Trump will deliver his third state of the Union address during the impeachment trial

 Trump will deliver his third state of the Union address during the impeachment trial

He will become the second president of the United States to deliver a state of the Union address during the impeachment trial. Before him, former President Bill Clinton was also on impeachment trial at the time of his 1999 state of the Union address.

Clinton was finally acquitted from recall by the Senate on February 12 of that year. What will trump face? The day after he delivered his state of the Union address, it was clear.

In fact, February 4 is a watershed for Trump: on February 3, a day ago, the first primary vote of the Democratic Party was held in Iowa, which will make it more clear to some extent who will face trump in the 2020 general election; on February 5, a day later, the United States Senate will hold a vote on Trumps impeachment, which will directly determine trump Is Pu acquitted or removed from office.

However, according to ABC News, trump is expected to cheer the American people ahead of time in his state of the Union address on the evening of February 4. The White House said directly on the 3rd that a winning week has begun!

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Iowa caucus vote on February 3

Iowa held its first caucus vote in the 2020 U.S. general election on the night of February 3, local time, and will elect the candidates they want to be candidates for the 2020 democratic election, AP reported.

At present, the Democratic Party still has 12 candidates to compete for the partys candidates. Nearly a year ago, they spent a lot of time and money on campaign activities, including seven rounds of debates, countless campaign rallies, etc. The Iowa caucus vote on February 3 was their first real battle.

Before the vote, six leading Democratic Party candidates gathered in Iowa for a final blow. Senator Bernie Sanders said this is the most important election in the modern history of the country, while former Vice President Joe Biden promised to end Trumps hate and divided rule.

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The high-profile vote, however, ended up in chaos. On the evening of March 3, the Iowa Democratic Party announced that it would postpone the announcement of the voting results due to the need to review the inconsistent results. The Democratic Party stressed that the problem did not arise because of system blackout.

Although the result is not out, Sanders seems quite confident. I have a feeling that our performance in Iowa will be very, very good, Sanders said. Today marks the beginning of the end of trump..

Other candidates said the results could be very similar. It looks like its going to be a long night, but we feel good, Biden said. Senator Elizabeth Warren said, the results are too close to release This road will not be easy. Pete butiquig, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said that although he didnt know the result, Iowa had settled down, with multiple evidences, we will win in New Hampshire..

Democrats had hoped Iowas caucus vote would make the Democratic primary more clear, but based on the current chaos, whatever the results announced in the future might be questioned, the associated press said.

Trump tweeted that night, tonight in Iowa, we are the biggest winners. Thank you! Donald Trump Jr., Trumps son, sarcastically said, tomorrows plot turns around: Hillary Clinton becomes the winner of the Iowa caucus vote. .

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The impeachment judgment of the Senate on February 5

Trumps victory may lie not only in the Iowa caucus vote in the Democratic primary on February 3, but also in the impeachment judgment of the upcoming Senate.

On the afternoon of February 5 local time, the Senate will judge Trumps impeachment case, the Guardian reported. With no sign of Republican senators rebellion, Trumps victory is almost without suspense.

In fact, the Senate vote of January 31 basically laid down the results. Before that, the Democratic Party impeached the manager and asked the Senate to call witnesses, but the result was not approved by 53 votes against and 47 votes. The result of the vote is in line with the bipartisan distribution in the Senate.

Trump forwarded tweets from Republican senators. Twitter screenshots

On February 3, the Senate delivered a closing speech on impeachment.

Adam Schiff, the representative of democratic impeachment manager, said on the same day, history will not be friendly to Donald Trump, as we all know. if you still vote to exonerate him when you know that the house of Representatives has proved his case, your name will always be tied to him. .

Mr. Schiff also warned that trump would continue to do so if he were to be exonerated if he tried to cheat in the 2020 election. He hasnt changed, and he wont change. he did, and he will. If he stays in office, how likely is he to continue to try to fake the election? Ill tell you: 100% .

But Trumps defense team doesnt think so. This is the Democratic Partys attempt to overthrow the results of the previous election and try to intervene in the upcoming election, said Pat sipolon, a white house lawyer who led the defense. The only appropriate result is to acquit the president and let voters choose their president..

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On December 18 last year, the Democratic controlled house of Representatives passed two impeachment provisions against trump, namely, abuse of power and obstruction of congressional investigation, accusing trump of using the United States to press Ukraine for military assistance to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden. Trump became the third impeached president in American history after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

In mid January this year, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house of Representatives, announced that she would submit the impeachment clause to the Senate, opening the trial process in the Senate. On the afternoon of February 5 local time, the Senate will vote on the impeachment. It is widely believed that trump will also become the third president in the history of the United States to be acquitted by the Senate and remain in office.

The U.S. Senate, which is trying the impeachment case of U.S. President trump, heard the summary statement of both sides on the 3rd local time. The Senate will vote on the impeachment clause Friday to determine whether trump will be convicted and removed.