Tibet released 150000 disposable masks free of charge in Lhasa on February 5

 Tibet released 150000 disposable masks free of charge in Lhasa on February 5

The first batch of Lhasa launched 150000 disposable masks, including 140000 in designated pharmacies and hospitals free of charge. From Lhasa to buses, taxi drivers and other targeted investment of 10000. Other regions and cities shall do well in launching according to the practice of Lhasa.

According to the layout of pharmacies in Lhasa City, 21 key pharmacies will be selected by the market supervision and administration department (Drug Administration) for free delivery to the society. All pharmacies undertake social responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and provide free services. Citizens can get disposable masks nearby with their ID cards, and each person can get up to 5 masks. Those who use one ID card to get masks from multiple pharmacies will be seriously dealt with.

The hospital will distribute one disposable mask to the patients (including outpatients) free of charge in major hospitals of Lhasa. It mainly includes 8 hospitals, including the peoples Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibetan Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region, the General Hospital of Tibet Military Region and the peoples Hospital of Lhasa city.

For targeted delivery in Lhasa, Lhasa will collect and organize relevant units to issue disposable masks to bus and taxi drivers free of charge. Each person can get 5 masks with his / her ID card or drivers license.

The market supervision department will also strengthen the supervision of drugstores in Lhasa, crack down on illegal activities such as valuable sales and private hoarding, and ensure the safety of mask supply.

As of 24:00 on February 2, 2020, Tibet Autonomous Region has reported 1 confirmed case of pneumonia, 0 severe case, 0 death case and 0 discharged case of new coronavirus infection.