Nanjing fully implements the closed management of the residential quarter, and the temperature measurement is conducted in and out of the residential quarter

 Nanjing fully implements the closed management of the residential quarter, and the temperature measurement is conducted in and out of the residential quarter

(No. 6)

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. In order to fully respond to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic situation and ensure the life safety and physical health of residents in the community, from now on to the end of the epidemic situation, comprehensively strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in the community. Now, the eight measures to further strengthen community management during the epidemic are announced as follows:

1u3001 Fully implement the closed management of the community. For the community with property management, the property company of the community must perform the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and in principle, the community only reserves one access. For non property residential areas, according to the territorial principle, community cadres, community police, grid members and volunteers form a special team to implement closed management and other prevention and control measures. All personnel in and out of the community must wear masks to remind and advise those who do not wear masks. All personnel in and out of the community shall take temperature measurement.

2u3001 Strictly check and register the vehicles passing through the community. All personnel and vehicles entering the community shall be checked and registered one by one. Personnel not living in the key epidemic areas of the community (Wuhan, Wenzhou, etc., Hubei Province, the same below) shall not enter the community. Other non community personnel and vehicles shall be strictly controlled, and special circumstances shall be registered and filed by the management personnel. Express delivery and take out personnel are not allowed to enter the community, and the owner will pick up the items by himself outside the gate.

3u3001 Focus on key personnel in key areas. In the past 14 days, those who have a travel history in other provinces and key epidemic areas (the scope is the same as above) must report to the community where they live at the first time; those who do not actively apply for or refuse to accept temperature measurement, medical observation and other prevention and control measures will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. The personnel living in the key epidemic area of the community, who have a history of travel in the key epidemic area, must implement strict home isolation and hard control, and clear the person in charge of the control. Once confirmed cases occur in the community, we should actively cooperate with relevant government departments and take local closure measures in time to ensure that the epidemic does not spread.

4u3001 Urge to see a doctor in time. Residents with fever, cough and other symptoms must be treated in time and reported to the community as soon as possible. In case of fever, cough and other abnormal conditions of the isolation personnel at home, report to the street and community health department in time, call 120 to transfer the patients to the designated medical institutions to ensure the diagnosis and treatment in the first time.

5u3001 Strengthen the environmental management and rental housing management. During the period of epidemic prevention, we will do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of the community, garbage sorting, elevator killing, etc., and organize and carry out comprehensive vector biological control work with environmental remediation as the main task and drug killing as the auxiliary. Implement the main responsibility of the management of the rental housing, strengthen the management of the lessee, and report in time in case of any situation. If there is an epidemic situation in the rental housing and it is not reported in time, the responsibility of the rental unit or individual will be investigated according to law.

6u3001 Strictly control public places. All public places in the community that are not necessary for the residents life shall be closed. Places such as farmers market, supermarket and drugstore shall arrange business hours reasonably, kill regularly, and all personnel entering the community shall measure temperature and wear masks.

7u3001 Suspend the construction of various works. The decoration of the owners in the community, the reconstruction of the water, electricity and gas pipelines in the community, and the diversion of rainwater and sewage are all suspended. In case of urgent repair of water, electricity, gas, street lamp, etc., it shall be reported to the community for approval, and the temperature measurement and registration of the construction personnel shall be carried out.

8u3001 Raise the awareness of prevention and control of the whole people. Through the community propaganda column, hanging slogans, WeChat public numbers, the district set up the broadcast and the establishment of residential areas, building WeChat group and other forms, the disease prevention and control information is transmitted to every family and everyone, and the prevention and control atmosphere of group prevention, group control, scientific prevention and control, and no rumor, no rumor, no confidence is found, and abnormal situations are reported in time.

This notice is also applicable to villages and units.

Note: due to the large number of recently issued epidemic prevention and control notices, it is planned to number all notices issued in the name of the municipal government, the headquarters and the headquarters office. Up to now, 5 notices have been issued, the specific contents are as follows:

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February 4, 2020