Whats the difference between cold, fever and pneumonia? Thats what the Concorde experts say

 Whats the difference between cold, fever and pneumonia? Thats what the Concorde experts say

Poke the video and watch the analysis of experts from Xiehe Hospital

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Whats the difference between a cold, a fever and a new type of coronavirus infected pneumonia? Thats what the Concorde experts say (source: video synthesis)

Whether to go to the hospital depends on the specific situation

Head office reporter: I have a fever. If I go to the hospital to see a doctor, what if I am infected by someone else? There is still this worry.

Li Taisheng: if you assume that you have a fever, you have a fever, runny nose, stuffy nose and sore throat. At this time, most of them are influenza and cold viruses. If there is no basic disease and the age is relatively young, I personally suggest not to go to the hospital. Rest at home, take some antipyretics, do not take antibiotics, antibiotics have no effect on this. But if you are old and have basic diseases, you need to go to the hospital, but pay attention to prevention and control. So first, we should guard against it scientifically. Second, we should not panic excessively.

In fact, the common people at home may not be able to distinguish clearly. Are the symptoms of fever and new coronavirus the same?

Li Taisheng: thats a very good question. In other words, for almost all infectious diseases, fever may occur. However, non fever is not necessarily an infectious disease. Most people with acute virus infection have fever, so people like coronavirus, influenza and H5N1 have fever. But this new coronavirus is slightly different from the acute viral diseases or acute infectious diseases we know. Some patients do not take fever as the first symptom. He can show diarrhea, or he can show weakness and lack of energy, so it adds great difficulties to our prevention and control. This requires us to find out its laws, and then more scientific prevention and control.

These measures can identify new coronaviruses

Reporter: what are the clinical manifestations of the new coronavirus infected people? What are the main characteristics?

Li Taisheng: fever is not the only first symptom of the new coronavirus. What should I do? First, we should screen nucleic acid and coronavirus nucleic acid as much as possible to distinguish them. But I personally think its more important to do something else, such as the height of white blood cells? For example, do you have a CT for your chest, or take a chest film if you dont have CT, is there any shadow? But what is particularly important is the history of epidemiology. In other words, in high-risk areas, it is very important to trace the epidemiological history if you have ever stayed with someone who has a fever, or if you have ever been on a crowded train, or if you have not worn a mask, or if someone in contact with you has a fever.

Party Shuangsuo, director of the infection department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University and vice chairman of the Expert Committee on prevention and control of major infectious diseases of Shaanxi Province, said that everyones self-protection awareness should be promoted, but it should be treated more scientifically. Some patients who do not need to go may be infected instead. Which performance must go, which can not go to fever clinic, listen to experts!