Chelsea goalkeeper abandoned by Frank Lampard: he did not get out of the shadow of lovelorn

 Chelsea goalkeeper abandoned by Frank Lampard: he did not get out of the shadow of lovelorn

Kepa has been in love with his girlfriend Andrea Peres for seven years. When Kepa joined Chelsea with a transfer fee of 80 million euros in 2018, Andrea Peres also came to live in London with him. Kepa and his girlfriend are used to showing their love on social media, but they havent published their photos online for a long time, and last summer when Kepa went to the beach for vacation, they were found to be alone.

People close to kaipa are aware that one of the main reasons for his decline is that he recently broke up with his girlfriend who has been in love for many years, the newspaper said A close friend of kaipa told the media: he suffered a lot. His girlfriend accompanied him to leave Bilbao and come to London, which has been the cornerstone of his relationship until the end of it. His parents still live in ondaloa, Basque, trying to be with him, but now hes in a bad mood

Keppa has conceded 32 goals in 24 Premier League games for Chelsea this season, 1.33 goals per game, more than last season (1.08 goals per game). In addition, statistics also show that kaipas average number of saves dropped from 2.28 last season to 1.71 this season, and the success rate of saves dropped from 68% last season to 56% this season, which can be said to be a significant decline compared with last season.

In the last round of the Premier League kaipa has been put on the bench by manager Frank Lampard, and the mirror said that the rest of the season may continue to abandon kaipa, and even asked the club to introduce a new goalkeeper this summer. Although Kepa still wants to regain his main position, he must first get rid of the influence of breaking up with his girlfriend and adjust his mood to focus on training and competition.

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