China Railway Group: discrete seat selection and dispersed waiting for conditional train stations

 China Railway Group: discrete seat selection and dispersed waiting for conditional train stations

The meeting pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex. China Railway Group will make full use of big data to analyze passenger flow changes, dynamically and scientifically arrange transportation capacity to ensure the need of return passenger flow after the festival. Take the initiative to report to the local Party committee and government, establish a joint prevention and control mechanism with the local health and epidemic prevention departments, and strictly standardize and strengthen the temperature measurement work in the station. Strengthen the prevention and control work in the process of travel, implement the system of discrete seat selection and discrete waiting for trains and stations that meet the conditions, and strictly implement the system of ticket purchase and providing the mobile phone number of passengers. Strengthen the sanitation and disinfection of station cars, and provide safe and healthy travel environment and working environment for passengers and crew members.

We should pay close attention to the health status of workers in key areas such as Wuhan, and actively help workers with fever to solve problems such as medical treatment. Provide masks, gloves and other protective equipment for the front-line transportation workers to ensure the health protection needs. We will strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation among key units and personnel at key posts, strictly implement various health protection regulations, and resolutely put an end to large-scale cross infection.

Strengthen the inspection and repair of industrial and electrical equipment, locomotive and vehicle equipment, strictly implement the real name verification and ticket inspection and safety inspection measures, organize the inspection of elevator and other key safety links of passenger transport, consolidate the comprehensive management results of environmental safety of high-speed railway, increase the degree of fire prevention and explosion-proof, public security control and anti-terrorism violence, and ensure the safety of return transportation and driving order after the festival.

In response to the epidemic situation, the railway should consider selling tickets with different numbers

Considering that the number of passengers per day is less than 2 million at present, 12306 is still undergoing new system adjustment in the return transportation of Spring Festival, and will consider to launch ticket sales by number to separate passengers and reduce the risk of epidemic transmission.