Release of isolation plan for mild patients with suspected cases of new crown pneumonia: voluntary visit

 Release of isolation plan for mild patients with suspected cases of new crown pneumonia: voluntary visit

Data sheet: on February 3, a medical worker was in the isolation ward of the hospital. Photographed by Zhang Chang, reporter of China News Agency

The plan mainly includes five parts: centralized isolation objects, requirements for isolation point of first diagnosis, material support and staffing, referral or release of isolation and other provisions.

Isolated object set:

The first medical institution judges that the patient is suspected of mild illness.

Have the ability of self-care, age u2264 65 years old.

No respiratory system, cardiovascular system and other basic diseases and mental diseases.

Informed consent, voluntary travel.

The first diagnosis isolation point includes the following requirements: select a place nearby the medical institution with fever clinic as the first diagnosis isolation point, and walk to it in principle. During the period of isolation observation, the object of isolation observation shall, in principle, live in a single room. In principle, the isolated objects shall not leave the room for activities. The room shall have good independent ventilation conditions and independent toilet. The first diagnosis isolation point elevator shall have the conditions to accommodate the first-aid transfer stretcher. The isolation point for first diagnosis shall have an independent temporary storage place for medical waste that can be closed and managed. Non isolated objects shall not enter the isolation point of the first diagnosis without permission.

In terms of material support and personnel allocation, the following requirements shall be met: the first diagnosis isolation point shall be equipped with appropriate emergency materials and medical personnel. According to the layout of isolation points for the first diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection (trial version 4) and the technical guidelines for prevention and control of new coronavirus infection in medical institutions (version 1), a reasonable observation process was developed. The first diagnosis isolation point shall be equipped with corresponding police officers to handle emergencies at any time.

The work programme also mentioned that the isolated observation object decided whether to continue observation, referral or release the isolation according to the change of the condition. In case of aggravation or other sudden illness, the patient shall be transferred to the first medical institution in time; in case of diagnosis, the patient shall be sent to the designated medical institution in time for treatment; after being confirmed by the disease prevention and control institution, the observation object meeting the conditions for lifting the isolation shall leave the first diagnosis isolation point immediately and be released from the isolation or transferred to the home-based medical observation.

The work plan points out that other places except medical institutions shall be determined by the local peoples government according to the actual work needs, and the leading department and division of work in the isolation point shall be defined.

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