Germany Cup - substitute Holland breaks the door to save DORT 2-3 Bremen out

 Germany Cup - substitute Holland breaks the door to save DORT 2-3 Bremen out

First person to read Bundesliga history! Harland scored eight goals in the first four games, averaging one goal in 19 minutes

DORT and Bremen are in different situations in the league. DORT is in the third place in the table, while Bremen is in the third to last place in the relegation zone. Compared with last weekends 5-0 win over Berlin Uniteds Premiership start, Favre has made some position adjustments. Goalkeeper location Hitz starts, bilki sits on the bench. Harland returned to the bench, and Azar replaced him in the starting line, forming an attack line with Royce and Sancho. Zagadu and akangi have teamed up with jumels as defenders, pizchak has a break, Schulz has started, veteran schmitzer and new signing EmrE Jen are also on the list.

In the 10th minute, Bremens right cross stopped in the middle of SERKs penalty area. He leaned back against DORTs guard and knocked back. Clarkson followed the volley and kicked high. In the 17th minute, rahica volley was saved by Hitz, but the ball didnt roll far away. Selk made a make-up shot, 1-0.

In the 23rd minute, DORT had a free kick in front of the left penalty area, and Royces Asher was hit on the wall and ejected from the baseline. In DORTs corner pass, the Bremen guard was released, and jumeless shot from the middle of the penalty area was shot by pavloncato.

The first 30 minutes, Bremen corner pass was cleared, outside the penalty area than a strong volley directly, 2-0. In the 44th minute, SERK took jumeles, who had slipped in the backcourt, and then he went into the penalty area with a single knife. Then, the shot was blocked by the attack and Hitz held the ball.

In the first half, Dorothy was 2-0 behind. After midfield, Dorothy adjusted. Harland came on as a substitute to replace Azar. In the 48th minute, Harland was kicked down from behind, DORT got a free kick at the top of the arc, but Royces free kick was blocked by the wall. The 57th minute, Harland forbidden area in the way to the left, Schulz with the upload kick fault.

The 67th minute, Brandt forbidden area right side half high ball picks in front of the gate, Harland snatches the spot close distance push to shoot to break the gate to recover a point, 2-1. Harland scored his eighth goal in the fourth game since joining doth.

In the 70th minute, after rahica got into the forbidden area with the straight plug of dayongye, he pushed and fired at the far corner on the right side of the forbidden area, 3-1. In the 73rd minute, Harland took Brant to the left side of the area, facing the attacking pavlonkas small angle push and hit the side net.

In the 78th minute, the substitute Reina received his teammates knock back and cut two steps horizontally along the forbidden area line, then shot a volley to directly hang the net, 3-2. The 80th minute, Harland penalty area left side cross door, Sancho close range push shot kick deviation.

In the 82nd minute, Reina broke into the penalty area, fell to the ground after contact with Friedel, and the referee refused to take a penalty. When Reina fell to the ground, he couldnt get up. Moissander rushed over and pulled Reinas collar to push him down. The referee decided to play a yellow card for Reina and mauassand respectively after looking back at var. In the 87th minute, Royce missed a good chance because he received his teammates push and kick from the right cross. In the third minute of injury time, the head ball in front of Harlands goal was knocked out of the crossbar by pavloncato. Bremen beat DORT 3-2 at home to reach the last eight and the Hornets were eliminated.

Bremen: 1-pavrenka, 3-fugate, 7-rashica (9321-topluk), 8-darryong (8922-baters), 9-serk (4919-sargent), 10-bidangu, 13-vilikovic, 18-moissander, 30-klassen, 32-friedel, 35-m. eggsteindotmund: 35 Hitz, 2-zagadou (6732-reina), 16-a Kanji, 15 humels, 5 Ashraf, 14-n. Schulz, 28 wittsell, 19 Brant, 23-t. Azar (4617-harand), 7-sancho, 11 Royce (8927-emre-jan). Source: Netease sports Author: Bomber editor in charge: Feng Haotian, nsjs2656

Starting Line-up

Bremen: 1-pavrenka, 3-fugate, 7-rashica (9321-topluk), 8-darien (8922-baters), 9-serk (4919-sargent), 10-bidangu, 13-vilikovic, 18-moissander, 30 Klassen, 32-friedel, 35-m. egstein

Dortmund: 35 Hitz, 2 zagadu (6732 Reina), 16 akangi, 15 humels, 5 Ashraf, 14-n. Schulz, 28 wittsell, 19 Brant, 23-t. Azar (4617-harand), 7 Sancho, 11 Royce (8927-emre-jan)