Messis tired of being a scapegoat! I thought Baldwin was cheated by the top

 Messis tired of being a scapegoat! I thought Baldwin was cheated by the top

First of all, Messi didnt want to be a scapegoat anymore. Messi is tired of being responsible for what happened to Barca, when people talk about players, traditions, sacred cows, everything points to Messi, said cope radio. Abidals approach today is the most hurtful.

Cope also pointed out that Messi is not satisfied with the change of Barcelona. In the dressing room, Messi and Suarez are the most supportive players. Searle radio pointed out that Messi, although supporting barwade, did not interfere with the teams many changes in recent years, but he has been regarded as the behind the scenes decision maker, which made him tired.

In the transfer period before this season, Messi has also been deceived by Barcelonas top management. According to cope radio, Barcelona reached an agreement with grizman in advance last season, but the senior management told Messi that they would not sign grizman and they would operate Neymars return as Messi wanted.

Shortly after the start of the season, Messi has publicly hit the top. Asked about Neymars transfer failure, Messi said I dont know if the senior management will do their best for this. On the pitch, Messi also seems reluctant to pass to grizman. In the last round of the league, Messi passed 11 times to Fati, but only half to grizman.

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