Rooney, 34, scored three times in a row! Lead the team 4-2 to Manchester United next round

 Rooney, 34, scored three times in a row! Lead the team 4-2 to Manchester United next round

In January, Wayne Rooney left the United States and returned to England. He joined Derby as a player and assistant coach. When he returned to the first show, he sent out assists. In the next four games, Rooney didnt score goals or assist. It was doubted that he went to Derbyshire only for the aged. However, Lu xiaopang soon fought back. On January 28, Rooney scored a beautiful long shot, scoring in England again 771 days later. On February 1, Rooney scored a fantastic free kick.

Today, the Derby County home game against Northampton, the two teams 8 days ago when the battle into 0-0, so the need for a replay. In this game, Derby County Manager Koku made five adjustments to the starting lineup, but he did not win Rooney, who started in a row. Derby County quickly took the lead at home, 35 minutes later, they are 2-0. After the start of the second half, both sides scored another goal, 3-1.

In the 75th minute, Koku asked Rooney if he would take a rest. We had a simple conversation. As a manager, you have to pay attention to the speed of the players on the field. But he said he felt good. Koku said after the game. Two minutes later, Rooney scored. Teammates made a penalty, Rooney stood on the penalty point, playing in the lower right corner of the goal, steady hit, 4-1. In the 84th minute, the visiting team scored another goal. The final score was 4-2 and Derby County advanced.

In three consecutive games, the 34 year old Rooney has scored goals, accumulating three goals and one assists, which is really a treasure. According to the data, when Rooney came out, the winning rate of Derby County was 57%, with 1.71 goals per game and 0.71 goals per game. When Rooney didnt come out, the winning rate of Derby County was only 32%, with 0.96 goals per game and 1.48 goals per game.

According to the FA Cup draw on January 28, Manchester United will face the winners of Derby County and Northampton in the 1 / 8 final. They will play Manchester United at home on March 2 as Derby County progresses. At that time, Rooney will face the old owners, which will definitely bring tears to peoples eyes. Rooney is a legendary player of Manchester United. He has played for the Red Devils for 13 years and has scored 253 goals in total. He is the first striker in the history of Manchester United.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656