 star donations

From January 23, Han Hongs microblog updates the news about Wuhan donation every day. Data on January 26 shows that since January 24, 2020, the foundation has received more than 11.4 million yuan in donations, which will be used to purchase medical materials and donate to Wuhan and surrounding cities. On January 25, the first batch of medical materials of the foundation was delivered to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan; the second batch arrived in Wuhan in the afternoon of January 26.

Materials donated by Hanhong foundation include medical surgical masks, medical examination gloves, protective clothing, etc. By February 1, 56 hospitals had received materials purchased and donated by Hanhong foundation.

China philanthropist learned that after the materials of Hanhong foundation arrived in Wuhan, they were handled by the local non-governmental public welfare team. According to the information in the medical material help group, the staff confirmed the distribution quantity one by one. After that, the staff went to the volunteer driver group and contacted the driver to send the materials to the hospital.

On the afternoon of January 26, Liu Ben (not his real name) saw the local volunteer organizations asking for help in the group. Puren Hospital needs to send a batch of materials. He immediately connected the pick-up point and the hospital, and the hospital received the goods two hours later.

Zhao Yan (pseudonym) of Wuhan pulen hospital told reporters that on the afternoon of January 26, volunteers of Hanhong foundation left in a hurry after the hospital laid down materials. When she opened the box, she and her colleagues saw that the list said materials of Han Hong Charity Foundation, and there were 3000 pairs of gloves in the box. Open the box, check it, take photos of the list, and then feed back to the volunteers. Complete these three steps, and the donation of this link is over. Zhao Yan told the Chinese philanthropist that even though she received many donations every day, she was particularly impressed by the 3000 pairs of gloves, they will be delivered soon.

Han Hong Charity Foundation delivers materials to Wuhan pulen hospital. Picture / provided by interviewee

Shortly after the video of Han Hongs attack on charity corruption went viral on the Internet, on February 1, the Han Hong foundation updated a solemn statement on its social platform. The statement said that since 17:00 on February 1, 2020, the foundation has suspended the acceptance of charitable funds and guaranteed the good will of the people.

The news that the donation was stopped caused confusion among netizens. The explanation of Hanhong foundation is that, in view of the current donation amount is too large, and the implementation capacity of the foundation is limited.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, Han Hong has begun to appeal to the stars in the entertainment industry to donate and respond. According to the statistics of Hanhong foundation, as of 17:00 on February 1, more than 200 stars, such as Yi yiqianxi, Lu Han, Wang Yibo, Liu Tao, Zhang Yishan and Yang Mi, have donated to Hanhong foundation.

For how to use the money, the staff of Hanhong foundation declined the reporters interview request. According to its official public information, the Han Hong foundation will purchase materials in phases, and give priority to purchasing emergency medical supplies such as protection and disinfection. The subsequent material purchase scheme will be adjusted according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, the Han Hong Foundation donated RMB 3 million yuan to the Wuhan red cross through the public number fraternity Jiangcheng. In addition to Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan pulen hospital, Wuhan Sixth Peoples Hospital and other hospitals, the foundation has also contacted and supported the surrounding cities of Wuhan, such as Ezhou Central Hospital, Jingmen Second Peoples Hospital and Yichang Central Peoples hospital. We will continue to expand our support in the future.

Low key public welfare

The Han Hong foundation called for an emergency stop in fund-raising, which is wise in the eyes of Ma Jianyin, director of the center for charity and non-profit rule of law at Beijing Normal University. He believes that for a small-scale charity foundation, the main problem is how to effectively use the money raised.

On May 9, 2012, Hanhong charity foundation with Hanhong as the initiator was registered and established in Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. On August 8, 2019, the foundation officially obtained the qualification of public fundraising of charity organizations, and is a local public fundraising foundation with independent legal personality.

Hanhong fund has 26 members. Han Hong is the chairman of the foundation. Nearly half of the members are artists in the performing arts circle.

Many charities dont raise money because they dont get trust. According to Ma Jianyins analysis, the appeal of Hanhong love foundation is outstanding, which to a certain extent reflects that the trust between the foundation and the public has been solved, which has nothing to do with the star effect of Hanhong and its members.

According to the data released by Hanhong foundation, as of 17:00 on February 1, the foundation has received a total donation of 278 million yuan from literary and art workers, caring enterprises and caring people in society.

In Ma Jianyins opinion, this is a normal phenomenon in the public welfare ecosystem. He believes that the expansion of a professional public welfare organization needs to go through the process experienced by Han Hongs team. In contrast to it, most of the public welfare organizations run by the government have no experience in public welfare activities since childhood, and are essentially institutions with strong administrative attributes.

After the announcement of Han Hong Foundations call to stop donation, Han Hongs name continued to be hot on Weibo. Han Hongs team members have responded that Han Hong hopes to remove the hot search and keep a low profile of public welfare, but the publics attention and praise for her remain unchanged. Many netizens said: in the future, we will trust Han Hong for donations.

Ma Jianyin reminded the public to avoid killing. In Wuhan, Han Hongs performance is excellent, but for her performance, the public needs to be treated rationally, its irrational to excessively elevate Han Hongs image, and you can kill if you can hold it up.. Such a rise is not good for the whole organization.

According to the articles of association on the official website of Hanhong foundation, its business scope is to help the poor in need, help the minority areas, fund social welfare institutions, and spread charity and public welfare culture. From the official microblog, the public welfare projects of Hanhong foundation also involve in free clinics, childrens eye health, etc.

Chart / Han Hong Love Charity Foundation WeChat public number Ma Jianyin believes that Han Hong foundation has a problem of unfocused business scope, and empirically, this problem can easily bring about fetters for the development of public welfare organizations. At present, Han Hongs personal image may be the characteristics of the whole organization, but for the organization, characteristic support projects are the long-term method of the organization, he suggested Source: responsible editor of China News Weekly: Chen Shaojie

Figure / Han Hong charity foundation WeChat public number

Ma Jianyin believes that there is a problem that the business scope of Hanhong foundation is not focused, and from experience, this problem is easy to bring obstacles to the development of public organizations. At present, Han Hongs personal image may be the characteristics of the whole organization, but for the organization, characteristic support projects are the long-term method of the organization, he suggested