A total of 42 new confirmed cases of pneumonia in Inner Mongolia

 A total of 42 new confirmed cases of pneumonia in Inner Mongolia

1. 11 cases in Ordos City (9 cases in Dalate Banner, 1 case in Dongsheng District and 1 case in etokeqian banner)

2. 7 cases in Baotou City (4 cases in tuyou banner and 3 cases in Kundulun District)

3. 5 cases in Hohhot (2 cases in new urban area, 1 case in Yuquan District, 1 case in Saihan district and 1 case in Huimin District)

4. 4 cases in Bayannur City (2 cases in Wuyuan County and 2 cases in Linhe District)

5. 3 cases in Hulunbuir city (1 case in Manzhouli City, 1 case in Yakeshi City, 1 case in moridawa banner)

6. 3 cases in Chifeng City (1 case in Songshan District, 1 case in Linxi County, 1 case in Yuanbaoshan District)

7. 3 cases in Wulanchabu City (2 cases in Huade County and 1 case in Siziwang Banner)

8. 2 cases in Xilinguole League (1 case in Xilinhot City and 1 case in erlinhot city) 9. 2 cases in Haibowan District, Wuhai City

2 cases in Haibowan District, Wuhai City

10. One case of Ulanhot, Xingan League

11. Tongliao Economic Development Zone: 1 case.

There were 4 suspected cases (2 in Linhe District, 1 in Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City and 1 in Dalate Banner, Ordos City). All patients received isolation treatment in designated hospitals. At present, 1181 close contacts tracked are still under medical observation. 51 people were released from medical observation on the same day.

The Party committee and government of the autonomous region attach great importance to the work of epidemic prevention and control in our region, and all work is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner in accordance with the unified deployment of the national epidemic prevention and control work.

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