93 villagers donated 22 tons of bananas, 47 of which were poor in Hubei Province

 93 villagers donated 22 tons of bananas, 47 of which were poor in Hubei Province

Dozens of motorcycles carrying bananas are on the mountain road. Picture provided by interviewee

On February 3, a video was hot on the Internet. In the video, dozens of motorcycles roar across the mountain road. Look carefully, each motorcycle is full of bananas.

On February 4, Hu Tao, the leader of the village team of Potou group in shibanzhai, was contacted by the reporter of Beijing News. He told the reporter that there were 34 motorcycles in the video, each with 4-6 strings of bananas and over 100 kg. Because the villagers banana fields are all on the mountain, they went down the mountain in the morning of February 1 to the unified loading area beside the national road. 22 tons of bananas had already left on the afternoon of February 2, and were expected to arrive in Huangshi area of Hubei Province on February 5.

Villagers bananas are loaded uniformly. Picture provided by interviewee

Lianhuatan township is located in the northwest of Hekou County, with the highest altitude of 2105 meters. Because it is located in the border mountainous area, 47 of the 93 permanent residents are poverty-stricken households with filing and registration cards.

However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, when the villagers learned that the epidemic prevention and control may lead to the shortage of fruits and other living materials in many places in Hubei, they wanted to donate some bananas to Hubei, because bananas are the pillar industry for us to get rid of poverty and become rich, and each family has planted them..

The villagers went up the mountain to collect bananas. Picture provided by interviewee

Hu Tao told reporters that the Potou group of shibanzhai had been lifted out of poverty in 2018, because after everyone lifted out of poverty, life is much better than in the past. The villagers saw the news of Hubei from the news and wanted to do something to help others..

It is understood that after the villagers agreed, 93 households in the group responded immediately and spontaneously organized villagers to help cut bananas. In less than two days, 22 tons of bananas worth 132000 yuan were collected. Even the truck drivers are found by the villagers themselves, and help them deliver goods at market prices.. Hu Tao said that after the bananas arrived in Huangshi and were distributed, he and the villagers will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation in Hubei, if necessary, we still need to help..

Recently, a post-90s Chinese in Wenzhou donated 20 tons of medical materials from Dubai anonymously. The materials successfully arrived at Zhejiang first hospital and other three medical institutions at 3 a.m. the next day.